Sugar Scrub Soap

About Our Soap:

This lovely soap can be made from either our Plain Soap base or our Super Creamy Soap base. We then add a generous amount of Sugar to help create a more bubbly lather and a light exfoliant.

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Customer Reviews:

Jordan R says: ideal face and beauty bar! The sugar is indeed a pleasant exfoliant with the perfect amount of sugar crystals. I really liked the suds/bubble action. It was also more moisturizing than other handmade soaps I’ve had- I didn’t need to use facial moisturizer afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Scrub Soap

  1. Wow that’s great. The scrub is available in soap now? It’s really nice.
    I have been using scrub separately for my face but that was not so effective. I believe it will be more beneficial as I will be using scrub every time I wash my face. It must give me a fresh look.

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