Seeing as my wife and I had such fun the first time we went to a WXW show here in Florida, we decided we are going to try to make this a monthly thing since they have about 1 or 2 shows a month. They do let you take photos so I took some with my phone, but I think next time I’ll take my regular camera as the phone wanted to focus on the ring ropes. I still got some decent shots and I’ll be putting some of them in slideshows because the camera will keep taking pictures until you release the screen which means I got some awesome action shots flipbook style.  But enough about us here’s how the show went.


IMG_20141108_183628650This time we went to the Minneola City Hall, which seems to also serve as a spot for concerts and theatre as it has a stage and even basketball games as the room we were in also had hoops on either side. I guess a small town like this doesn’t need several places for all of those things though. Anyway there’s seating for about a hundred people or so so not too bad an audience. The announcer for WXW, Chris Russo, comes out and lets us know about a lot of things going on in the area and then starts the introductions for the night but gets chased off none too kindly by the person I am about to speak of…


IMG_20141108_184114622A very evil looking man named Bryan Richards (WXW GM) came out telling us he had some good news and bad news. This man has the evil scientist goatee and beard down perfect and has a very nice dragon handled cane which I wanted. Anyway he came out to say that champion Sean Maluta was NOT medically cleared to wrestle that night.  Sean then comes out to say he isn’t able to wrestle and the evil looking guy is correct and that the WXW deserves a fighting champion. Richards agrees with this and then goes on to his good news which was to say that Sean Maluta had to forfeit his match that night against Mark Silva and as such Mark Silva would be the new Champ.  Mark Silva comes out to get the belt which Maluta drops on the ground in front of Richards. Silva is a HUGE man…personally I would have considered myself lucky to not have to wrestle this guy. He makes Ryback look like a pencil necked geek in my opinion. ‘Course that may just be because I have only ever seen Ryback on TV whereas I saw Silva from 5’ silvaaway. At this point Ricky Santana (WXW Commisioner) comes out to say that Silva is just a paper champion (boy did that become a loud chant very quickly, especially by the pre-teen boy a few rows behind us). Anyway Santana goes on to say since the people came for a championship match that they would get one in the form of Mark Silva against Sugaa. Sugaa is seen for a bit amidst cheering while the baddies in the ring throw a small fit.


IMG_20141108_185102912The first match was the Rogue Ryan Phoenix who my wife and I quite liked against Hans Schulz the last time we saw him. This time he was against E.R.A Now granted at the time I caught it but the sight of ERA shocked me so much I have since forgotten it but his tagline was something to the effect of the man your girlfriend wants to be with. Once we saw him after that little announcement my wife and I looked at each other and just started laughing. This guy while maybe cute was not what we would call handsome and the way he moved to touch himself and run his hands through his hair…well lets just say it creeped us out more than turned anyone on.  Looks wise this guy reminded us of C.J. Parker from NXT just with normal hair instead of dreads and as a loss to Ryan Phoenix showed he wrestled about as good as C.J. Parker too.


Next up we had Hans Schulz, at this point Sarah and I had to laugh because when the WXW came to Sumpter County Hans was an instant bad guy simply because he was IMG_20141108_190148648german. He was booed like crazy last time I saw him. However here in Minneola a mere 30 minutes away he is the one being cheered! A couple chuckles were had when he went to talk and the microphone wasn’t working and he said it was because it was made in America then the ref came out and gave him a new microphone. Hans talked for a bit and did a good little bit of promo work and mentioned how he got it so that in the next match the main people in the stable had to stay away from ringside and couldn’t interfere in his match against a man who is only known as “The Bodyguard”.  So Jaxen Blade, his Valet or maybe girlfriend and another man maybe Brian Rubright I’m not sure since they weren’t introduced stayed at the top of the ramp area to watch the match.  The Bodyguard certainly outweighed Hans but Hans had speed on his side and with some great moves picked up a victory and hightailed it out of the ring before the Calvary could charge down the ramp. One thing that really impressed me about this group was that Jaxen Blades valet was a very cute and curvy lady, she was not your typical small frame with muscles that you normally see in your wrestling diva’s and knockouts and personally to me that made her a lot prettier and made her stand out in my memory a lot better than a lot of the girls in WWE, NXT or TNA would.


