Tri-Worlds Book Series

The Tri-Worlds book series revolves around the worlds of Draxis, Scartaris and the Web of Time. These books take place in the far flung past, the present and in a far future as well. Most things written under the DWP banner (but not all) will somehow be connected to this series of stories. Many of our flash fictions and short stories will also be connected to this timeline somewhere somehow.

The Tri-Worlds and the inhabitants have been developed over the past 20+ years by Kevin Coryell and all copywrites unless otherwise noted in the text are his. Many of the characters have seen their way into the realms of Rhydin and some of these got their start there. However every character even those started in Rhydin have been played/written for exclusivly by Kevin Coryell and Amanda Gayle and if included in the Tri-Worlds have been changed considerably so that they are no longer part of the Realms of Rhydin or any part of any families from the Realms of Rhydin. Thus separate entries can and will be seen with different information on similar character names one in the TWBS posts and others in the Rhydin Bio posts.

(Publishers Note: The Tri-Worlds were at one time to be merged with Another set of Characters created by Chris Scofield. The Titans books as they were called then are no longer being created. Any mention of the Titans are alluding to those created by Kevin Coryell before the Titan series was ever conceived of. None of Mr Scofields work, editing, or characters will be appearing in the Tri-Worlds book series which is reverting back to it’s original design and ideas as set forth by Kevin Coryell over the past 20+ years.)