Here are some samples of writing projects I have done in the past- if you would like to discuss a project you need help with feel free to contact me!


Writing Sample- Bankruptcy and Credit Cards
Tips for flying with kids
Writing Sample- Debt Management

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4 thoughts on “Writing Samples

  1. The sample about flying with kids was very interesting to read, especially in light of my cousin’s unfortunate experience with her little one. She took her five year old with her on a short, one hour trip, by plane and the child hated every minute of it. Now, my cousin is all set not to retry that particular experience, but I hope she changes her mind about taking her child with her when she goes by plane.

  2. This is some great examples I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m going to need to edit few documents next month. I’ll surely contact you for the help. You are the best, Sarah! BTW the doc of flying with kids are great from all.

  3. You have a good writing style. I know some people that might be looking for content so I am going to pass this along to them.

  4. Is there anything you cannot write about? LOL that is an impressive sample and you seem to have a great track record with writing as a freelancer. I wish you the best and will be sure to send people your way if I hear of anyone needing writing and content help!

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