WXW 21st Anniversary show and VIP experience!

Welcome back wrestling fans! I know its been awhile since we have touched upon the WXW but we are back! I’m sorry things have been down for them but either due to health or funds or lack of babysitters ect, we ended up not being able to see much of WXW so far this year. In fact, this next month’s Extreme Halloween and Monsters Ball we won’t be able to make (yet again) due to Necronomicon where we will be vendors. Hopefully, we will be able to spend more time with our WXW family next year and start bringing you more pics and blogs about them. I havn’t done some of the previous ones we have managed to attend because of my health funk and because I wanted to be sure I could do them justice, and until now I wasn’t sure I would be able to. So anyway, let’s jump right back into the wrestling and just a FYI remember to go to the WXW Wrestling webpage linked below to check out their WXW Network that has tons of awesome videos on it.


So what we had going on was an interesting little show as the show was both a special 21st anniversary and a special VIP package that was supposed to be done the show before which was canceled due to Hurricane Irma. So the VIP package got everyone that bought it in about a half hour earlier than everyone else and we got to have a meet and greet with the wrestlers that were there that night (most were out but not all). We also got a special poster that the wrestlers would all sign (the baddies of course would give us and each other flak during this which kept me laughing). We also got to see a special dark match that only the VIP holders got to see!  As if all of this was not special enough it was an extra special iht for my wife and I as our 5 year old son, Kayden, was with us.  This was his first live wrestling show and his first time seeing our friends from WXW.  he has grown up watching WWE and NXT with us on TV but this was his first show and he ended up having a blast and absolutely loved it (as you can tell from the photos). So let’s jump right into the dark match and then go from there!


The dark match saw two of my favorites Ace Radic and Nate Fury square off against the Iversons. Ace and Nate gave it their all in the match but the Iversons stepped up and gave as good as they got. The Iversons were able to squeak out a win against Nate and Ace and swiftly made their exit. Ace looked to be taking the loss hard while Nate tried to cheer him up. However, Ace as wonderful as he is at the high flying style he has chosen with the hard kicks and such, is known to somehow lose matches that he should be firmly in charge of. I have speculated in the past that maybe it’s because he didn’t have the killer instinct to finish things when he has the ability. However, it seems that this may be a moot point now as Ace turned on Nate and laid him out in the middle of the ring in a heel turn that has shocked the entire fan base. Ace the darling and fan favorite of WXW has let his temper get to him and seems to have turned on friends and maybe even fans…we’ll have to keep watching to see for sure!


Doors then officially open for the regular crowd and we start the night off with a moment of silence and the typical 10 bell salute to honor the memory of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. With my own work with the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life I want to take a moment here even for the same thing a moment of silence for Bobby Heenan one of the best damn managers and commentators the WWF/WWE ever had. He was a victim of Tongue and Throat cancer and so we at DWP wish to honor his fight which we will continue through the Cancel Cancer Campaign and our Relay for Life work…but for now a moment of silence




We start the night out with TV champion Garriston “Chocolate Stud” Spears going up against “The Elite” Devin Abrams. I like Devins moves and style as they are a lot like Aces…in fact I loved the matches where these two went head to head since they were so similar. What I don’t like from Devin which I hate in most wrestlers is his attitude of being the greatest. Yes he has done really well for himself lately, but I still think his ego is going to get into the way down the line. As for Garriston I have always been split on him. I love his character as the Champion of the Universe, I love the whole Chocolate Stud thing but to be honest, it hasn’t been until recently that I have been real impressed with him. Maybe it’s the singing…yeah that’s probably it… it’s the singing. Anyway, Devin really took it to Garriston in this match though Garriston gave real good as well at least at the beginning. In the start I thought Garriston was going to have it pretty easily but Devin came back and started one hell of a beat down especially outside the ring. We saw one real close call for Garriston barely making it into the ring after one beatdown outside right before the ten count could cull him. Devin tried to take it outside again to try and get the ten count on Garriston again and trying to do that he stayed out doing the beating until about the count of eight. Devin rushed to get in the ring but a strong grip by Garriston on his ankle prevented it and made the match a draw due to count out!


Next, we saw an awesome women’s match with Rain vs Tesha Price. Even though we haven’t seen these two recently in WXW they put on one hell of a match and left it all in the ring. These two lovely women put on a great show with some great back and forth where I never was sure who was going to win until we got that final 3 count. Rain took home the win, but I have to give props to Tesha for holding her own from beginning to end!




