Hey there everyone just dropping by with some ATG updates.

Update 1- We are starting a new Page and Group on facebook. The page is up and running now and can be found at http://facebook.com/ATGNTG . What this page is, is a group called Non-Toxic Gaming. We are creating this to house all of our gaming news. We want NTG to become a group where people can feel comfortable finding friends to play games with or just chat about gaming news and share screenshots and such. You can find the Logo below!

Update 2- We are updating the All Things Geek logo to drop Draxisweb off of it, don’t worry though the ATG site will still be housed here. To futher update things we will be renameing some of our Categories as DraxisBlog will become ATGBlog, ATG Games will become NTG Games ect. See our new Logo below!

Update 3- Last but not least we have figured out a way to make order forms work for our Custom Dragon Eggs. We will be using Google Forms and they will be embedded into our pages. We have already tested one and should have the rest up and running in a few days time.

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