The Everywhere Series

Synopsis: The Everywhere Series begins in a big city where our main character decides it’s just too loud for him and is annoyed that there are “People People Everywhere” and he decides to move. In the Next Book he finds himself at a nice quiet lake house with no neighbors, but a horde of “Froggies Froggies Everywhere”. To Escape the Frogs he moves to a jungle where he encounters “Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere”. At wits end he decides to create a time machine and go back to the days of King Arthur just to be plagued by “Dragons Dragons Everywhere”. He then escapes back to the present and takes his family to live with his Aunt who he finds out has become a crazy cat lady in “Kitties Kitties Everywhere” In a last ditch effort to escape the noise, our main character creates a rocket from his time machine and flies to the moon in the series finale “Aliens Aliens Everywhere”

(Currently we only have Text only versions as the Artwork is currently being created for these books, Once they are done we will upload those as well. All Proceeds will go towards getting print versions created and ordered. These are Rhyming Kids Books for ages 1 through 9)

Where to get them?

Text Only

People People Everywhere $0.99-

Froggies Froggies Everywhere $0.99-

Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere $0.99-

Dragons Dragons Everywhere $0.99-

Kitties Kitties Everywhere $0.99-

Aliens Aliens Everywhere $0.99- Coming Soon!

Fully Illustrated Ebook- Coming Soon!

Fully Illustrated Print Book- Coming Soon!

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  1. This is great! It looks like you have plenty of titles to choose from and that is a good thing. I hope the income from this venture can really help with your health care costs. Good luck!

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