To Summon a Demon

To Summon a Demon

by Kathryn Coryell

I sat and sipped from a strong herbal tea wincing a bit at the bitter taste of some of the herbs within. The tea was supposed to help someone boost their magical powers, or at least that’s what the tome I had been reading for the past three years told me. As I flipped through the pages to the appropriate chapter I went through the mental checklist I had made for tonight’s ritual:

Blood, check… it pays to have friends of the coven in the blood bank that would do anything for a promise of a date. If things worked out I owed Mike a dinner and a movie next week. I do hope this works out and I’m glad he didn’t ask me what the blood was for, our coven wasn’t exactly known for trying dark magics and what I was about to try was as dark as it came.

Henna Tattoos, check, the book was very strict about your flesh needing the tattoos for the spell I wanted to work perfectly but it also said one’s skin had to remain unmarred. I figured henna should work since it fades and it was too easy for body paint to smear. The Henna itself took me days to get. I had to pay a good deal of money to several prominent Henna artists in the area to come in on two days and take the entire time to do nothing but cover me in various designs of henna paste. I had a piece of paper for each of them that described the exact designs I needed. On the first day, I had them paint the front of my body, my arms, my legs, and my face. On the second day when the sun first rose I washed off the henna paste and then the artists came back in to do my back and the backs of my legs. The next morning I washed that paste off as well, now two days later it looked as red as blood on my pale skin.

Binding circle, check, it took me most of the morning and afternoon to chalk out the circle I needed along with the rest of the intricate designs that would let me both summon and bind the being I was going to attempt to call tonight.

I looked over at the binding circle and saw my familiar, a pure white cat, sitting next to it, her tail dangerously close to the circle. I got up and chased her off swiftly and made sure this time the door to my basement where my summoning was to take place was firmly locked. I inspected the circle but didn’t see any damage to it.

“Damn cat is going to get me killed one day I think.”, I muttered good-naturedly. I did love my familiar even if she was just like most other cats thinking that she owned me and not the other way around.

I went and finished my tea and then took a deep breath. What I was going to do in just a few moments was something most witches would think the height of folly but I honestly didn’t care. The witches these days were too careful I thought. There were so many spells that had been lost to time and we could all be so much more powerful if we had them. The problem that remained though is how to retrieve them for those of us who practiced magic. I thought perhaps I had an answer dangerous though it may be, summon a demon. Just a low-level demon would suffice but they would know if there were any more supernatural texts with the lost spells and could either retrieve them for us or tell me where they were. I could help bring power back to the witches and make it where we could one day come out to society without fear.

I took a few more seconds to wash out my teacup and place it on the edge of the basement sink and looked around once more to take stock of everything. Yes, it seemed that everything was all set. I carefully stepped into the circle being sure not to touch any of the chalk lines and took up the bag of blood from the blood bank and used some of it to fill an ornate goblet that was on a stand in the center of the circle. A gift if you would for the demon I was going to summon, it’s always good to try and get on their good side when summoning them and then trapping them.

Leaving the circle, I emptied the rest of the blood into a small bucket that held a paintbrush and then consulted the tome again and again as I started to sketch fresh runes from the summoning circle to the summoning altar and around it in a circle. These runes according to the book would help focus and strengthen the power of the summoning. It took about an hour to do up the finishing touches and looking at the clock I only had moments left until midnight and peak summoning time. I replaced the book upon the summoning altar and swiftly moved around the room lighting candles and turning off the electric lights before returning to stand before the book. Turning to the proper page, I started to read the summoning words, I did not fully understand them as it was a language we witches only partially knew, but I could feel the power beginning to flow through me. A soft wind began to blow around the room just hard enough to push my hair around as I started to repeat the phrases of power that would summon my new teacher.

“Hlaha modemona oa boselamose

Tlisa ho ‘na matla a l?na a

Tlangoa ka ka selika-likoe

E lefiloeng ke mali a My tla laela o

By lentsoe la ka seithuti sa hao ke fetohile!”