We then saw Team Xtreme member Tony Ice go against one of the crowd favorites British Wolf. The crowd loves to get behind Wolf with howls going up all over, we were even able 

to get our son to howl along at times. Wolf and Ice brought the house down with their match! They had a huge awesome match that ended with the crowd roaring for more. These two seemed to have such heat between them that we were on the edges of our seats the whole time and then at the end it looked like they had both pinned each other…It was hard to see from where we were, but it looked like both of their shoulders were down for the 3 count, but the Ref in the ring said Ice won! However, the mini Ref Brian Rubright came running out to say that Wolf won! The funny thing is that Wolf and Ice kept seeming to want to keep going and the refs were arguing but still trying to keep them apart. The funniest sight was little Rubright trying to hold back Wolf as though he could actually stop that guy from just stepping on him and going after Ice. Anyway a third ref came out and said since the first two couldn’t decide that it became a draw.



Next we saw Frankie Burbank, a wrestler I used to love to hate until he turned on Rubright, go against Deathrow Jethrow. We figured Frankie had a death wish and since he wants a rematch we still think he does. In this match we started off real fast. Deathrow came out with the Psychologist who used to be with Beast as his new manager and as they got ready in the corner Frankie pulled out one of the items in the bag of Tricks Rubright had taught him and rushed forward and tossed powder into Deathrows eyes while the ref Rubrights back was turned. Frankie then started laying into the blinded Deathrow as Rubright starts the match. Frankie was doing great until Bryan Richards (minus his hair) came out and washed off Deathrows eyes from a bottle of water. At that point Deathrow started to gain the upper hand. On the outside of the ring, Richards faced off with Doctor Michaelides as they argued who had control of the beast in the ring. While they fought on the outside Frankie pulled out a roll of coins and used it in his fist to add impact to a punch that took down the monster. He didn’t even try to hide this from the Ref and thus Rubright called the match a DQ on Frankie. Frankie seemed overjoyed with his beatdown of Deathrow however the coins to the head didn’t keep Jethrow down for long and before the celebration ended the monster was on his feet again and ripping Frankie apart. The Iversons and Garriston Spears rushed in to try to rescue Frankie, but they all ended up beat down easily.

With the start of the second half, we got sidetracked by some fall out from the dark match as Nate Fury came to the ring and demanded that Ace come out and fight him. Nate was rightfully pissed about being turned on after their match earlier and he wanted some retribution. Ace came out in jeans and a white shirt that was unbuttoned and to tell the truth, the bad boy look he has now worked for him. Ace handily defeated Nate and took no mercy on him as at the end of the match he pushed Nate into the Ref causing the Ref to not see the Low Blow Ace then gave. Ace then hits Nate with a foot to the side of the head laying him flat and while he didn’t need to Ace then used the ropes with his feet to put leverage on the pin attempt. The ref never saw it and gave the win to Ace. This new attitude seems to be what Ace needs to break through the wall he had around himself and only time will tell how this works for him. So far I am liking it for him, however I hope he doesn’t forget who his true friends are. For now, I’ll back him and hope the new attitude doesn’t change him too much.


Next, we saw Chico Adams trying to take some retribution on Jorel Ganzy of Team Xtreme. We’ve been keeping track of Team Xtreme since they came out as we love a lot of their people but didn’t like how they were doing things nor who they were following. Chico had been part of them, but when he lost against British Wolf he was beaten and tossed out of the team (not that I called that they would turn on those who lost… but I did). Jorel tried the typical heal trick of starting things early but Chico was expecting it and was able to move out of the way. Jorel put up a great fight as you would expect from someone who once held both the cruiserweight and hardcore titles at the same time. However, Chico was able to bring the pain to Jorel in the beginning to pick up the win. But you can’t expect someone like Jorel to go down graciously oh no instead he cheap shots Chico and then goes outside the ring to find a Kendo Stick going back to his beloved Hardcore Roots. Jorel takes his frustrations from losing out on Chico with the kendo stick getting him several times good across the back and the arms. Chico may have won the match, but the night went to Jorel in the long run.


