WXW 9-19-15 7th Anniversary Show

So we’re coming to you tonight with the last WXW Blog that we’ll be able to do for at least a month most likely. Unfortunately, during the next WXW I will be in Tampa at Necronomicon as a guest speaker on some panels then I have surgery to try and get rid of my cancer along with my kidney which will most likely put me out of commision during the Halloween show on the 24th. So at least until November we won’t have anymore WXW Blogs, sorry guys. I do have to tell you though this past show was one hell of a ride with tons of action, tons of cheers, boos and even some tears! So without further ado let’s just go and jump right into it! even before we got into the building to get our seats the awesomeness of the night started. A family behind us in line asked if we had bought advanced tickets. We said no and they handed us a ticket, saying that their son was unable to come to the event so they had a ticket they wanted to give away. We thanked them for the very kind gesture and got ready to go in for an amazing night!

IMG_20150919_183143741We started the show with Vale and Afa coming to the newly constructed stage area to thank us all for being with them and helping them make WXW a success in Florida for the past 7 years! For the night’s show they had some awesome lighting effects (thankfully it’s a one time thing though as the cameras did NOT like the lights as you’ll see) and a new ramp entrance way setup. I like the new setup and even the lights, it had more of a big show feel to it which made it a bit sad that the camera didn’t like it. Afa asked all the wrestlers to come out to the ring, there were some faces we hadn’t seen in a while and some were noticeably absent and missed. We noticed that Bryan Richards our favorite evilIMG_20150919_183513607 genius manager was a guest over at the commentating booth. Afa and Vale thanked the wrestlers and
Afa pointed out that they were all his kids and that he was proud of them all. Suddenly Sugaa’s music hit and Sugaa came out to hug both Vale and Afa. This surprised my wife and I since the last few times we saw him at an event Sugaa was acting out against the company but then he made his way to the ring and we could see tears in his eyes. He wasn’t dressed ready for combat either but in a suit and tie and I wondered aloud if he was leaving or something; in many ways I wish I hadn’t said anything because it almost seemed a dire foreshadowing of what we were about to hear.


Sugaa took to the ring and said that he wanted to apologize to all of us, to the fans, to the IMG_20150919_183619972
company and to the wrestlers. Thanks to having him as a friend on facebook I knew that Sugaa had recently been in the hospital but not why. He told all of us that night in the middle of the ring that he had a brain aneurysm and due to doctor’s orders he would no longer be able to compete in wrestling. I honestly at this time don’t think there was a dry eye in the place as he told us he had to leave the thing he loved and the thing he lived doing for 25 years! Sugaa also said he would like to still have a job with the back office of WXW. All the superstars started slapping the mat the way we have seen when a wrestler passes away and I guess in a way this is a similar loss to them seeing as they will no longer have him in the ring as a brother in arms. Thankfully he will still be there for his WXW family in the office and they will be there for him. After a lengthy applause from the audience where everyone filed back into the locker room area we all broke out with a “Thank You Sugaa” chant. Sugaa came back out for a moment tears in his eyes to give a bow and wave before going back to the back so we could start the show.

IMG_20150919_184251209The first match was set to begin and it started with one of the men from the opening bout last month. First out was Vertigo who was one of the men who got very angry with the jeering crowd last month, his opponent was the returning Ryan Phoenix that my wife and I haven’t seen in a good long time! This time the first match got some good feedback from the audeince and had some great action making me wonder why last month’s match seemed so rough. Perhaps it was the other guy? At the time we didn’t know but we would find out in the next match. But for now we saw a good high paced match with Vertigo and Phoenix which saw Ryan picking up the win.

IMG_20150919_185120624The next match had the other person who was in the not as good first match the month before in the form of Montezuma. Montezuma was going to face off against Tony Ice who we had seen back on my birthday weekend trip to WXW (check out our previous blogs to see how he had done then). I was kinda disturbed by Tony Ice’s somewhat Val Venis like movements as he disrobed to his tights in the ring. It probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much though if I didn’t have a couple of horny young girls behind us. Personally I don’t usually mind hearing a girl (or guy) commenting on the looks of someone else who is well built but to have someone who is 13 at most say “Mmmmmm I wouldn’t mind running my hands over his muscles” Just kinda creeped me out. Especially when it was said as he gyrates his hips and slowly strips out of the robe he had worn to the ring. Individually no problem, combined just gave me the creeps! Anyway, these two guys that I have only ever seen once before each both put on a good match. Obviously it wasn’t Montezuma who put on a bad match last month which just leaves me to believe the two of them were just having a bad night that night. Though this was turning out to be a good night the match didn’t get very far as Irish Jack decided to come out and attack both men causing the match to end in a No Contest ruling.


