Team Afa vs Team Sugaa

(sorry for how late this is, pictures will be on in the next few days)

When the DWP had last checked in with the WXW we had been given an awesome present of being named the WXW #1 fans. It was truly a humbling and awesome experience….that was then shadowed by Sugaa taking over the WXW and laying Afa the Wild Samoan out with a slap to the face. We couldn’t wait to go to the next show and see what happens when of course the bugs going around laid us low and we couldn’t make it to the October show. So of course, when we heard November was Team Afa vs Team Sugaa with a HUGE match where both Afa and Sugaa will be handcuffed to the ring and winner gets to have their way with the loser…well nothing was going to make us miss the november show!


The show started and we saw Sugaa come out. Initially, when his music hit there were cheers as the audience is so used to Sugaa being a face but upon his coming out of the back the crowd changed the cheers to jeers and boos. Sugaa got in the ring and called ERA and his new wife, Amy, who you may have seen doing interviews for WXW out to the ringside. Sugaa congratulated them on their wedding and then said that in this family it was going to be Amy that would be making the money and so she had best start now. Sugaa then went and sent Amy to work the main fixed camera for the rest of the night. ERA tried to go after Sugaa, but Amy held him back. She then went to the stage with the camera and had some of the staffers help her up.


The first match saw Jorel Ganzy come out to the ring he was all set to go up against Ace Radic for his Cruiserweight Title. Ace came out and the MC began to announce the match when all of a sudden the music for Sugaa hit and he came back out to another roar of boos! Sugaa and Ace had been at odds before when Sugaa had turned on Ricky Santana so it was no surprise to us when Sugaa decided to take some of his wrath out on Ace tonight by announcing that instead of going after Jorel’s Title Ace would have to try and survive against Deathrow Jethrow! Ace started off fast and hard hitting Deathrow and getting out of the way using his speed to his advantage. Ace made his first and only mistake when he tried to fly off the ropes at Deathrow. Deathrow was able to easily snatch him out of the air and slam him to the mat and once he was down there was nothing he could do to stop the savage beating that Deathrow laid out upon him. The crowd yelled in anger at Deathrow but he showed no mercy. Some in the crowd even turned so they wouldn’t have to see the beating and I have to admit I myself almost did as well. Suddenly Garriston Spears came running to the ring to attack the back of Deathrow. Deathrow paused from beating the hell out of Ace to lay out garriston and then stacked Garriston on top of Ace in the corner and climbed the turnbuckles to drop his elbow on them both in a vicious attack. Eventually two refs came in to try and break up the attack. The evil Bryan Richards came in to re-handcuff and muzzle Deathrow.


As Richards dragged Deathrow away Sugaa came back out to yell at the Refs and told them if they wanted to get in his way so much then he was going to put them in a match as wrestlers. So the next match that was supposed to be a Triple Threat Tag Team match was now made into a Fatal Four way with Ref Prince teaming with Ref Tyler taking on the teams of Elite Fury, Danger Zone and the Brothers Lockhart. As if things weren’t being shaken up enough Sugaa came back out once everyone was in the ring. He asked Nate Fury if his mother was there to watch him work tonight and his mother stood and gave Nate a cheer that the fans echoed. Sugaa got a nasty smile on his face and told Nate that he was no longer wrestling that night and was instead banished to floor camera duty on the far side of the ring near where my wife and I usually sit. Nate got his camera and went over near the corner of the Brothers Lockhart who would begin to harass Nate. Devin wasn’t left without a partner for long as Sugaa asked if anyone wanted to take Nates place and Gold Standard Kelly Iverson came out swiftly to volunteer. When asked if he was part of Team Afa he said yes and Sugaa glared at him till he shook his head and said no he was team Sugaa at which point Sugaa said he could wrestle. The match started with Elite Fury squaring off against Danger Zone. The Lockharts seemed more like they were trying to get Nate’s attention and show off for the camera the whole time than be serious about the match. Eventually they were tagged in by Danger Zone however and this proved to be the Lockharts downfall. They ended up getting tossed from the ring with Nate catching the whole thing on film and so pissed off the Lockharts left the ring and the match went back to being a Triple Threat. Soon Elite Fury was out of the ring and the Refs were in against Danger Zone, the Refs were tricky though as Danger Zone closed in Prince motioned to his shirt which stopped his opponent short since Wrestlers know hitting a ref can normally get them DQ’ed from a match. This gave Prince the time to kick the member of Danger Zone and tag in Tyler. The two of them doubled teamed Danger Zone and quickly ended up winning the match to which the crowd gave thunderous applause! Of course, Sugaa has to come out and ruin the celebration telling them to get back to the back and back to work instead of just playing around at being wrestlers.


Next we saw Jaxen Blade vs the Television Champion the British Wolf. British Wolf is getting quite the following in the WXW and I am glad of it, this is a cool guy with some good moves and a good look. It’s also fun hearing the fans literally howling for him. Frankie Burbank ended up joining commentary for the match as he is still hung up on the TV title being his. The thing I think is great is he has the typical heel irony going on. In his videos he says he wants his championship back because the British Wolf blew smoke in his face to cheat…yet how many times did Burbank and Rubright cheat to keep the title when Big O was after it? I remember a case of a crooked ref and some brass knucks and Rubright pulling on legs just to name off the top of my head a few times he had cheated. Anyway back to the match at hand! For the most part the British Wolf seemed to have the match well in hand but Jaxen is no slacker himself and so he put up enough of a fight that Wolf was not able to pin him in the amount of time for the match. The match was called a No Contest due to time limit with Wolf retaining. The crowd went nuts though chanting for 5 more minutes and the Ref allowed it restarting the match. This was more than Burbank could watch though and he charged the ring attacking British Wolf as Jaxen just stood back and watched. Once more the match is stopped this time for a DQ on Jaxen for the interference by Burbank so the winner and still TV champ was British Wolf!


