War Dragons Creators Faction

Hey everyone just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up and point you to my YouTube Channel. Thats right DraxisWeb is expanding out into Youtube so just head to youtube and do a search for DraxisWeb and you will find videos for Mystery Box unboxings, Game Reviews, Pokemon Go, War Dragons vlogs, SMITE builds and dare me’s and all sorts of things. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

Thats right you see how I mentioned War Dragons in the post already….well you will be seeing a LOT more War Dragons related things! From early news about new releases to my own fan fictions to my own take on some good strategy in building your islands and attacking islands or within the various events! The more things I do with this the more things I can earn which means the possibilities of doing giveaways and things like that! So the skies the limit here and the more you like what we’re doing and check back with us the more we will be able to do! So now for your viewing enjoyment….a short video!


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