We then had the return of Jorel Ganzy who had taken a brief time off to reinvent himself after losing the hardcore match against Nathan Vain a few months back. This time he squared off against another Prophecy member Wildman Rojas who is the Television Champion. Jorel as usual put up one hell of a fight when he took on The Prophecy, and as usual, the Outcast never backed down. However, The Prophecy has been on a roll lately and as per usual most of the group was on the outside of the ring. Even if they don’t get fully involved just having that many others outside the ring and knowing they could get involved is bound to take it’s toll and in the end Jorel ended up losing to Rojas, though both men put up a hell of a fight.

IMG_20150919_191533318The next match of the night saw a 3 way fight for the women’s championship. A couple of blogs ago we reported that Regina had gained the title but it must have gone back to Didi during their trip to Miami as Didi was once again the title holder. Both Regina and Raquel were on hand though to try and take the title from her. Before Didi came out, Regina came out with all of the Prophecy at her back and Raquel came out to the ring with ERA in tow. When Didi came out and saw this she refused to get into the ring with everyone, and I can’t say I blame her one little bit. Didi took to the mic and said she wasn’t getting in there while theIMG_20150919_191946831 rest of them were there. The Ref finally got things under control and banished all the men from ringside sending them into the back where they belonged. Once Didi got in the ring she was instantly attacked by Regina and Raquel as both of them teamed up against the champ. As usual for this type of team up it was short lived however. Each woman gave a great showing of themselves but in the end Didi managed to keep her title secured. As the girls left another person we had yet to see came rushing through the curtains and started towards the ring. Jaime D was back and she made it known that she was coming for the title. Three Refs held her back and got her back into the locker room area but not before she made her intentions of coming after the title known to all!

We then went to intermission which was pretty short; however, it was pretty awesome too! During intermission like they normally do they held a 50/50 raffle and this time we won! IMG_20150919_193744035So the money we won from the 50/50 will be going to gas money to get to Shands and other things with my Cancer treatment payments. We also got to talk with Ace Radic for a little bit during the intermission, and I have to say he has the heart of a champ and the disposition to make himself a beloved champ. This young man is great with the fans, and it shows that he loves all of us for being there and honestly we love him in return for his sheer joy in what he’s doing and how he treats the fans. He deserves to be holding a championship in my mind! So it was very nice for him to take time to chat with us as he made his rounds through the audience.  Once that was done before the Intermission ended, Sugaa had come back out as he heard that Ricky Santana was in the building now and he was the only person he had not been able to make things right with yet. After explaining things once more to Ricky Sugaa suggested there was only one more thing left to do at which point someone in the crowd started chanting “One more match! One more match!” to which Sugaa laughed and said “No no something else not that!” Ricky at this point looked pissed still and mentioned something about what his daddy had told him when he was a kid and asked if Sugaa knew what that was. Most of11261661_1706870599543922_2177283841334850643_n the crowd started yelling things like “Be the bigger man” and “forgive and forget.’ The great part was that same guy who chanted for one more match then yelled out “Come on Ricky…”then he started singing…”Let it go…let it goooooooo” which had both Ricky and Sugaa busting up laughing as well as most of the people in the crowd (though several others joined in on that second let it go). Ricky then admitted that his dad told him that when someone has seen their mistakes and honestly wants forgiveness then you forgive them. Then they went and hugged. Sugaa asked Ricky before he left “What about that job?” and Ricky said yes so Sugaa will be working in the offices with him. Sugaa then hung his boots on the top ring rope a sign in the wrestling world that one has gone and resigned.

IMG_20150919_194850097We started the second half of the show with The Beast vs Nathan Vain for the Hardcore Championship. These two truly seem to have something against each other and in typical fashion they went after each other right away and they weren’t stopping to take prisoners tonight. Right away things spilled to the outside of the ring and the Beast started using weapons that Nathan had brought out with him. Eventually though Nathan started to get the upper hand but Beast still fought back ferociously. The big problem came as usual with The Prophecy that the rest of the stable had made their way to the ring with Nathan and they were handing weapons to Nathan and then IMG_20150919_195003698eventually they all jumped into the ring and attacked Beast with weapons themselves. Now normally a Hardcore match is No DQ and on WWE and other shows you see interference all the time in a No DQ match but I guess when you have 4 or 5 guys all going after 1 guy then the odds are just too skewed even for a No DQ match as in this case the Ref called for the bell to end the match. The match wasn’t called a DQ but instead was said to be a No Contest. The Prophecy continued to beat on the Beast and eventually they pulled him from the ring and dragged his limp form out. In some ways I wonder if they are going to chain the Beast up again. (Update we later found this video on youtube that shows what happened to the Beast at the end of the match and what happened afterwards!)