The air in the room suddenly took on the stench of sulfur as I finished speaking the incantation for the third time. The summoning circle began to glow a sickly red color as the insides were filled with dark orange smoke. Slowly the smoke cleared out revealing the form of a monstrous demon. Large wings adorned the demon’s back which were a deep red in color like blood, they were leathery and reminded me of a bat’s wings. His form stood at least 7’5” and was built of pure muscle looking like a professional wrestler. He had ram like horns coming from either side of his head and between those horns was a scruffy mane of ink black hair. The demon’s skin looked more like a snakes scales than skin and it’s coloration reminded me of a poisonous snake I had seen before!The demon had mostly black scale like skin but his stomach and chest were a deep blood red while some areas of his hands and feet and even his head had yellow scales. This demon was also definitely a male demon as it didn’t take me long to realize that he had appeared naked and was hung like a horse. I had never really put much stock in that saying until this moment when I saw the demon’s manhood, at least six inches flaccid and thick enough I thought I would have trouble wrapping my hand around something like that. My mind was thankfully ripped away from such dirty thoughts though as an angry voice boomed from the demon.

“WHAT THE HELL!!! Every time I try to get a bit of rest I get snatched from my bed! I swear when I get my hands on the idiot who has summoned me…” at that point, his eyes fell upon my nude tattooed form and a sly leer came over his features, “Well hello there miss, sorry for the outburst. I’m taking it you are the one that just summoned me here?”

“I…I….I well ummm yes I am.” I felt somewhat stupid stammering my reply like that but this huge demon was quite scary and while his tone had changed upon seeing me the booming growling voice he started with had dripped pure evil.

Suddenly the air crackled with energy and a soft red glow appeared around the demon with a bright spot behind him where I noticed he had a long serpent-like tail that was poking at the edges of my circle. I was sure I had the thing drawn correctly but this demon seemed so powerful just to look at and I wondered if my magics could really hold him. His voice almost a purr now brought me back to looking at his face as he continued to leer at me his eyes drinking in the henna all over my body as though he were reading the runes and being turned on by them. It took a good bit of control not to look down and see if I was right about that last part.

“So my lovely young witch, why is it you have summoned me?”

“You are Singran’intlith archmage of the demons?” I asked softly.

He bowed as well as he could in the confines of the circle. Perhaps I should have made it a bit bigger but I wasn’t sure how big a demon was and nothing in the book had told me.

“Guilty as charged, now perhaps you tell me why you summoned me before I start to get angry again yes?” the last few words were growled and made a shiver race through my body as fear gripped me once more. I noticed the tip of his tail had not ceased exploring the confines of his binding circle almost as though he were testing it for weaknesses.

“I brought you here to be my teacher. Witches are not as powerful as they used to be and are now in hiding. I wish to bring power back to my brothers and sisters. There are tomes of power long forgotten by most and I wish you to find them and bring them to me.” My voice shook as I spoke but I tried my hardest to look cool, calm, and collected.

The demon’s tail moved over a spot that flashed a lighter color than the rest of the circle had and his smile turned almost cruel as he answered me.

“I would be willing to take you on as my student. However, you should know there will be certain things that I require of you if you are to do this thing you ask of me. My first requirement is to be freed of this insulting prison!”

With a deceptively simple move, the demon’s tail slid down to the floor where the circle seemed weaker and gently brushed the chalk circle away. My jaw dropped as he did that and he laughed softly bending down to pick a tiny piece of something off the floor. He studied it for a moment as the circles’ barrier stuttered a few times before falling with a pop.

“Somebody has a white kitty cat! Here is lesson one my little witchy, don’t have a familiar who sheds the same color as your circle!”

I cursed softly. I had laughed that the cat would be the death of me and now it seems that it may be coming true. Who would have thought that a single white hair could have hidden in and broken my circle? I started to shiver with fright as I realized that I had a major demon loose in my basement, alone with just myself. Before I could say anything else, the demon lunged towards me and slammed hard into the protective circle I had placed around myself as well. Ever so slowly he drew his clawed fingers along the edge of the barrier making it spark and sizzle.

“Such a smart little witchy, casting a second circle just in case. Too bad you were right about how weak witches have become.” The demon leered at me as he said this and raised his clawed hands and started to squeeze on the magical barrier causing it to flicker and crackle.

The flickering of my protective circle started to get brighter and brighter and flicker faster and faster as the demon squeezed harder. Suddenly the circle dropped with a huge flash of light and a loud pop. Before I could even try to run away the demon had pounced upon me pushing me to the ground and pinning me down as I struggled under him.

“Time for lesson two my sexy little witch,” he grinned and leaned in close to whisper softly running his forked tongue teasingly along my ear as he did. Though I turned away from the lick my body stilled in terror at his words, “Beware the tomes you use for you never know who originally wrote them. For instance, this tome you used was mine and I do so love how wonderfully you have stuck to every direction.”

