Updating the site, no pause in posting!

I just wanted to take this moment to let everyone know. You may see some changes taking place on our site! Do not panic as we will still be working to bring you the same great blogs we have before and hopefully even stepping up on some of our blogs. Some of our main changes are going to be listed below;

1) You may notice Draxis Soaps and our Dragon Eggs and Shop pages are gone. This is because our shop page has not been finished being set up except for one shirt, Draxis Soaps needs new equipment before we can start making soap again and finally, I have to finish creating our dragon egg order forms so you can actually purchase them. I am hoping to streamline all of this soon and make the changes necessary to bring them all back so you guys can once more buy stuff from us. This hasn’t happened yet but considering I keep not finishing our shop portion I blame myself. Hopefully once I get all our geek crafts and such updated and on the page, things will actually work!

2) You should start to notice links changing names. This is to streamline things more visually as we have older links all being called Reviews that get more than just reviews in them and then newer links like our comic review being just called comic blog. All of these will be under the new banner of ATG Blogs and all review names will be changed to Blogs or maybe just their genre not sure yet. This will reflect that everything movie related will end up in the movie blog link and not just reviews like people might currently think!

3) We should be seeing more blogs showing up by Amanda Gayle as she has agreed to take on the task of making our list blogs. Our old list blogs are some of our most popular blogs but I’ve been concentrating so much on health things and the comic reviews that I kinda just let them slip. We aim to be changing that and making a section just for Top 10 Lists by Amanda Gayle with guest lists by myself, Kathryn Asano and Sarah Jo Coryell.

4) You will be noticing that we are adding links into our articles now. These links for the most part (except for those by Kaycia Gayle) will be directing you to Amazon to searches or actual items based on whatever the word we are linking is talking about. Any sales from these links will help us make some money to grow our site and bring you better content.

5) Last but not least we go back to our shop stuff. I have taken up working on Chainmaille making bracelets and necklaces and I hope to start on pendants and keychains and such soon. This just like my other crafts is to help me with my anxiety and depression but since it makes no sense to have a hundred bracelets sitting around for me or my wife I will be making an order form to do commission work. Any money raised from this will be split between the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Extra Life (minus the cost of supplies of course.) For a limited time, I will be giving low rates on what I make due to the fact that I am still a beginner and need to upgrade my tools and such. What this means is you may see some scuffs if you get colored links or links that may not be flush closed as I experiment on how to close them better. However, even with a little space in the closures, the pieces will not fall apart. As I get better the prices will come more in line with what I see at Conventions so that I can get more wire, links, colors, beads, and tutorials so I can bring more things to you. Hopefully, I’ll have this set up soon so you can take advantage of it!

That’s all, for now, be sure to check back with us each and every week as we bring you more and more content. Please feel free to comment on our posts as we love hearing from each and every one of you and try to respond all the time! If you love what we do and want to help support our blogs until we get our shops back up and running you can drop by Ko-fi.com with this link and tip us to help us out!

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