Wrestlemania 32 Pre-Show Predictions

So Wrestlemania is upon us once more and the pre-show is in full swing in about a half an hour or so. This year there is about 6 or 7 hours of Wrestlemania all together if you take in all the Pre=show action which I would certainly accept as part of the main show considering there are like 3 or 4 matches this year during it. So lets go to my predictions for the pre=show which will be short and sweet since it will be starting very soon


So lets start off with what will most likely be my favorite match of the pre-show the Usos vs the Dudley Boyz. The Dudley’s have been trying real hard to prove they are still badasses and still relevant in this day and age after they have been warring in the ring for so many years. However bad they may still be I think this year is the time to shine for the Usos even if they don’t have the title. I think their preshow moment will see them either defeating the Dudley Boyz or more than likely a table somehow comming into play and getting the Dudley’s DQ’ed either way I think the Usos come away winning this night.

Team BAD and Blonde vs Team Total Diva….yeah such a great match idea….lets put a bunch of heels together that can at least kinda get along in the ring against the team of ladies from the show Total Divas. Look at Team BAD and Blonde for a moment here, Tamina and Naomi have been running together for a while now so they work well together, Emma has been showing her willingness to play well with heels since joining up with the girl in NXT whose name escapes me at the moment that I don’t like and Summer Ra has proven in the past with the BFF’s that she can work with a heel team. Lana is kinda a wild card in the group but she has shown some good heel ability. Now we look at Team Diva…. Brie Bella (no one gets along with the Bellas in ring other than Alicia Fox), Paige (who is most known recently for screwing over Team PCB), Natalya (While awesome and beautiful is known for being sorely underused for how talented she is), Alicia Fox (gets along with Brie but isn’t known for bringing in the wins in the ring and last but certainly least Eva Marie (be ready to see the pace of the match slow to a crawl when she gets into the ring just so she can pull off a few pathetic moves). With the team dynamic of Team Diva and the fact that they have Eva Marie (#AnyoneButYou )on their side I am predicting a sound defeat with team BAD and Blonde pulling in a seemingly easy win.

Ryback vs Kalisto for the US Championship. I HATE Hate hate Rybacks bully character. He keeps getting over so awesomely with the crowd and everyone loves him and chants feed me more with him and then suddenly he becomes a prick. I am looking forward to seeing Kalisto taking out Ryback in a laughingly small amount of time similar to what Rey Mysterio did to JBL years ago (Yeah that’s right JBL I’m gonna keep bringing up the real history whether you have blocked me or not #JBLBlockedMe)

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  1. I love this time of year. The wrestling matches are so much fun to watch, plus I can get together with all of my friends and make a party out of it. Well worth the cost of entertainment!

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