Writing these up swiftly to send you my ideas for the Fastlane pay per view.  Sorry for the last moment post but we had a HUGE successful convention in Bartow all day yesterday and today we were heading home and napping form how tired yesterday made us!  Anyway without further ado this is who I am thinking may win the matches at Fastlane tonight in like a few minutes!!!

#1 Contenders Match- Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

  • There has been a lot of talk about this match and who will win. There are a lot that believe that Roman Reigns can win but they don’t think he is champ material. Others have complete faith in Reigns. Still more think that Daniel has plenty of chance vs both Reigns and Lesnar and think he deserves it the most due to being stripped of the belt due to injury. Other rumors have said that there will be a new triple threat at WM with all three of these guys going at it but still others don’t think WWE would do that since they did that last year. I have to say however in my mind the triple threat sounds like the most likely scenario to keep everyone happy and to not break any contracts.  As even the Authority said they can’t take away the WM main event from Roman but the fans certainly think that Daniels deserves his shot again. So tonight I predict for this match a bunch of outside interference with Kane and Big Show and a call of NO CONTEST or a DOUBLE DQ or maybe even a DOUBLE COUNTOUT but any way you look at it NO WINNER main event of Wrestlemania becomes a triple threat! NO WINNER!

US Title Match- Rusev vs John Cena

  • This is a very interesting match to me.  First you have Rusev who has only been beaten on technicalities such as DQ’s and such and in singles competition is still technically undefeated. He has never been pinned and never submitted. This brute has thrown people around like rag dolls and has a devestating finishing submission hold. However he is against mr “Never Give Up” John Cena. Cena as we know has been the face of the WWE for like 10 to 12 years of his career and has been champ 15 times. He is only one title win for a world title behind Ric Flair who currently holds the record. In my mind the WWE will NOT allow Cena to tie nor break Flairs record no matter how much money Cena makes for them. However there are other titles he can grab and thus make prestigious like for instance hypothetically the US Title that is on the line tonight? I personally think the WWE NEEDS Cena to have a title to keep his superior face status alive and keep his sales active after all there is only so far doing make a wish wishes can push your sales. So in my mind for this match WINNER JOHN CENA!!!

Intercontinental Title Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

  • Ambrose is on a roll, but lately Barrett has been a toady for the Authority so it makes it hard to figure out who will win in this case. in my mind however I am hoping that the will of the people is listened to and that Ambrose gets the IC championship back. WINNER DEAN AMBROSE!

Tag Team Titles the Usos vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

  • With the Usos father heading to the hall of fame in just one month at WMXXXI I think they are going to want happy jovial Tag Team Champions to go and induct him. I think the titles will stay with the Usos at least for one more month. WINNERS USOS!!

Divas Title Match- Paige vs Nikki Bella

  • I honestly have no clue on this one. I want to say Paige since she is so talented but they are pushing Nikki and the Bellas big time in their new again heel positions. I hate to say it but I think in this match WINNER NIKKI BELLA!

Goldust vs Stardust

  • I think they are going to let the younger Rhodes win this one to give Stardust Cody the push he needs to get back into singles competition. WINNER STARDUST!!

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Eric Rowan vs the Authority

  • I think the authority while they have had a lot going for them I think in some ways it is time for them to go down and I think this may be the start of their decline. In my mind WINNERS ARE ZIGGLER, RYBACK, ROWAN

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  1. This might be the first time ever, but I would have agreed with these predictions had I seen them before the event. Nice work!

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