Starting the Reign of Reigns

A few months back, Brock Lesnar famously (or infamously, depending upon your point of view) ended the undefeated Wrestlemania streak of the legendary Undertaker.  Naturally, wrestling fans lost their minds.  Even people here at DWP spent weeks trying to find a reason, trying to see if maybe it had been a mistake, that the original plan was changed.

What if the plan all along was to use Brock Lesnar to give Roman Reigns that final boost to superstardom?

Consider this: they’ve been pushing Reigns for months now.  It’s clear that he’s intended to be the next big superstar, and so far—at least in my humble opinion—he’s stepped up and done a great job.  So, when is the perfect time to crown the next big star?  Why, Wrestlemania, of course!

So who do you have Reigns beat to vault to the upper echelon?  Do you have him take down John Cena?  Randy Orton?  Daniel Bryan?  (Assuming he comes back from his injuries.  Get well, Daniel!)  In my opinion, those guys are so over-exposed now that it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Orton or Bryan losing by pinfall happens; if not on a regular basis, then often enough for it not to be shocking.  Cena doesn’t lose by clean pinfall very often, so he’d be the best choice of that bunch.  Brock Lesnar, however, would be much, much better.  Here’s all they have to do.

First, Lesnar beats Cena at Summerslam.  If you really want to do it right, have Cena tap out.  Has Cena ever tapped out in his career?  I don’t recall ever seeing it.  If Lesnar make him tap, that makes Lesnar seem that much more dominant.  He cleanly pins the Undertaker at Wrestlemani, and then becomes the first (?) person to ever make John Cena give up?  That would truly make him the “Beast Incarnate”.  (I do think that Lesnar beats Cena, but I don’t know if they’d let Cena tap out.  Still, for my argument, we’ll go with the submission victory.)

Next, Lesnar destroys every single opponent en route to a title reign of around 7 months.  Nowadays, with the exception of CM Punk, that kind of reign is unheard of.  That would continue to build Lesnar up as an absolutely unstoppable force.

Meanwhile, you keep building up Roman Reigns, much as they did Daniel Bryan last year.  Have him win the Rumble, or perhaps be cheated out of it only to win the title shot by defeating the winner in a math.  Roman needs to be just as dominant as Lesnar.

Now, at Wrestlemania, you can have “irresistible force vs immovable object”.  A physical battle would ensue, preferably one that sees Reigns power out of F5 pin attempts and break the kimura lock, only to finish off Lesnar with a dominant spear.

1-2-3…voila!  Your year-long plan has come to fruition.  The man who broke the streak, who was once known as “the Next Big Thing” has passed the torch to this generation’s “Next Big Thing”.  It would make Reigns absolutely huge.


So, maybe, just maybe, that was the plan all along.

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