The 10 Best Wrestling Entrances

With Wrestlemania XXX coming up in just 24 hours from when I write this I find myself thinking of the days gone by in wrestling. As I get ready to watch the Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight and then 6 hours of wrestling tomorrow on the new WWE Network I can’t help but think of some of my favorite things that I have ever seen in wrestling over the years. From entrances to finishing moves there have been so many things that have been so very awesome in the WWE and wrestling in general. In this post I’ll be highlighting my 10 favorite entrances from Wrestling over the years. Most of these will most likely be WWE but there may be a few from other companies as well. So let the Countdown begin!


The Usos are the first team on our list of great entrances. For a while I had watched a show called “Deadliest Warrior” and thought it was really cool how some of the tribes they talked about had these chants they used to psyche themselves up before battle. So when I started to watch the WWE again after a few years off I thought it was pretty awesome to see a tag team of Samoan’s who used this same type of chant in their entrance. Due to their use and knowledge of their ancestral background I give some major props to the Usos.


Coming in at number 9 in our countdown are the current NXT Tag Team Champions the Ascension. I am very impressed with these guys. Connor O’Brian just has this huge presence about him and to me he seems like a throwback to the original Highlander movie, kinda like he could have been Kurgan’s cousin or something. Then you have Rick Victor who could work as a vampire in one of the Blade movies.


Number 8 has us moving to the TNA promotion and while many of their entrances seemed to be just normal old entrances there was one that I always enjoyed when I used to watch the program and that was the Entrance for Curry Man. For some reason this masked wrestler just seemed to make everyone happy. There’s nothing too special about his entrance but it always left me with a good feeling after watching it. Perhaps it will do the same for you!


Goldust is undoubtedly one of the oddest characters to ever find his way into the WWE and certainly one of the oddest on our list (tied with Curry Man I would say). Goldust filmed his way into the 7th slot on our countdown due to the great entrances he has. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy of one of his best entrances but I did find one of the classic ones which is still interesting to say the least. From the Ric Flair like robes to the gold lighting and confetti and the film like entrance I have always loved this entrance. I have also always loved his character no matter how silly they tried to make him he always rose to the top in my mind to keep us guessing and to keep us laughing.


Leaping into the sixth spot is Rey Mysterio. He is such an exciting wrestler in the ring with his high flying and it always starts with his entrances. The crowd always pops whenever they hear the Booyaka song start and then some of my favorite entrances of Rey’s were when he was literally propelled into the air amid fireworks. I have also always loved how much Rey cares for his fans stopping to touch heads with the kids and say a few words to them as he makes his way to the ring and to sometimes even give a mask to a very lucky kid.


Triple H smashes his way into 5th place with his colorful entrance. Triple H has some kick ass theme music that is sure to get the blood pumping but combine that with the flashing green and purple lighting and you can’t help but get a chill as you watch him walk confidently down to the ring. One of the things I always wondered was how he got the spray of water down so well when he leans back and spits the water into the air. He seems to be able to mist it perfectly every time and then when they zoom in on his face afterward the remaining water gets blown off his beard as a mist that makes him look like an angry dragon. Certainly one of my all time favorite entrances.


Kane bursts into the list at number 4 with hellfire and explosions. As Taker’s little brother Kane was always one of my favorite characters since I have always had a soft spot for the horror and supernatural types of characters in the WWE. From the flames on the ramp to the four pillars of fire erupting out of the ring posts, Kane’s is one of the hellish entrances that you cannot help but take note of.


DX was so cool in so many ways. From fighting against authority to their music that gets the blood going they would bring everyone in an arena to their feet. One of the things I thought was so awesome for the DX entrance was that they used their video in the televised entrance in a way that was so different that it has stuck with me even now. Sometimes during their entrance you weren’t sure whether you were seeing them coming to the ring or clips from their entrance video. It was always so interesting that as the camera panned over the crowd you would see the DX logo on them even though it was a live shot. So if you’re not down with DX being number 3 in our countdown we got two words for ya…

Special second entrance vid just because it was so awesome with a tank!


The Undertaker has got to be one of the most chilling figures in the WWE. With a Wrestlemania Streak of 21-0 on the line against Brock Lesnar tomorrow night I still have to say that Takers entrance always gives me the chills. Undertaker has dug himself firmly into second place on this list though he is scant inches away from first so as to almost be tied with the first. No matter whether he is the Deadman or the American Badass the Undertaker is always an awesome presence. As the Deadman chills go down your spine when those lights go out and the bell begins to toll. From flames shooting up form the stage, to fog suddenly rolling down the ramp the sensation of watching this entrance is intense even through the TV. With or without his cloaked druids there is a presence about the Undertaker that no one else can compare to. Even when he was the American Badass riding a Harley into the arena to the song Rollin by Limp Bizkit you knew without a doubt someone was going to get their asses handed to them.

American Badass Version


It saddens me that not too many people seem to remember who the Brood were. Everyone knows who Edge and Christian were and everyone knows they were a great Tag Team before they went and became great singles competitors, but it seems their first days as the Brood have mostly been forgotten. To me the Brood had the BEST entrance ever. From the spooky music to rising from the floor in a ring of fire I loved every second of it. Gangrel drinking the “blood” since he was a vampire and Edge and Christian with their “gothic” lifestyle. I look back on those old RAW’s and can’t help but laugh as you hear Jim Ross and the other commentators try hard to never say the word Vampire but instead say “Gothic Lifestyle”. The darkness and the supernatural feel to the Brood always drew me to them just as it drew me to Undertaker and Kane. I thought the “Blood bath” angle was funny just like Papa Shango and setting his opponents feet on fire. However I will always remember the Brood for their entrance the most and for being the stepping stone for introducing us o the great superstars Edge and Christian.


Bonus: Brothers of Destruction- Taker and Kane united ’nuff said!


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  1. Wow man what a list. Some of my most favorite WWE entrances there. Seen most of them except that DX one on tank. Holy crap how did I miss that? That was so bloody cool. Besides all these, some other favorites of mine would be of, Goldberg (that beastly attitude and those pyrotechnics), Triple-H, and of course Stone Cold. But my favorite has to be, among all eras and players, would be of Undertaker, both the complete blackout ones (yeah the chilling ones) and those badass motorbike ones. What a legend!!!

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