IMG_20141108_192139158This night would also see a tag team match between the MM’s and Sweet Rhythm. As before we were not impressed with the MM’s look or style even though they are the tag team champs. I mean basically they are an amy, while two of them were in the ring there had to be about 4 of them dressed exactly alike outside the ring watching. I’m not sure if I saw it right but I think there were at least  1 or 2 “substitutions” from the normal MM’s to the ones that were in ring.  Once again Sweet Rhythm reminded us of Gay Cowboys with their look. I mean they have tights that will remind you either of the Rockers or of Machoman Randy Savage or maybe Brutus Beefcake and then as if all those streamers don’t already scream gay they add a feather boa around their necks and black cowboy hats. However they were the ones we were rooting for seeing as they were so cool last time we saw them and that they were up against the MM. However as seems to be the case with groups like this a bit of ref distraction and blatant cheating behind the refs back snagged them the win and the retention of the Tag Team Belts.


IMG_20141108_195817571The night was off to a good start and it just kept right on going. We also saw a good back and forth match between Irish Jack and Your Hero Nick Nero. Well when you first see Irish Jack you can’t help but notice he is a scrawny little bugger and you figure he is more a scrapper than a power moves guy because of it. However Nick Nero enters the ring and takes off his shirt and he makes Irish Jack look almost over weight. This was a pretty fast paced match as Nero was certainly a high flying type showing such a few times as he sends Jack outside the ring towards the ramp and then ends up following by diving onto him.  Towards the end Jack tries using a chair on Nero but Nero countered it wonderfully and ended up with the win.

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IMG_20141108_201214494There was also an AWESOME match between Sugga and Mark Silva. These guys just let each other have it in the ring and unfortunately the Ref got a bit of it too at a few points. As I said before, Mark Silva is just a mountain of a man and all muscle; Sugga is a mountain of a man too and is about half and half muscle and fat (think Brodus Clay for what Sugga looks like).  At one point Silva reverses an Irish Whip into the corner and Sugga rams first into the Ref and then into the corner with the Ref cushioning him. I felt very sorry for this ref. However the ref bounced back and he was up and on his feet again within 3 minutes, which is very good since in the WWE they would be getting a new Ref with a hit like that. However, it was bad timing as the Ref stood just in time to be hit in the head with Silva’s feet as he was spun on Sugga’s back (or it may have been the other way around I really don’t remember I just know someones feet hit the ref…I was too busy cringing for the ref to see who had who!) After a great back and forth a three count was made however both men were on their back and both men had an arm across the other! The Ref called this a no contest draw and while Richards celebrated the fact that his man Silva kept the championship Ricky Santana came out to make the proclamation that there would be a rematch soon, but this time a triple threat where Sean Maluta would be able to possibly get his title back.

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We also saw a match with Big O taking on the Puerto Rican Hound Dog. The Hound Dog was an interesting guy to watch mainly because of his look.  He has the look where he could be from Afa’s family as he looks Samoan, he also has the huge head of hair like Afa did. Add to this though the fact that he is built more along the lines of like an Umaga type of person and then wore IMG_20141108_190944011the two shoulder Singlet similar to Jerry Lawler’s old ring gear.  Well lets just say by the end of the match we had a cheering section in the crowd yelling “Pull Your Pants Up!”  The match itself was pretty good with some great back and forth between the two. I honestly can’t remember who won this match though as I was too busy laughing at the chants of “Pull Your Pants Up!”


The last match of the night was probably the best match we had just for pure fan squeee reactions.  You see it was already an important match as it pit Bryan Richards against Ricky Santana in an 8 man tag team match and winner gains control of the WXW. Everyone knew who Richards had been backing him up but Santana kept his roster secret till the very last moment. So, first Richards comes out dressed to wrestle along with the Prophet Alex G (still not thrilled with his look a black man with black pants and shirt and a horribly cheap hooded black cloakIMG_20141108_202728068…yup soooooo intimidating!). The Beast being led out on a chain by Callista, they had an awesome look with Calissta all decked out in facepaint and a tight leather outfit she would have been an bondage goddess for someone. Then you have The Beast trailing behind her with the face paint and some huge cut of raw meat hanging from his mouth that he would tear chunks from, these two made a very convincing pair of characters. Then there was a fourth character that I’m not sure who it was…he looked normal and wore red trunks and was buff….kinda reminded me of the bodyguard from earlier but pretty sure it wasn’t him.


