Tag Team Mashup: The Showoffs

It’s once again time for us to take a look at the world of the WWE and see what we can do to help spruce up a flagging and failing Tag Team Division. The tag division right now, if you have been following my blogs, have been very pathetic with only one or two dominant teams out of a grand total of about 6 or 7 total teams on the roster. So I think the Tag Divisions roster needs to be beefed up a little bit, and I am throwing together some fantasy Tag Teams that I personally would love to see. Some of these are because I think the people are better tag competitors than singles, some are being made as ways to introduce the new NXT’ers into the WWE with a partner that suits them, and some are just going to be for fun really! This next team-up is both the fun factor and bringing in an NXT’er to the main brand. This team is guaranteed to steal the show each and every night that they perform!

Team Name: The Showoffs
Team Members: Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn



The first member of the team is really the team’s namesake Dolph Ziggler. As much as the DolphZiggler2_crop_northWWE tends to keep him away from the various titles he deserves, I personally think Dolph is one of their hottest commodities right now. This is the one remaining guy from the failed Spirit Squad the only one in my opinion who was impressive enough to stick around. Dolph steals the show every time he steps in the ring and shows us each and every time just how impressive he truly is. Dolp has shown that he is a great singles competitor, but I also think he works very well with others and would be a great mentor for someone just coming up to the main roster. Which leads me to our next member of the team!


Sami Zayn may not be a showoff like Dolph Ziggler is, but Sami is in some ways the King sami-zayn-vs-corey-graves-nxt-ma-620x350Midas of the NXT world in that every match he is in turns into an instant classic. This is the kid who has at least 1 if not 2 matches of the year in NXT and that’s just within 2 or 3 years’ time! Sami is an exciting guy to watch in the ring, and while he doesn’t go in there to ‘Show Off’ he manages to do it anyway always giving it his all and giving us great matches to watch. I truly think that Sami’s style and attitude would play perfectly with Dolph and make them contenders for the Tag Belts in a very short time.


Do you think this would be a good tag combination or not? Comment below with what you think of them or what you think may be a good tag team to create! If I like your suggestions, you just might see them appear in this blog, so make your voices heard and sound off below!


Photo’s Courtesy of:

Sami Zayn- finnation.com

Dolph Ziggler- BleacherReport.com

2 thoughts on “Tag Team Mashup: The Showoffs

  1. I am great fan of Ziggler, he is a great combo of style and strength which most of fighters failed to have. I would love to see “The Showoffs” on screen. I did not saw much fights of Sami Zayn but this guy have perfect attitude and potential to become WWE superstar.

  2. Two of my favorites! I love to watch wrestling, it is the one thing that entertains me no matter what mood I am in.

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