Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

Wow such an event coming up in the next day! Or is it? In some ways I can’t wait to watch this tomorrow and in other ways if what I think is going to happen happens then I wish the WWE would just stop insulting our intelligence.  I will place my predictions down for tomorrows Survivor Series but truthfully there are really only two big matches that being Team Cena vs Team Authority and the Diva’s title match that keep being hyped and personally I think the WWE has shown their hand on this one.  Lets see if you agree!

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt- I’m going to go with Ambrose here simply because of how much the WWE has been trying to put him over. I can see an ongoing feud with Wyatt even without Wyatt winning so no problems on that front. However I think if they make Ambrose lose to get the feud going, well I think that may put a major damper on all the momentum they have been giving him since he came back….so in my mind WINNER AMBROSE!

Diva’s Traditional Survivor Series Match- Honestly other than the fact that a lot of hot girls will be rolling around in skimpy outfits who really cares about the Diva’s in this match or any others now a days. For the most part the Divas Division has become a bit of a joke with a lot of good players like Natty and Naomi being relegated to minor roles and being female jobbers. The only real competition you see right now is AJ Lee and Paige.  Due to that I am going to say Team Paige wins with Paige being the last Diva standing on her own. I mean this match is so under hyped I never even knew about it until I looked up the complete match listings. So WINNER TEAM PAIGE

8 Person 4 Way Tag Team Title Match- wow ummm I truly am not sure about this one.  I think Miz and Sandow are out of the running simply because as funny as the Mizdow impressions are they make it hard for the team to function right. As much as I love Los Matadores I am thinking this match will eventually come down to the Dust Brothers and the Usos.  Between the two I’m really not sure who will win but because I like them so much I am going to say WINNER USOS and a good long feud with the dusts to come.

Divas Title Match Nikki Bella vs A.J. Lee- And here is one of the places where I think the WWE is starting to insult us.  We have one of the stars of Total Divas against someone who is not in the “reality” show.  So why does this matter? Because there have been tons of times when the girls of Total Divas give interviews they tell the media “we can’t win the title” “Vince won’t let us have the title” Why? Simple the show airs months after what actually happens so if one of them wins the title and prances around with it on Total Divas and someone sees that in the show then they don’t want that same person to get confused watching Raw and Smackdown in case she has lost it since that taping. So if these claims are true then unless Nikki is planning on leaving the other show WINNER A.J. LEE cause they have no other choice.

Team Authority vs Team Cena

Stipulation if Team Cena wins then the Authority are no longer in charge and if Team Cena looses then everyone on the team except for John Cena is fired.

Once again in this case I think the WWE is not quite thinking things through. On the one hand you have the possible loss of Triple H and Stephanie having “power” So no big deal…they re-institute the old GM type thing for each show or bring in a commissioner or something and the world keeps turning not a huge thing and Triple H and Steph get a much needed break to oh I don’t know actually run the company. Or Big Show is fired (hmmm what about his Iron Clad Contract eh?) and Ryback is fired (except he just came back and is getting a push as a face again even if he does still have an attitude), Dolph Ziggler is fired (hmmm that would kill a possible SL of him trying to get the IC title back), and Erick Rowan would be fired (but he was already released once by Bray do we really want to release him twice?). So especially thanks to the stipulation on the firing I have to say they are being too obvious about this WINNER TEAM CENA possibly with the help of Orton in some way.

Do you agree with what we think here at DWP? If not let us know what your opinion is we would love to hear what you think and why!