Wrestlemania 32 Predictions

So Wrestlemania is about an hour away. Something like 4 or 5 hours of nail biting wrestling excitement is almost here. As I write this Ryback and Kalisto are going at it in the kickoff show. In the past we have seen amazing things in WM such as what I dubbed the 3 Count Heard Around the World where the Undertaker lost his undefeated streak against the Beast Brock Lesnar. So we have a ton of great matches schedualed for this year which is pretty impressive considering how many top stars of WWE are on the injured list right now. So lets jump right into this before the rest of the action starts!

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

Man AJ Styles just joins the WWE and already he is going to get to have a Wrestlemania Moment. Course it makes sense that he is here seeing as for years I heard he was one of the best in the world and now the WWE gets to see why. Considering we have seen Jericho lose at WM to Fandango who really is not nearly as impressive as AJ I think we will see AJ get the Y2J bump this year. I think AJ will pick up the win here.

League of Nations vs New Day

4 vs 3 usually isn’t all that great odds but the New Day have been hitting hard with their verbal barbs and I think it may get under the LoN’s skin enough to make them make mistakes. To look at things though the LoN while made up of mainly bad assed superstars they have truly fallen to Mid-Card status. Wade Barret….well he has been floundering for years now no matter how many times they repackage him. Sheamus has had a few shots since coming back but I think right now his looks are a more powerful finisher than his Brogue Kick since as the fans love to tell him…he does look stupid. Rusev once an undefeated powerhouse in the WWE just became a laughing stock when Lana left him for Dolph Ziggler for a time and he still hasn’t gotten back to himself since regaining Lana. Finally Del Rio….came back to the company in a complete surprise move and took the US Championship and was dominant in the company until he hooked up with the LoN…..Once he hooked up with the LoN he lost his title to Kalisto and couldn’t get it back and just kinda faded into the background.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

While I love me a battle royal this just seems to me to be a way to once again “Leave no Superstar Behind”. Just as the World Championship used to change hands on an almost bi-Monthly basis making everyone a ex-title holder in my view this match is just an excuss to give some mid and lower tier wrestlers their Wrestlemania moment. Now the question is do I mind a throw away gimmick match to give the little guys a WM moment…..hell no it’s been fun so far. Looking at the roster this year I think we are going to see the Social Outcasts try to team up through this but I see one of them turning on another at an opportune moment, while they have been a team they just don’t strike me as being all that cohesive to me. Honestly I am hoping that Damien Sandow gets his chance to shine tonight as he did last year but this time by winning not just by breaking off on his own. Sandow is awesome and I so want him to find his place in the company and get back to the big leagues and not just be stuck on Superstars or main Event programming.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

OK guys short and simple on this I think it is the Irish Lass Kickers time to shine. Sasha was the big thing in the NXT for a while. Charlotte has had her chance in NXT and in WWE and so far Becky hasn’t had her chance to shine…..well I think this is her night so GO BECKY!!!!!

6 Man Ladder Match for IC Title

So Kevin Owens has the title and Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Miz, Stardust, Zack Ryder and Sin Cara all want the title. Right now I am going to say that I think Kevin Owens will retain the title however… I would loe to see any of them other than KO win because

  • I want to see Sami get some revenge against KO
  • I love Ziggler and would love to see him get back in the title hunt where he NEEDS and Deserves to be
  • Miz…..ok maybe I wouldn’t like to see anyone beat KO
  • Stardust, after all the crap that has happened to him I think Cody deserves a shot at a title and I think the Stardust persona could be an interesting title holder
  • I SOOOOOOO wanna see Zack Ryder become relevant again I love his wrestling so much. However I think if it happens it will be as Mojo Rawleys Partner in the Hype Bros tag team not as a singles player
  • Sin Cara would be awesome as a IC Champ because then you would see the Lucha Dragons holding two titles as a tag team that’s not tag team titles….which could make for some interesting new match types

No Holds Barred Street Fight

Normally in a match of Lesnar vs Ambrose I would have to ultimately say it goes to Lesnar due to pure strength and the huge power moves he is known for. Add weapons into the mix and I think it may be Ambroses time to shine, especially with all the Hardcore legends giving him presents

Hell in a Cell

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker for control of RAW with Undertakers Wrestlemania career on the line. OMG the stakes for this match are huge even though in many ways it seems like such an impromptu throw away match. There are several ways I can see this going

  1. Shane Wins Taker decides to retire
  2. Shane Wins and once taking power says Taker can keep his wrestlemania position since he is in charge now not daddy
  3. Undertaker is the obvious winner but to spit Vince he at the end lays down to let Shane win thus going out on his own terms and screwing Vince over at the same time
  4. Undertaker wins and it truly was a toss out match

I honestly can’t call this one but I hope Shane wins somehow!

World Heavyweight Title Match

As the show is about to start I am going to try and rush through this as I want to put a dream booking onto this. I personally think Roman Reigns is going to win this one.

Now my dream booking here is this…let me just say first I have met Afa the Wild Samoan….I am friends with his wife and daughter through going to WXW shows here in Florida and a nicer more awesome group of people I just can’t name. WWE seems to like mentioning Afa and Sika and the Samoan Dynasty lately in the promo’s Triple H has been cutting against Roman Reigns. I also know a lot of the Samoan Dynasty and some WXW’ers are in Texas for the Show of Shows tonight so here is what I want to see.

  • Match is declared right before it to be a no DQ because of how viscous Roman and Triple H have been towards each other as of late.
  • Triple H gets in a good hit right in front of Afa who has front row seats.
  • Trip tries to rub it in Afa’s face but gets a Samoan headbutt instead
  • Trip looks like he is about to go after Afa but a few people around him stand up…Sika and several others well known form the Anoa’i family….
  • More people start to stand all part of the Samoan Dynasty all wearing Samoan Dynasty shirts.
  • Even more people start standing some in WXW and some in WXWC4 shirts
  • Triple H backs up and gets back in the ring as these people and move forward and jump the railings
  • The Samoan Dynasty and the people they train and consider their children are now lumber jacks for the match keeping Triple H in the ring
  • Usos and the Rock keep guard on the ramp so none of the Authorities lap dogs can get through, but they do let Stephanie through.
  • Stephanie steps up but gets taken down by Vale Anoa’i.

Yeah I know it’s just a dream….but boy do I love it.

3 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 32 Predictions

  1. I think you are very good at guessing the outcome of wrestling matches. The WWE ones are my favorites to read.

  2. I think it is awesome how you predict these matches based on a lot of information and knowledge. So many fans seem to have a ‘because he is the best’ response when asked why someone will win o be the victor. I am glad you actually rely on facts to answer these questions. Keep up the good work!!

    1. LOL the great thing with your comment is how much the ones that do say “because he is best” annoy me. For a while there we were running a comic book character smackdown to see who was better between certain characters, like green arrow or hawkeye or batman and moon knight. I made it very explicit in the rules that if anyone used a “well hes batman and batman can beat anyone” type of argument then it would be invalid. Things for that game had to make sense and be backed up in comic lore by screenshots or some other reputable source

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