The Disappearing Quarter

The Disappearing Quarter trick is such a fun trick to perform and has absolutely NO setup that could give the trick away! I learned this trick in High School from one of my best friends and have enjoyed showing it to my friends ever since. One of the great parts is that if your audience is not the most observant you could even demonstrate with 4 different coins and sometimes not have the person catch on (Yes I have actually had this happen). All you need for this trick are 4 matching coins and the ability to talk with your hands.



4 thoughts on “The Disappearing Quarter

  1. That was neat. I have always been mesmerized by magicians and their tricks, like everyone is. Most of the magicians, for obvious reasons, don’t share their tricks with the outside world and like to keep those to their chests. Now, here’s a guy who has got absolutely no issues sharing his tricks with everyone else. Really admirable. Coming back to this Disappearing Quarter trick, I’m sure I would be able to pull it off with my family and friends someday. Fingers crossed!

    1. Well most magicians do their tricks to make money. For me however learning magic was one way to stop bullying in school. If you amaze someone with a cool magic trick they are less likely to tease you later on because they remember that you made them laugh/be amazed whatever. So for me it is only natural to share what I have learned simple as they may be so that someone else can benefit by making either friends or enemies laugh and smile and bring a little light into someones day!

  2. In my opinion it is absolutely wonderful that you chose to do this because you want to learn others how to do some basic magic tricks, not for the money or fame.. You simply want to share you knowledge with others and this is just beautiful !!

  3. I actually like watching magic tricks and will honestly admit when I was younger I used to believe it was real and all that. Especially that levitating thing by David Blaine (if I’m not mistaken). I actually wished that I knew some tricks, even those simple ones but I guess the real trick in any magic trick is how you’re able to make a good illusion or distraction to make the trick work. Cool of you to get into it in your high school years!

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