(Sorry meant to post this a while ago but things have been very hectic here with several business things that needed taking care of. I have a lot of pics for this but since they were taken with a real camera instead of my phone I need to size them all before upload therefore within the next two weeks pics will be figured out and uploaded.)


On the 30th of January, we got to see a second WXW show for the year, which having two this month was good because we’ll be missing the two in February due to one being all the way down in Miami and the second one being on the same day we already have a convention planned for. So our next blog after this won’t be again until March for the WXW.


To start the night out, one of our favorite women’s wrestlers in the WXW Dynamite Didi coming out in a lovely black dress and then calling Vale Anoa’i to the ring. When Vale came down Didi told her that while it pains her to do such she needed to vacate the women’s championship due to the fact that her knee which has been plaguing her with trouble for about two years now still has not healed correctly. She says her doctor says this is one of those things where she either takes time off and heals or she maybe never wrestles again after pushing herself too far. Vale asked if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said yes so then Vale called out all of the women in the locker room to come to the ring. At first only Reggina, Raquel and Gabi would come out to the ring. When Vale started to speak again we had yet another woman came out in the form of Jaime D. This powerhouse mountain of a woman made her way to the ring and then Vale continued saying that since Didi was relinquishing her title they were going to have a Fatal 4 Way to see who would be the new champion. She also went on to say that the Ref would be someone whose name came out of a bag but then the ERA section of the usual fan base got so loud she decided that the special Ref would be ERA due to the fans wanting it. At this point ERA came out and was given a Ref’s shirt and was told that the match was going to start right away.


The bell rang and from the beginning Jaime D started to dominate the other women. Considering Jaime probably doubles the weight of any one of the other women and all of it is muscle it really didn’t surprise us at how good she was doing against them. However at one point in the match, Jaime was tossed to the outside and took a hard hit out there and had the Refs escort her to the back making the match a Triple Threat for a time. One of the highlights was when Raquel had Gabi pinned on the mat and ERA was busy trying to chat up Reggina in the corner not letting her get back into the match. Finally Raquel came and got ERA and he kept saying “What? She’s cute!” ERA seemed to have a lot of fun as a Ref as he threw up the 2 sign several times to which his usual cheering section called out “2” at the top of their lungs. ERA got a huge kick out of this but I wonder if he realizes they just yell that out because that’s the only number they know….just kidding everyone, these guys seem to be a cool family and they used to have signs with the numbers one and two on them which they would hold up for near falls though I haven’t seen the signs lately. As the match continued, Jaime D would come back out from the back and get reinvolved. Once again as she got in the ring, her size and strength took control of everything and it wasn’t too long before Reggina was stacked on top of Raquel and Jaime pinned them both!


Next up was Frankie Burbank against the crowd favorite of Sweet Johnny Velvet with the ref being Ref Ronnie. In a moment I’ll get to why I mention who was the Ref in this case and the reason is awesome! Anyway, I have to admit that Frankie Burbank was amazing; when we had seen him wrestle before against Mikey he was pretty much a joke with weak chops and trying to win more through misplaced guile than actual in ring skill. During his time away though he must have been practicing and training a lot because at several times he actually was giving Sweet a run for his money. I had honestly wondered why Rubright would want to be the manager of this guy, if he was really that hard up for talent to manage but who knows, maybe he actually saw him practicing or something. Though he was doing good against Sweet, there were several time that Frankie started to get in the face of Ref Ronnie, telling him he wasn’t counting fast enough and things like that. Finally, Sweet got the jump on Frankie and took him down to the mat for a pin attempt and Ref Ronnie chose this time to take Frankie’s comments to heart and counted fast, really really fast! So Sweets got the win and out came the little hamster on crack himself Brian Rubright. Rubright and Frankie both started to get into Ref Ronnies face about the fast count and I have to give Ronnie credit,he kept his cool during it all.


