WWE Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

Have you ever just looked at someone and said “OMG that person looks just like….” Well my wife and I first did that when Damien Sandow came out as the Miz’s stunt double and Florida Georgia Line were on RAW.  We decided that the two members of the band could easily be Stunt Doubles for two of the members of the WWE and every so often we find others.  So without further ado here are several WWE people who could have celebrity stunt doubles!

Heath Slater and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line

Chris Jericho and Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line

AJ Lee and Christian Serratos of Walking Dead

Roman Reigns and Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones

Triple H and Sean Bean of Lord of the Rings

Zack Ryder and Bradley Cooper of American Sniper

Sound off below if you can think of any other WWE Look-A-Likes!

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6 thoughts on “WWE Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

  1. amazing! that was very interesting and no one noticed before. The pair of Roman Reigns and Jason Momoa have almost no difference anyone can point out. Zack Ryder and Bradley Cooper are also very close match. Nice observation!

    1. Personally I think that Triple H and Sean Bean could be twins they look so much alike! I have also heard some people say that Chris Jerico also looks like Chef Gordon Ramsey- and I can see it too LOL

  2. That is amazing there are that many different look-a-likes, but I think you nailed it on the head with these images!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I always knew that Jericho reminded me of someone, I just now realized that it’s chef Ramsay. As far as comparing Bradley Cooper to ANYONE – sacrilege I tell you. He’s too pretty to be compared. (Yeah, I know. My fan girl is showing.) The only one I don’t really see is the first comparison of Heath Slater and Tyler Hubbard. I mean, maybe there’s a passing resemblance, but I think it’s mostly the hair.

  4. This is uncanny! Some of them look almost identical, like Roman Reigns and Jason Momoa. Zack Ryder and Bradley Cooper could be twins. I guess the saying that keeps circulating on Facebook about there being three people looking like each of us is true in this case. Also, looking at Chris Jericho I can totally see the resemblance to Chef Gordon Ramsay. I wonder if anyone ever told him about it. I think the only ones that don’t really match are the first two. There is a small resemblance, but it’s not quite as powerful as in all the other cases.

    1. I think the first two aren’t matching as good because I couldn’t find a good enough pic of the guy from FGL…when they were on RAW I think it was he looked just like Slater

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