IMG_20150919_200156030Up next we saw Jaxen Blade take on Ace Radic as he tried to get his old Cruiserweight Title back from Ace. This match was truly amazing as both of these guy are great flyers with high energy styles. Kicks and punches and bodies seemed to be flying everywhere as the two went at it leaving nothing behind. These two have always been some of my favorites to watch in the ring because they have such high flying fun styles (this is why I wish the WWE would bring back the crusierweights and have a good CW division instead of focusing so much on the big bruisers). However when it comes to Jaxen you always have to be careful because he brings the lovely Angelina Cruz to the ring with him and she isn’t afraid to get involved at times. In fact at this match Angelina got involved again behind the Refs back. As a lot of us called out for the Ref to turn around or to tell Ace it was a trap and not to get suckered into it, the trap was sprung. Jaxen used this time to move in and to finish off Ace. However, this wasn’t the end; Jaxen then called for the Microphone and he laid the title down on the mat announcing that he was Vacating his newly won title because it wasn’t good enough for him anymore. He claimed he was above the Cruiserweight Title and was now going into the hunt for the Heavyweight Title

At this point Ricky Santana comes out to collect the belt and make sure that Jaxen really means to vacate it. When he is assured that yes Jaxen is giving it up Ricky made an announcement that they would hold a tournament to determine the next WXW Cruiserweight champ. Ricky then left the ring and was intercepted by Afa for a quick conference by the barricades. Once they were done talking Ricky went back to the ring and said that instead of a tournament the next WXW would see them doing an over the top rope battle royal match instead.

IMG_20150919_201615535For the next match we had Sweet TNT defending their tag titles against the Prophecy team of Reggie Rhythm and the Prophet Alex G. Of course with the Prophecy members we saw Nathan Vain and Wildman Rojas come out to ringside as well. Sweet TNT did really well in the match and in many ways I think they were well on their way to winning until as usual The Prophecy in it’s entirety got involved. It was a hard fought match both ways but the moment Reggie and Alex G seemed to be down and the
Refs back was turned Nathan took it upon himself to make his presence known. As Sweet Johnny Velvet climbed the ring ropes to do a high flying maneuver NaIMG_20150919_202354686than got up on the ring apron and blew baby powder into Johnny’s eyes. A blinded Johnny fell to the mat and when he got up stumbled around blindly. Mottley TNT went to see if he
was OK and  ended up getting hit by Johnny instead which allowed the Prophecies team to take advantage and roll him up for a pin while Johnny had no way of breaking it up. As The Prophecy celebrated bringing the tag team titles into their camp Nathan added insult to injury by flaunting the baby powder attack by blowing a cloud of it at the video camera.

Last but certainly not least we got to the main event that saw Sean Maluta, Mr NYR D Ramos and Irish Jack go against ERA in an attempt to win the WXW Heavyweight Championship! My god I don’t even know where to start with this match! There was so much action in the ring, outside the ring, on the apron, in the air it was almost impossible to watch it all! It started with everyone kinda ganging up on the current champ ERA as they tried to punish him for his part in taking the championship from them and defending it so well in the first place. I mean after all NYR took it from Jack but only held it for a few moments before ERA cashed in a contract and took it from NYR…then he successfully kept it away from Maluta for a few months mainly by cheating to win so he had the biggest target on his back. Eventually it broke down into a free for all but every so often there would be a double team against someone. We saw people going high risk to leap from the ropes and take out everyone else on the outside and all out brawls outside the ring. I think the only thing we didn’t see was the blatant use of weapons. In the end however, only 3 were in the ring, one got smacked senseless and then ERA took the other and tossed him out before capitalizing on the damage the other did to pick up the 3 count. ERA somehow has remained the WXW Champ so we’ll see how long this can last, especially with the new contender of Jaxen Blade being thrown into the hunt for the Heavyweight Title.

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That’s it for this report and I hope to bring you another one real soon post surgery!

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  1. I was wondering about Sugaa. That is good to know that he is following the orders from the doctor and not pushing himself too far.

    1. Well we hope to be at the next WXW which is this saturday and not jsut that but it is for the Samoan Cup Tag Team Tournament so this next one should be a fun one with a good deal of good pics I hope!

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