At this point, Rubright grabs a microphone and calls for Vale to come back out yet again. When she does come out he started to jump up and down in place and demanded a match between Frankie and Ronnie to make up for the fast count. He looked like a 3 year old who wasn’t getting his way, which is probably why Vale told him to first off calm down and “Act your age not your height.” Rubright kept jumping up and down demanding a match to rectify the situation and punish the Ref for sticking his nose into their business. Vale said that she couldn’t do this because Ronnie is just a ref and not a wrestler so she couldn’t make a match. At this point Frankie grabbed Ronnies shoulder to get into his face yet again and next thing he knew he had a boot to the gut and got a Stunner to the chin that would have made Stone Cold proud. Ronnie then turned and grabbed Rubright and tried to Stun him as well…it didn’t go as good since I think he forgot to adjust for how tiny a man Rubright is but Ronnie picked him up and got him yet again with another stunner and then Rubright and Frankie rolled to the outside as Vale laughed and said she would be able to make the match after all it seemed. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see that match since it is on the day we go to Syfy Barto….so Ref Ronnie, if you are reading this blog the Coryell and DWP family wish you great luck in your match and hope you can finally find the way to make Rubright “shut the hell up!”.  Just for the reader’s enjoyment here is a video of what I just described going down


Next we had Devin vs the Gold Standard Kelly Iverson. As per usual, Devin is all quiet action in the beginning of the match while Iverson was his typical loud mouthed self with the typical chanting. I figured it wouldn’t be too long a match thinking that Devin would make short work of the Gold Standard, however shortly after the match began we could hear yelling start behind us. A voice kept bellowing “AFA…AFA!” Everyone turned as the match continued to see Beast walking through the back of the room bellowing for Afa. We had not seen Beast for several months now as the Prophecy had kidnapped him and had kept him chained in a bus somewhere. Well Beast finally escaped and came to find Afa. The match continued until Beast moved to the ring and took out both competitors and the Ref. He basically speared Kelly Iverson in half and then speared the Ref as well. Members of the WXW locker room flooded the ring but they all were swept under by the raging storm known as the Beast. Spear after spear broke the stars in half until finally Afa came out from the back. Beast screamed at him asking him why he was left to the mercies of the Prophecy. Unfortunately, we were too far away to hear what they were saying but it ended with Afa hugging Beast and leading him back into the office area.


Next we saw the New Breed going after the Samoan Hawaiian Island Tribe. The New Breed tried to go after the Tribe before they got their jackets and such fully off but it did little to help the New Breed get any momentum as the Tribes brutish manners in the ring quickly overpowered the smaller men in the Breed. In a few videos that WXW released it seemed that the Island Tribe weren’t really taking training against the New Breed all that seriously playing Mortal Kombat and sleeping in instead of going to the gym. Their way of training or lack thereof didn’t seem to really bother them in their match against the New Breed as their typical roughhouse style of combat let them plow right through the smaller guys to get the win.


We then went to intermission. This time we had a special intermission as the man known as the Hawaiian Elvis came in to perform at intermission. This guy we saw last at the Aloha Festival and a good time was had by all there and the fans this night seemed to have fun listening to him as well. He also tossed out Teddy Bears to the fans and put Lei’s on the women in the audience. He was also joined by his lovely backup hula dancers who entranced all the men in the audience.


After the intermission we saw a table get set up in the ring for the contract signing between ERA and Jaxen Blade for the Feb 20th show as they would be facing each other for the title yet again. When ERA came out Raquel as is typical lately looked a bit pissy at things but then again with how ERA screwed up in her earlier match by flirting with Reggina I can’t say I blame her for looking a bit perturbed. ERA was soaking up the cheers from his usual cheering section and throwing up the 2 sign a few times to hear them chant that again. After finding his way to them he then made his way to the ring and got in. Jaxen Blade then came out with the lovely Angelina Cruz who was looking exceptionally lovely this night in a cute red dress and they made their way to the ring as well. Brian Rubright somehow was the moderator for this and whoever thought the little Oompa Loompa would be able to keep the peace between these two guys was not thinking straight. It didn’t take long for Jaxen to take the mic and go off on ERA. ERA was quick to mouth off right back at Jaxen and the war of words quickly escalated though both sides ended up signing the contract. At one point ERA told Raquel to just shut up and so she left and went to the back once more. Eventually, the words went too far and Jaxen swung and slapped ERA. Next thing we all know is that ERA leapt flying over the table to tackle Jaxen and started just wailing on him. Jaxen escaped for a moment as wrestlers began to stream from the back to seperate the two of them. It wasn’t long though before ERA had tackled Jaxen again and started back into him. They were finally separated and Jaxen slipped out of the ring and jumped over the guardrail right beside where my wife and I were. Suddenly, we had ERA leaping over the guardrail and he was followed by all the other wrestlers. While cool seeing all the wrestlers up close, there was a moment where we had to wonder if we were going to be swallowed by a sea of muscled humanity. Check out the video below to see the moment we almost got smushed (not for the first time at the shows and probably not for the last time)