Next was a match that I think a lot of people were waiting for the Hardcore match of Wildman Rojas against old WXW Hardcore legend Dalton Kelley. The last time WXW had seen him he had been undefeated when it came to the Hardcore Championship so it seemed as though Sugaa had called in a ringer for this match as he has tried to do in the past. The fight as anyone could have predicted was quite violent with several weapons employed one of which was a barbed wire covered chair. When all was said and done though Wildman held onto his title and as he celebrated for the camera Dalton came up from behind. Everyone thought he was going to hit Wildman with a chair but instead he set it down and offered his hand to Rojas who shook it with respect.


We then make our way to intermission. During this intermission, I got to get a selfie with the British Wolf which was pretty cool!


After the intermission, we got to see the group Bad Intentions with Marc Mandrake the Suicide Messiah defending the tag team titles against the New Breed. While Bad Intentions do a good job at decimating opponents I have to say in this match for a good while the New Breed were certainly holding their own and there were a few times it seemed they may even be pulling ahead. However, that’s where Marc Mandrake came in for Bad Intentions. Being a good manager he saw times where he could interfere without the Ref seeing him. Though towards the end of the match he made his interference so blatant the Ref had to call a DQ on Bad Intentions and while New Breed technically wins a belt does not transfer on a DQ and so Bad Intentions are still the WXW champs for tag teams.


Next up we saw Sean Maluta against the Beast or as he is now called Victor Barka. A while back a psychologist came down from NY to supposedly help Beast and since then he has become more refined and has “discovered” his real name which had been buried in his psych. The problem is this Psychologist seems to be helping Victor for his own reasons and is most likely the reason Beast joined Team Sugaa. Now Beast and Maluta have had their fair share of matches before and it looked like this one may have gone the same way as some of those in the past. Beast has the strength to overwhelm at first but Maluta has the quickness and the educated feet to do enough damage that when he flies he takes home the win (Maluta can kick heads off – Don’t believe me? Then watch the first round CrusierWeight Classic against Kota Ibushi…I’m still surprised he didn’t win that match after kicking Ibushi’s head almost clear off his shoulders!) This match got started pretty swiftly and was going the way a lot of their other ones had started and as such promised to be a great match (even though Beast is almost unrecognizable as Beast now without the war paint and attire). However, not too long into the match D Ramos another one that has fallen from grace into Sugaa’s camp came running out to attack Maluta causing the DQ.


Next was the main event which saw Team Afa vs Team Sugaa. First into the ring was Team Sugaa which consisted of Deathrow Jethrow, Big O, Jorel Ganzy and D Ramos. They were taken to the far side of the ring from the entrance and Sugaa was attached to his corners pole with handcuffs. Team Afa came out and to the surprise of all it was one less than Team Sugaa and consisted of ERA, Commissioner Ricky Santana and L.A. Smooth who is part of the Samoan Dynasty and son of Afa the Wild Samoan. Afa was then handcuffed to his side of the ring as well. Though being a member less the team for Afa showed their strength continually coming up better in team vs team free for alls which would break out at times. Eventually, team Sugaa got ERA secluded and they did their damnedest to take him out but he was not going to go down without a fight. At one part Sugaa escaped his cuffs…some said that someone threw him the keys but the way it looked from our view was that when his entire team got forced back from the corner a few of them bumped into him on their way down…we think the cuffs were not tight enough and thus his hand painfully slid from the cuff…he was certainly holding his hand in pain enough as he tried to sneak away. He was seen however and the refs took him back to the corner to re-attach him. After some great action on both sides and a heroic job at staying in the match by ERA the team that stood by Afa took the win and Sugaa once unchained tried to duck the punishment and ran towards the back as everyone else celebrated. However, Sugaa didn’t think about the fact that not all of Team Afa was in the ring…in fact many were backstage and they made sure that Sugaa didn’t go far before herding him back to the ring for Afa to take care of. Afa got hold of him and delivered his own slap to Sugaa which sent him reeling into the ropes to bounce back just for Afa to headbut him. Sugaa then fell from the ring just to have Afa’s wife Lynn also rush up and slap the taste out of Sugaa’s mouth. Sugaa retreated but soon came back with a microphone to disrupt the party. He said that he wanted Afa one vs one on the next show date which as I write this is tomorrow (today by the time this gets posted…sorry for the lateness).


Ricky Santana got on his own mic and asked if Sugaa was sure that he wanted Afa and Sugaa said yes! Ricky then said that if he got Afa then this whole thing would have to come to an end and that if Afa wins then the WXW comes back to the Samoan Dynasty and the members of Afa’s WXW to control. Sugaa said yes again and Afa also said he would take on Sugaa. So today we prepare to see what is being called the End of an Era. Will the crapfest that has been 2016 in most ways end on the stale note of Splendaa the Pretendaa keeping WXW as his own, or will 2016 go out finally on a bit of a sweeter note as Afa takes his company back by force and saves us all from the darkside that Sugaa promises?  Time will soon tell all!

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