War Dragons- the Beginning (a Fan Fic by Kevin Coryell)

Author’s note- Hey everyone welcome to my first in a hopeful series of Fan Fics for the game War Dragons. As some of you may remember if you come to my site often I was just recently invited into the War Dragons Creators Faction due to a very well received review I wrote about the game. This to me is awesome, I mean to not only have someone whose work I am praising (with good cause) see it and comment on it, but to then have them invite me to see insider details on the game before they come out and to invite me to write basically any type of content I want! Yeah needless to say both the geek and writer inside of me squeed with joy and jumped at the chance! One of my first ideas was to flesh out the opening storyline in fan fiction form. I wanted to put my character in as the main person and as such give name to the lead character and have a strong female character lead at the same time. So I hope you enjoy my fleshed out version of the opening to War Dragons; if so please leave a response and I’ll do some more fan fic writing that explains how to do the various in game events and such. Enjoy!

-Kevin Coryell

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It was my  8th birthday and a very special time for my home island as well as for me. You see, this month we were expecting a new clutch of dragon eggs to be ready to hatch. This was always a momentous occasion for our island! Our people were made up of the powerful of several families that were able to talk with dragons using just our minds. While other islands were known to capture and enslave dragons for war we were able to befriend them and thus our island chain always seemed to be the safest area in all the lands. Many people said that I was the most powerful among them with how easily I talked to the dragons, even the unborn ones. I wasn’t sure about all that as a lot of the grownups seemed a lot more powerful than I am. After all, I am just a scrawny little girl…. the cook tells me this whenever I try to snitch some food before she is done cooking it.

Today was very special for me though as a new warrior dragon was supposed to hatch today. Normally, this just happens but since it was my birthday and everyone said I was destined to be a Dragon Queen and that this new dragon, this warrior, was to become my companion, my friend, and my guardian. The whole week so far leading up to today had seen the people of my island getting ready. Tacking up streamers of fresh flowers, cleaning the roads and sprinkling down fresh sawdust on them. Each house was getting together some sort of dish for a community meal in the town square in celebration. Everyone was wearing their best clothing. There was an air of festival around the island that made it where I couldn’t help but smile. Finally before I could get too nervous about what was going to happen this day a bell started to gong from the end of the main island.

One of my female neighbors who had been helping me all morning with my dress and makeup hurried into the room from outside. “OK Raelin it’s time to go sweetie. Come with me, we have to hurry.”

I almost laughed at how rushed she seemed. The Dragon wouldn’t hatch till I was there and noone would start anything until I was there. I wasn’t going to be mean and say that though as she grabbed my hand and tugged me out of my room and out of the house.  We rushed through the town towards the main Island that was filled with our dragons breeding and training grounds. Before too long we had left the outside world behind and found ourselves in a hot cave like building. Hot sands shifted underfoot as we made our way to the main chamber where all of the various dragon eggs were brought to stay warm as they approached the day of their hatching. In the middle of the floor was an altar that for the last week of a dragons hatching cycle would normally be spewing fire onto the egg keeping it extra toasty. This wasn’t necessary but it did seem to help with the hatching when it happened. Seeing as to how the hatching was imminent the fires were off and my father with a look of pride motioned me towards the altar.

“Come Raelin, it is time to finally meet your guardian! Has he told you his name yet?”

“Yes father, he wishes to be known by the name of the dragon constellation that we see above our islands at night. Draco shall be his name!” came my answer to my father’s question.

My father’s smile was bright as he bade me to lay my hands on the hot shell of the dragons egg. I did as was expected of me and smiled brightly as I felt the shell begin to crack under my hands. Finally as the cracks became more and more obvious I helped brush the hsell away from the little red dragon who was about the size of a small hawk. He looked up at me with golden reptilian eyes and playfully nipped at one of my hands making me laugh softly.

“Be patient Draco you will have your breakfast in just a moment, but we have to get you clean first!”