As he spoke the last word he traced a few of the runes around my wrists with his claws and they suddenly burned brightly with magic and a deep heat that left me feeling as though my wrists were being branded. Screams ripped from my throat as I felt the pain seeping into me and I started to struggle even more. Gods, what had I done? I thought after three years of study I knew all I needed about the ancient book but obviously, I was wrong. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I struggled even more making the demon laugh as though this was the greatest fun, and for him it probably was. He muttered a few words and there was a crackle of magic by my wrists as magical chains formed attached to the branded shackles on my wrists and then attached themselves to the floor making sure I couldn’t get up. The demon moved and knelt beside me and reached down to grab my ankles tracing the runes there just as he did on my wrists. I writhed in pain on the ground as that burning sensation stabbed into my ankles the way it had with my wrists and within moments my ankles had branded shackles as did my wrists.

“Ah little witchy I promise I will be granting your wish, you will become stronger than you ever imagined. But it won’t be as easy as you imagined.” He drew his claws slowly along the runes upon my legs trailing ever so gently up towards my stomach. “You shall also be my bride and give birth to my children!”

“But the summoning, you should be mine to command!” I couldn’t help the tears that streamed down my cheeks by this time. Between pain and humiliation and fear of what my future seemed to be all warred within me.

The demon smiled down at me and nodded. “Yes, one would think such however, as I said I wrote your book, several of the runes in the casting negate the binding portion of the spell, and as you have already found several of the runes you placed on yourself were cleverly disguised binding runes of my own design. You may have been seeking to bind me but in the end, it is you who shall be the slave to my every whim.”

The demon took a look around the room and gave a sniff of disdain and with a growled word in his native demonic language the magical chains released from the floor and reappeared between the branded wrist and ankle cuffs and then slowly started to pull tight. With a cry of pain and alarm, my legs and arms were pulled together until I found myself in an almost hogtied position with my wrists being trapped against my ankles. The demon grabbed the small bit of ethereal chain that was left between my wrists and ankles and picked me up like so much luggage.

“As lovely as your basement is, this is not the place I wish to consummate our new partnership, it’s a bit spartan, nice altar I admit but missing a bit of ambiance.” A deep chuckle rumbled from the demon’s throat as he carried me to the northern wall and just dropped me on the floor eliciting a yelp of pain from me

“It was nice of you to supply this blood it will save me from bleeding you out for the return trip, lucky for you as I think you are a bit too pretty to scar up too very soon.” He moved to the summoning circle and picked up the cup of blood and took a sip letting out a satisfied sound before walking back to the wall where I was laying. The tip of his tail dipped into the blood in the cup and swiftly danced along the wall drawing new runes among circles most of the runes I didn’t recognize at all.

“Nka re lapeng,” The demon growled finally and the runes started to glow. The wall seemed to melt and began to look like a pool of blood.

“Time to go home m’pet.” And without any more warning than that the demon grabbed my leg and just heaved me through the portal.

I hit the ground with a grunt on the other side and skidded across what seemed to be a marble floor. As the demon stepped through the portal sulfurous smelling candles lit all around the room shedding light on the various decorations. There were multiple paintings and statues all around the room most of which depicted angels or young women being molested by demons. It reminded me a lot of the scenery used when I had gone and watched a stage production of the Phantom of the Opera several years ago. After the first thought of what it reminded me of it sunk in that soon, I would be just like those various pieces of art and I started to scream.

The demon muttered a word of command and the chains fell away from my wrists and ankles as he reached out and grabbed my hair pulling my head back. He bent over me and nipped painfully at my ear as he hissed, “Screaming already? But we haven’t even begun to play yet!”

Though he had my hair I still tried to scramble away from him as I felt his tail moving to wrap around my leg. At the moment I really didn’t care if I ended up pulling my hair out I just wanted to be back at my home and away from this demon. 

He however had different plans and swiftly moved to wrap his powerful tail around my waist and use that to pull me up against him. My ass was pressed up against his groin and I felt that huge manhood pressed to me now fully aroused and my tears came harder as I realized all my crying and screaming and fighting just excited him even more. With another yelp escaping me he pulled me up onto my feet and gave me a shove towards one of the walls. I stumbled hesitantly forward before looking over my shoulder and seeing he was stalking after me like a cat. His tail lashed out and slapped against my bare ass like a whip driving me forward when I slowed down until finally, I came to a door set in the middle of the wall.

“Open it,” growled the demon.

