Which Original X-Man Are You

Which Original X-Man Are You?

2816780-ace_comics_6_issue_subscription_all_new_x_menTake this quiz to find out which of Xavier’s original X-Men you are most like.

(Please note: this quiz at the moment is a test. Right now you can select all answers, please do not do this as the scoring is set for one answer per question and if you select multiple then your result will not be right. So please only pick one answer per question thank you!)

4 thoughts on “Which Original X-Man Are You

  1. “You Are Beast!” I’m not sure how well it fits. I do share some common traits with Beast, but I not quite so many. Anyway, it is by far a better alternative than getting a result like Cyclops. I hated that character so much!

    1. I got beast too- was hoping for Nighcrawler since hes my favorite X-Men aside from Wolverine…but I don’t think he was an original. LOL

      1. Nightcrawler was one of my favorites as well, in the movie as well as the X-Men Evolution series, though I also loved Gambit and Jubilee in the 90’s cartoons. I would have liked to be able to discover them in the comics as well, but at the time when I was hyped about X-Men there were no comics around here and I had to rely only on the 90’s cartoons, the movies and X-Men Evolution. Afterwards, discovering the universe seemed so daunting when I read about all the story lines and the recons and such. I decided to stick with what I had already discovered.

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