The Vanishing Handkerchief is a mainstay of simple illusion. One of the first things any magician gets is a fake thumb tip and some of the best ones are custom made so you can’t tell them apart from the flesh color of the magicians own finger. Watch the video below to see the thumb tip in action.


2 thoughts on “Vanishing Handkerchief

  1. So, magicians do keep a plethora of tools and props to make the trickery happen. Out of all the tricks in the world of magic, the most intriguing ones for me has always been those disappearing ones. I always felt like, how the heck could they do those? Now, after seeing this video, a lot of those mysteries were put to rest. Waiting for the other trick now. Do post it.

  2. I actually had to go back and re-watch the video to see which video you were wanting me to post. Right now I don’t have the D-lite video because when I was filming it I either couldn’t see me because it was too dark or I couldn’t see the “magic lights” because it was too bright! The big trick with D-lite is that you have fake thumbs just like the one in the video here but in the tip of it there is a small led light that when you pinch thumb and forefinger together will light up. In a dim room this can make it look like you just pulled a small fairy light out of mid air or behind someones ear or out of a nose whatever! You can even “juggle” the light if you have two of the D-lites. Another good trick is color changing…you get two with different colors and the after grabbing the light from the air you “transfer” it to your other hand with a banging motion and when you do that motion you would let go of the one and pinch the other making it look like it both transferred hands and changed colors! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get a new set of D-lites and figure out how to do the video well but until then I hope this reply helps with that!

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