I did as the demon commanded and he smiled evilly before moving up beside me and draping a leathery wing around my body. He pulled me with him into the room which was mostly bare of ornamentation, unlike the room we had just been in. In the middle of this room’s floor was a silver summoning circle embedded into the ground. Upon one wall was an altar-looking table with a giant book open upon it. Upon another wall was a cabinet that stood about waist high for the demon, however, it had a weird hinged board sticking up from the front of it.

“You will become very familiar with this room as I teach you the powerful magics you crave my little witchy. Today however will be the completion of one of my precious spells of which I have been waiting centuries to complete.”

By this point, I had cried what I thought were all the tears I could, between that and my curiosity as to what the magical book was I had almost gotten control back over my body except for a shivering that just wouldn’t stop. Though I started towards the book the demon his wing still firmly around me lead me to the odd cabinet, the top of it was covered in runes some of which I recognized as being the same as some of those I had tattooed upon my body. The demon turned me around and stood me up against the board so I couldn’t inspect the runes further and smiled patting me on the head drawing a scowl from me at being treated like a pet, though I suppose now I kind of was one in his eyes.

“Stand there my little witchy. Now before you try to run away again I promise that I’ll explain things to you in just a moment, I know a lot of today must be a huge shock to you, then again that was my plan. First though, tlama!”

As he said the last word my hands were bound to the board behind me at waist height. I was starting to recognize that last word as the one he kept using to summon the ethereal chains that emanated from the rune brands around my wrists. He moved to the book and picked it up turning a few pages as he came to stand in front of me. He studied the pages of the book and the tattoos upon my body and smiled reaching out every few moments to trace one or another with his claw-like nails and mutter with what sounded like appreciation.

“I’m impressed, very impressed. For hundreds of years now, that book of mine has been on the mortal planes and until now not a single person has been able to complete the rituals perfectly. You, my dear, must be as smart as you are beautiful. It was foretold many centuries ago that one day I would mate with a human witch of great skill and together we would birth the next ruler of demonkind. Now of course I couldn’t just go out and pick any old person for something so special so I set up a challenge.”

The demon grinned and gave a shove and I found out why the board had hinges on it. I tipped back and the board slammed down onto the top of the cabinet type of thing. About the same time, I realized the swinging tabletop created an altar when down was about the time my head cracked into the wall. The entire world went black for a moment and when my sight came back the demon had already returned the book to its resting place and returned to stand in front of me his clawed hands grasping my ankles. I tried to shake my head but it made me feel like I might pass out again, and so I swiftly stopped moving. The demon lifted my legs and spread them to either side pressing backward towards my head before he once again uttered the odd demonic language he used for his magic.

“Tlama leqaqailaneng!”

As he said those words the mystical chains sprang from my ankles and reached out to corresponding runes on the wall. I cried out with pain as the chains went tight and started to draw my legs back towards the wall and out to the side leaving me spread-eagled in front of the demon. He leered down at me as I continued to scream almost passing out again as the pain in my hips grew. The chains finally stopped pulling at what felt like just a moment before I imagined my legs would have dislocated from my hips. The demon leered down at me and maybe it was just from the concussion I most likely got from slamming into the wall but it seemed like there was an actual fondness for me in his eyes as he reached out a clawed finger to trace over the runes on my stomach.

“I am glad one so lovely as you were able to decipher my book and complete the challenges within. I will be more than happy to have one such as you at my side as my wife once I have taught you your proper place.”

The demon moved closer and I felt his hardness press to the soft folds of my pussy. I gasped as the thick head began to slowly press forward into me. He continued speaking to me softly as he began to enter me.

“The runes you had tattooed upon yourself are perfect, they will help bind your will and body to me as we consummate our relationship now, but more importantly is this.” His claw traced over the central set of runes on my stomach and I shivered as I realized what they were before he even spoke. “These will help us have a child, one that will bring new power to both demons and witches.”

The various henna tattoos upon my pale skin began to glow a soft blue as he pushed a bit farther into me. I began to cry from both his words and the pain that was starting as my body tried to adjust to his massive cock as it began to stretch me wide open. His head tilted to the side as he studied me bringing his forward pushing to a stop but not pulling out of me either. He reached down to softly trail a hand along my cheek.

“Shhhhh my little witchy, you will be very special to me and my kind. You may think me horrid but one day you may come to love me. Though perhaps this demon is blessed to find someone such as you…someone so pure.” He almost purred the last word and I realized he knew I was a virgin.