The next thing up was the match between Hardcore Champ Jorel Ganzy taking on Cruiserweight Champ Ace Radic. Ace had put his title on the line in an open challenge and it was Jorel who came calling this time. The match was high energy and fast paced in the beginning but Jorel was able to slow Ace down and get him out of his comfort zone and more into the Hardcore champs realm of expertise. Jorel took it to the champ hard and eventually took him down for the 3 count. Jorel then took to the microphone now holder of both the Hardcore and Cruiserweight championships and said that at the next show in Minneola he would defend one of the titles he just wasn’t sure which one yet. He talked about how he would let someone in the back step up to go against him and out came Jaime D the new Women’s champion and she went to the ring and said she would take him on for one of the titles. Jorel mouthed off to this powerhouse of a woman and she left the ring after he told her that unless she was there to say she had made him a sandwich she had no place in the ring. When Jorel said that the entire arena went silent waiting for her to smack him down right then and there but instead she left the ring, though not for long. As Jorel talked he turned his back to Jaime and faced the locker room area. This allowed Jaime to come back in behind him with a steel chair and slam it into his back. So on the 20th Jaime D will face Jorel Ganzy for the Hardcore title


We then saw Montezuma go against Big O. This match must not have impressed me much compared t the others because unfortunately I really don’t remember a darn thing about it other than them coming to the ring. I know I have some pics from it but that’s about it. I’m not even sure who won and in this case WXW’s facebook page can’t refresh my memory as they forgot to post who won the match. So I will leave you with a few pics I may have from that match.


Last but certainly not least we get to the main event which is supposed to be Sean Maluta and Wildman Rojas going against the Prophecy. They introduced both teams and for the Prophecy came out Alex G and Reggie Rhythm. Alex was going to be first in the ring against Maluta but Rojas begged to be let into the ring to be first against the man who left him in the hospital because he was supposedly weak. Sean finally gave in and tagged in Rojas letting him have first crack at Alex G. Then the unexpected happened Alex G and Reggie left the ring and started back towards the locker room area just to stop on the ramp as Sean Maluta gets on the microphone and starts talking trash at them. Rojas paced the ring behind Maluta as Alex G says something about the fact that someone would indeed be beaten that night. As Maluta turned around to face Rojas he was hit by a huge kick from the man he thought was going to be his partner. Rojas lit into Maluta yelling about how he had put him in the hospital and nearly ended his career. Maluta laid on the mat hurt when Rojas came back with a chair and hit Sean with it, he would then go after Sean with pliers then knocked him down. He then went out of the ring and came back with a can of gas of some sort. He hit Sean a few more times with it and kicked him a few times while he was down before kneeling behind him yelling at him. He laid the gascan on Malutas head as he continued to rant even going so far as to strike a match or lighter into flame at one point. He says that he will finish this next time he sees Maluta which seems it may be in Miami seeing as it is Team Maluta vs Team Prophecy but who knows….what we do know for now is that the Wildman has rejoined the Prophecy.


We’ll bring you more WXW recap action in March as we will miss all of February. If you guys are ever in town during one of the shows, you should stop by as these guys put on an awesome show every time they step in the ring. We would love to have you join the DWP cheering section!

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  1. Man, this women wrestlers can really kick some butt, huh? I have never heard of WXW before, so reading your summaries is a big help!

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