WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions

Thanks to the WWE Network the staff here at DWP love to watch the various pay-per-views live each month. So as with previous months I am going to give my predictions as to who I think will be winning the matches tonight. Sometimes I have been right on on the winners and sometimes I have been horribly off so without any further ado lets see what I think for tonight.

New Age Outlaws vs the Ascension- I am of two minds on this match. You see I loved the Ascension in NXT but since they have come to the main roster however they have completely changed their character and I do not like them. It seems that I am not the only one that feels that way though as the various vignettes putting down great Tag Teams of the past have made them enemies of many fans and wrestlers alike. I think in this case however the NAO have been brought in not to put these upstarts down but to give them the win against someone good that they need to finally be taken a little bit seriously in the main roster. So I think the winner will be the ASCENSION!

The New Day vs Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose- this match will be a 6 person elimination tag team match basically a mini-survivor series match. While they have been pushing Kidd and Cesaro lately they also have been burying Adam Rose. They have also been trying to push the New Day so in my mind I am thinking that the winner will be the NEW DAY.

Usos vs Miz and Mizdow- Seeing as how it seems that they are teasing a break between Miz and Mizdow as Mizdow is getting a lot more cheers than Miz and it seems to be getting under Miz’s skin. I am going to say the Usos win and in that way they can have Miz blaming Mizdow somehow whether it’s true or not which could make for a further strain to break them up. So I think winners USOS!

Paige and Natalya vs the Bella’s- I have a HUGE love for both Paige and Natalya, I think these two are truly the best Divas going right now. However the Bella’s are hot right now in the ring. I will however choose the winners here to be PAIGE and NATALYA!

John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar for the Heavyweight Championship- OK there is a huge difference in this one as to what I WANT to see and what will most likely happen. You see I hate the fact that Brock is the title holder. I know why it was done and I agree with the why I just think that doing it in such a way was a complete knee jerk over reaction to what had been a small problem. So what I would love to see is either Cena or Rollins win and then maybe lose the title back to Brock with a rematch before Wrestlemania. Now what I think is actually going to happen is that Brock Lesnar will retain the title tonight. So winner BROCK LESNAR!

ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH- Now we have a 30 man match to round out the night. Every year they have surprise entrants so we won’t know who everyone is until the actual match. Sometimes we get NXT’ers in the match, sometimes we see WWE Legends and there are rumors this year of ECW Originals. However we do know of some of them like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Fandango among others. I know from speaking with a lot of friends and family there are about 3 seeming favorites for the group which includes Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. Now after watching the WWE almost religiously I do agree it should be down to these three but here’s my take on it. A lot of people would be happy to see Dean win but I’m not seeing that yet I think he may end up regaining the US title or taking the IC title eventually. So what about Roman Reigns, a ton of people love him but it seems that he is getting fed crap lines by the writers (or maybe Vince McMahon if rumors are correct) and honestly if your writers are giving you crap then I don’t think they are ready for you to go and be the face of the company. Now lets look at Daniel Bryan, ever since he came back from his injury he is getting just about as big a pop from the audience as he did before he left. Looking at all this I will say DANIEL BRYAN for the win but with Roman Reigns beating the record for eliminations that he set last year.

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  1. Very good predictions as always. I did not get to see the event live, but from what I read, it was one for the ages.

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