Ultimate Comic Crossover Smackdown

Welcome to the “Ultimate Comic Crossover Smackdown”. Currently we are a facebook only forum that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/756274767772604/. However, it is our hopes to create a good forum here on this site to use for the smackdowns.

In about June of 2013, my wife and I started talking about how there were no really good discussion forums online that asked the simple question of if two comic book characters with similar skill sets from rival companies were to clash who would win? So we set about making this forum for that exact reason.

So how are we different from the other comic forums that ask this type of questions?

  1. Well first, we make sure that the two characters are similar in their power sets. I have seen tons of forums where they are trying to compare Goku to someone like Superman or Flash against Hulk when they have nothing at all in common. Here you will see battles that make sense and can really be close like Hawkeye vs Green Arrow or Batman vs Moon Knight.
  2. Flaming is NOT allowed in our discussions! One reason I don’t see many good forums out there is because the fanboys get so into things that they break down into flaming each other over the simplest things like the size of Batmans cowl and such. So here Flaming or just being rude to others is discouraged
  3. In our discussions to get a point for your character you actually need to give us good facts about the character, just saying something like “well it’s batman so he’s gotta win” isn’t going to get you anywhere. A fact sheet on powers is supplied each week and Comic Vine or the DC or Marvel or other official comic Encyclopedia’s are the only things that can be used.

We try to foster a friendly environment here for good debates. We also try to help people learn how to debate if they don’t already know. Check out our facebook page and get involved in the discussion and let your voice be heard!

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