Some more good news and surgery

So I am here today to give a quick little update before I have my surgery to remove the cancer and the kidney that it’s in.

On October 2nd I went to do my pre-op testing and talks. This included yet another blood test, yet another CT scan, a talk with the urologist who is doing my surgery and some paperwork and then some paperwork and such with the anesthesiologist who will be putting me under for the operation. The CT scan went without a hitch, even though I had little sleep the night before and was feeling a bit queasy the woman putting in the IV stuck me without my even feeling it and only needed to do it once which was a very refreshing change of pace since last time it took 3 times. I had a 9 o’clock scan and was out by 9:05 so things went really quick and easy even though it felt like it took a long time.

Our next stop was the Urologist and we got to speak to him about the new CT scan and what was going to be happening during the surgery. The doctor was very happy with what he saw on the scans and said things were going to be easier on him now with the surgery with what he was seeing. He said that previous scans showed the kidney/mass right against the bowel and that he was going to have a normal surgeon there to help him separate and hold the bowel away from the kidney. He said that with the new shrinkage he was seeing in this one which was about another CM since the last one that things were pulling away form the bowel which would make things easier on him though he said he would keep the other surgeon in there to help if needed. He also explained the cut he would be doing on me as we had heard that many people end up having tips of ribs taken off and such during the operation. He told us that if he was going in through the side to do a partial nephrectomy then it would be possible that he would have to take some of a rib out to do it. He said however that the cut he was doing is in the front and called a chevron and it is a completely different type of cut that would allow him better views of everything and so he shouldn’t have to do anything to the ribs. The only thing that sucks with this is that I am going to have a HUGE scar from this surgery from the middle of my stomach up under the rib and then to the side. It’s not going to be pretty and it’s going to hurt like hell but it’s better than the alternative! Another thing that made him happy was that the images of the mass seemed more porous which he said means the mass is becoming necrotic (aka Dead). He showed us the old images that showed a very solid mass and then the new one that looked a lot like swiss cheese. He said this was a very good thing. He said I was reacting a lot better to the votrient than many people do. It was very nice to see my doctor happy about this it made us feel much better.

We next went to the people who will make me sleep and hopefully make me a bit more pain free than if we didn’t have them. This was mostly an interview thing and a signing of more papers. Not much was actually talked about except that I will most likely have an epidural put in to help with the initial pain during and right after surgery.

My surgery itself is scheduled for October 14th. So in just a week I will be going dark on here for at least a few days to a week or so depending on how I end up feeling. I know this won’t be a cakewalk of a surgery and I know it’s going to take me a bit to recoup from it. I also don’t know what the pain meds are going to do to me since most meds for pain come with a “may cause drowsiness” warning which to me usually means one pill will put me out for 12 hours or so.

I hope things will work out where I’ll be able to get back to all of you fairly quickly, but if not know I will be thinking of all of you and wishing you well while I rest. Also know that at some point I’ll be sure to post a post-op blog to let you all know how I feel…even if it’s just a post of “owie” I’ll try to let you all know if I’m good.

Keep strong everyone and remember no matter what you may be going through:


3 thoughts on “Some more good news and surgery

  1. Kevin,
    Just wanted to say good luck on your surgery tomorrow. You will be in our prayers. Such good news to hear about the mass now being a Swiss cheese mass. My husband’s on Votrient also and it’s encouraging to hear how well it has been working for you. Be strong and keep up the fight! God bless you.

  2. Having just read through how your surgery went, it is good to know the process that you went through to get to that point. You are putting up a great fight and are writing at the same time. Great work!

  3. i hope to your surgery doing well, success and you feel good now and i want give you a big thanks for this information it’s very helpful and give us a really good experience thanks .

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