Then the eagerly awaited announcement of Santana’s team came.  Ricky entered the ring with a microphone and told everyone to get ready as he announced someone from the past, someone from the present and someone who could really give a beating to someone. Then a woman and some young girls came out, Richards laughed and quipped about this being Santana’s team. IMG_20141108_203249479After Santana quipped back about the girls he introduced the past, his old tag team partner the Cuban Assassin.  He then went on to mention someone who could bring the pain and that was King Haku. He then went on to mention the Present a man who had just recently been let go by the WWE and out came Camacho.  Yes even with my bad throat and cough I cheered my head off all through this showdown match. The match was awesome and we got to see everyone wrestle.  I don’t think the old timers had lost their step a bit and if they have they were hiding it very well. The match had some great back and forth…some good cheating by the bad guys and finally towards the end Richards was on the top rope looking like he was going to dive onto an unaware Santana as he turned around. However, this wasn’t to be the case as the announcer he was so rude to earlier in the day ran down and pushed Richards off of the rope where he was caught by Santana and turned right over into an impressive scoop slam off of the catch and picked up the 1, 2, 3 count in the process.


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During the match celebration the guys from team Santana went around shaking hands and thanking everyone for coming and yes my wife and I being in the front row did stand for that and yes I may have squuuueed just a little bit.  As everyone started to leave the announcer started to get in the face of Richards who was still on the floor screaming at him that he would “never talk to me like that again!” as the rest of the WXW locker room who came out to say congrats to team Santana. The locker room held Russo back, even though the crowd was chanting “let him have em!”


All in all it was a great night. Every match was well executed and wonderfully done. Our only real complaint was that we were sitting opposite the stationary camera so when IMG_20141108_195222107everyone was talking on the microphone all we got to see were their butts.  Now in the case of Didi thats not too bad a thing to look at for 2 or 3 minutes but we still would have liked to see some faces.  We noticed even the refs seemed to keep their faces towards the camera which honestly not cool because you block everything from being seen on the other side of the ring.  For the Ref’s remember while you are still performers I don’t know of anyone who says “Hey lets go to WWE to see such and such the Ref”  Or that say “Hey I wish that Ref had more gear for me to buy from the shop!”  Showing off for the camera doesn’t impress, doing your job right and good and helping everyone see something other than your butt, much more impressive! For the wrestlers, I know there’s only one main camera but you have no one sitting over there, you have 3 sides filled with people who came and paid to see YOU not your side nor your ass. Remember there are at least two hand held camera’s that I have seen and your show is NOT live. If you move and the camera people are doing their jobs right then the editor will have no problems splicing together the film rolls since even most cheap bargain basement editing software can do to the frame editing now a days with digital.


I only have one other thing to pick on, sorry Didi, but at the time we did have to joke about this. With the Audience in WWE being so HUGE if something is happening behind a wrestler you don’t really hear a collective “Hey behind you!”  There are so many variances that once you get 14k people packed into one room it becomes a “Rrrrraaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!” which could mean, “hey behind you!”, or “put your damn IMG_20141108_195439331sign down I can’t see!” However with only around a hundred people in the room most of which have taken up the chant of “Turn Around”, well it just amazed us at how wonderfully you acted surprised when the lady behind you clotheslined you when you finally did turn around and how easily you went down and stayed down. My wife even said “She got taken out by a clothesline?” and I reminded her that even in the WWE one day a kick to the shin about sends someone to the hospital and the next day they are kicking out of 5 AA’s in a row from Cena.  We did have to admit to wonderful acting on Didi’s part for not looking behind her though. Bravo!

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Hopefully we’ll be able to attend the December event and we are CERTAINLY going in January as it falls on my birthday weekend and we hope to bring more info and more highlights from WXW to you my fellow sports geeks!


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