Finally we came to the Main Event. This was a tag match between the New Breed of Team Xtreme and Bad Intentions. New Breed came out with all of Team Xtreme behind them and then Bad Intentions came out missing a member. Marc Mandrake took the mic and said that Vertigo was more than ready and willing to take on both of the New Breed on his own. It seemed he didn’t have to though as a masked wrestler, a real bull looking lucha came out and said silently that he would work with Vertigo. The crowd cheered it on and so the match was set New Breed vs Vertigo and the new guy whose name I missed. New Breed went to town against Vertigo who at first held the upper hand simply. However, eventually New Breed got some good double teaming in and took over. Everytime Vertigo went to tag in something happened so that the Ref would miss seeing the tag or the tag wasn’t able to happen. Finally the tag was made and New Breed backed off. The new Lucha jumped in ready to go just to turn around and attack Vertigo! Next thing you know the rest of the Team Xtreme was getting in on the action. Then the locker room empties and it’s total chaos. Somehow during the chaos, Team Xteme took the ring for their own and Maddox got hold of Afa’s wife, Lynn, who had been trying to calm things down. Ramos had a chair in hand and the rest of Team Xtreme were holding Lynn. The rest of the locker room were looking on in fear of what might happen to their “mom” as Ramos came closer with the chair. Sugaa came up then and snagged the chair from Ramos. While some of Team Xtreme tried to coax Sugaa into taking the chair to Lynn, others just stared as if in shock of what was actually going on, and for a second it looked like Sugaa was going to go through with it  until he turned and slammed the chair over Ramos’ head. He didn’t stop there and continued to batter the rest of Team Xtreme with the chair while Lynn escaped to the outside. Once on the outside, Afa was taking matters into his own hands and head by headbutting and chopping those that would dare lay hands on his wife.

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As Team Xtreme retreated towards the locker room, Sugaa got the Mic and yelled at his old team telling them there were a lot of things he was willing to do but that from day one he said Lynn was off limits and laying a finger on her had never been allowed. He said his beef was with pops and the WXW, not with Lynn, and that no one was to ever harm her- not even his own team. At this point, Lynn and Afa thanked Sugaa and offered him the opportunity to come back…WXW had been around for 21 years and Sugaa had been with them since the beginning. He agreed and embraced them both turning face once more and leaving the future of Team Xtreme uncertain and leaving the rest of us with a feel good moment to end the show with. The question becomes though, how long will this face turn last before Sugaa once again turns his back on WXW and the fans? Will he? Is it just a matter of time or has he finally come home to be the hero he used to be?

Afterwards we got a picture with my son and the lovely Vale Anoa’i who has become a great friend of ours over the few years we have been going to the show. I think this is just a fantastic picture!

So as you can see, this was an action packed show and definitely one for the history books. My wife and I were glad we could be there to enjoy it with our son and have it be his first WXW show! Be sure to leave any comments below and make sure you check back as we hope to be getting back to more blogs and more reviews soon!

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear about that. Hurricane Irma was really disastrous. There was so much loss due to the same. Hope we don’t see such kind of hurricanes in future.

  2. I also love wrestling and want to see it live; but as of now I could not get a chance to watch it live.
    Hope someday like you I will be watching it with VIP protocol 😀

  3. Hey I must be thankful to you for posting such a detailed post of wrestling. I am extreme lover of wrestling and specially WXW. I am happy that you considered it and posted about it as well; I was really looking around for it. Thumbs up for your efforts.

  4. Oh, sorry to hear about the cancellation of the opportunity. These hurricanes are really dangerous; and specially the hurricane Irma was really disastrous. There was so much loss due to the same. It had really affected a number of areas. Hope we don’t see such kind of hurricanes in future.

  5. I also love wrestling and want to see it live; the match, the fast fight, the thrill. Everything really excites me. But as of now I could not get a single chance to watch it live yet. Hope someday like you I will be watching it with VIP protocol 😀

  6. Wow, VIP access! Sounds like it was a truly great evening and made all the better by being able to share it with loved ones. There’s nothing like the thrill of a live event, for sure.

  7. Not a huge fan of wrestling but I was curious to know how the experience is live, compared to as in television, and to top that — you were able to enjoy it in VIP-wise (which must have been really awesome for you guys and you surely did have a blast). Reading through how you were able to go into detail with the events and also the photos, I felt it was intense and a whole better experience than just watching it on television.

    1. Oh indeed it is a lot more fun to be at an actual event, especially one like WXW where the talent is so awesome to those coming to the shows. I don’t know if you read my “Why I watch Wrestling” blog but if not be sure to check it out. It may give you some insight as to why I enjoy it so much and make the experience better for you as well!

      If you are in the US or Canada or even down in Mexico I would suggest looking up wrestling schools in your area. Many of the schools will have some sort of promotion tied to them locally and do shows every couple weeks or so with the students. I have found it to be a blast to watch in person and to even make signs for those that become my favorites and see the interactions they have with the crowd. I am lucky to call many of the wrestlers in WXW my friends.

      1. I just came from that post you meant, haha! I can see how you strongly get disheartened when people call it fake. I have several friends who say it’s fake and I’ve always asked how can it be fake when you can see how one slams the other and all that..

        My younger cousin in his mid-teens is in New Jersey, he’s the type who loves these sort of stuff so I’m gonna tell him about this (or maybe he probably know considering he’s a fan) — but this would definitely a topic we’d discuss once we get to catch up again.

        You are definitely really lucky to call many of them friends! Great people.

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