Without another word, he slammed his hips forward driving his massive cock deep within me and drawing a scream of pain from my lips. He didn’t even pause before pulling almost completely from me and driving deep within again with another hard thrust. For all his kind words about how lucky he was to have me he wasn’t about to treat me gently it seemed. Each thrust within me brought another scream of pain from my lips as he roughly took my virginity and stretched my inner walls further than I would have imagined they could go. The demon started to moan deeply with pleasure as he continued to slam himself into me his clawed hands moving to take liberties with my nude body. Rough caresses slid along my legs and sides, claws bit softly into my flesh bringing small trickles of blood here and there.

After a few minutes of this fierce pounding, I found my body betraying me. The pain, though still fierce seemed to border on the line of pleasure, and my screams began to mix with loud moans that escaped my throat. Each moan brought a smile to the lips of the demon as he continued to pound his hard manhood deep within me. His tail snaked up and around my right leg, the tip of it somehow never getting in the way of his thrusts as it began to tease my ass softly. Suddenly the tip of his tail plunged into my ass bringing a cry of pleasure from me, causing my body to start bucking on the altar. Harsh caresses moved over my breasts and sharp claws somehow gently teased my nipples without harming them bringing them to hard peaks of pleasure. The runes on my body flared into brightness as the demon bent over me, his wings spreading to cover us both in darkness as he brought his lips to my breasts. First one nipple and then the other disappeared between his lips as he nipped and sucked upon them his teeth scraping along the sensitive skin sending shivers of pleasure racing through my body. His lips then moved from my breasts slowly upwards to my throat, kissing and nibbling upon my soft flesh the entire way. Once he got to my throat he bit down hard, his demonic fangs almost piercing my skin. The pain of the bite on such a sensitive area while his hips still pounded against mine brought me screaming to my climax. My body jerked under him with pleasure my inner walls tightening around his huge cock.

My own climax seemed to push him over the edge and into his own. The demon threw his head back and cried out in pleasure, though his cry sounded almost like a bestial growl. I felt his hot seed filling me as he reared back and his hands slid down my body to my hips grabbing them tightly. His claws bit deep into my flesh bringing fresh blood streaks to my hips and eliciting another cry from me though this time from pain. He didn’t care as he pushed himself as deep within me as he could get again and again. Finally, he plunged into me one last time and growled the words that released my ankles. Gratefully I moved my legs wrapping them around his body as he shuddered over me. 

The runes on my stomach flared brightly as their magics took hold at our climaxes increasing my chances of pregnancy. Finally, his body stilled but he did not remove himself from me just yet. Instead, he smiled down on me and his smile seemed almost gentle as he reached a clawed hand to caress my cheek. He then whispered the words that unbound my wrists and he gently moved to pick my body up from the altar and cradled me to himself. He was so very gentle now so unlike how he was as he took me just moments ago. He held me close and with how much pain I was in and how tired I was from the day’s ordeal I never even tried to escape his grasp. Besides now that he wasn’t slamming into me so hard his slowly softening cock felt good still buried within me. In a matter of moments, without my really thinking about it, I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck and laying my head on his shoulder crying softly.

The demon gently carried me from the room and through the room where we had first entered this house. He carried me through a hallway to yet another room that held a giant bed as it’s the centerpiece. Thick red and black drapes surrounded the bed and matching wall coverings kept the room dark. Unlike the other rooms, this one did not seem to smell as much like Sulfur and was also lit by large glowing gems instead of the candles that must have created the scents in the other rooms. Softly he laid me down in the center of the bed only then pulling completely from inside me eliciting a soft gasp and then sigh from my lips. I squirmed a bit on the bed to try and get at least a little more comfortable but my aches and pains were so deep that no real position felt good just then.

“Tlama hae ka bonolo” he whispered and once more the chains bound me this time to the bed. Unlike before however, there was plenty of magical chain for me to move wherever I wished in the room.

The demon climbed into the bed with me and laid beside me pulling me into a soft embrace. once more one wing moved to drape over us almost like a blanket and I found myself being lulled into sleep by the demon’s body heat and the stress of the day finally taking its toll.

“Sleep, my dear Arriana.” My eyes widened for a moment as I heard him speak my name, but as his clawed hand slide soothingly through my hair I realized that his runes upon my body which were slowly starting to fade now that the magic had run through them probably made it where he knew more about me than I probably knew about myself. Though still frightened, I found myself drifting off to sleep in his gentle embrace, his next words barely finding their way to me through the swiftly descending darkness of sleep.

“You shall make a wonderful wife and with my teaching, you will be the most powerful witch ever. For now though, my pet, sleep and let my magic bind us closer. Sleep, my love…”