An attendant came up with a bowl of warm water and a towel and I gently cleaned any shell and birthing fluids off of Draco before wrapping him lovingly in a nice warm towel and picking him up. I was crooning softly to him and we all started moving out of the birthing caves. He slowly squirmed from my arm and moved to perch on my shoulder nuzzling at my bright red hair until it made him sneeze. We made our way to where a big buffet table was set and I started to fill a plate with different cuts of meat, mainly for my new little dragon companion. Little bits and pieces were handed up to him to gobble down while people form the various islands in our little chain came by to make their well wishes known. So many people that I knew and so many more who were strangers to me having come in from the further islands in our chain for this occasion. This was going to last all month long as we continued hatching the newest clutch of dragons.

Without warning a bell was rung from one of our watch towers. Everything seemed to stop as people began to look around for which tower the bell had been rung from. As each person found themselves looking to the west we all started to that side of the island. It didn’t take long for most of us to get there as that was the side the food had all been set up upon and most of our islands were just small things anyway only holding several building or a couple farms each at most. Coming up between the outermost western islands of our chain we saw a fleet of ships with several large fierce looking dragons flying guard. A red flag with fearsome black skull was raised above each ship.

“Uncle Gustave is coming to see us!” I cried out. It had been a few years since I had seen my uncle and I was excited. My dad swiftly pulled me away and started rushing me back to the hatching grounds as he yelled orders to everyone else.

I was so confused and I was trying to keep Draco calm on my shoulder. I heard random words here and there like Blackbloods, War, Invasion. It seems in the few years I hadn’t seen my uncle there were good reasons. He had gone rogue, but no one had told me having wished to spare me until I was older. Finally things started to click in my mind once we got into the hatching grounds.

“Father?!? What are we going to do? All of our dragons are out on patrol! None of us are ready! This is supposed to be a celebration!”

“I know hun I know. Now listen to me, we have to leave here but we cannot let the Blackbloods get their hands on our dragons. I need you to speak to them. I need you to tell them all that they must wait to hatch, they must sleep until your return and only your return.” Came my father’s reply.

“My return? But where will I go? Where will you be?”

“There is another chain of islands nearby that a cousin of yours lives on. We shall send you there, they are powerful even without dragons and they can stand up to the Blackbloods. As for me I am sorry my dearest but I have to stay here and help defend our islands. If we win I will send for you. If we don’t….. Know I loved you so very much and that one day you must come back and become the queen we always raised you to be. The people will eventually return and they will need you.”

I nodded and started talking to all of the dragons n their eggs while tears streamed down my cheeks. Once I was done they rushed me to an underground room under the hatching room that I had never known of. I knew the dragons would be fine, they could sleep in their shells for hundreds of years if need be but I worried about my father and my people as I was ushered unceremoniously into a small boat. A large horn was picked up and sounded and two sea dragons raised themselves up from the sea beside us. They spoke to me softly telling me that all would be fine as the men around me fit the dragons with harnesses.

I was then alone with the dragons as the men ran off to help defend the islands. The dragons moved swiftly towing the boat through a hidden cave system of channels and out the opposite side of the islands from where the attacks were coming from. I watched the islands get smaller and smaller Draco curled around my shoulders nuzzling at my hair to cheer me up. Eventually I laid down inside the small boat and slept. It would be years before I returned though I didn’t know it at the time. As my eyes closed though and my last view of my home slid away I silently vowed I would do as my father said. One day I would return. One day I would become queen of those islands I now fled. And upon that day I would release the army of dragons I just asked to sleep. With my army swirling in the air above me I would take the fight back to my uncle and I vowed I would make him pay.


(I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the fan fic series I have planned. Remember this is for a game called War Dragons on both iOS and Android. In fact, I run a guild on there called All Things Geek, so if you find yourself looking for a guild on there and you are an active player please feel free to look us up and join! Hope to see you all in game!)

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR PART 2- http://draxisweb.com/dwp/?p=2878

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