Below is a current screen shot of the soaps we have in stock that we can sell. If interested please refer to the soap pricing and ordering page link here to find pricing info and how to order~~~~>Pricing & Ordering


2 thoughts on “Soaps in Stock as of 2/26/2014

  1. I’ve been meaning to have a look at the selection of soaps you guys sell, and this list intrigues me. I like the sound of some of these, such as the Easter Island head. I’d also make a comment about the soap base but I honestly don’t know enough about them to have an opinion haha.

    1. Many of our original geek soaps were made with an premade soap base known as Melt and Pour. It can be found in several different types and has a bit less additives than what you find in store which is good.

      We have since expanded to home made soap bases that are all natural and do more bar soaps than anything now. We still work with the geek soaps but they are more of a thing we take to conventions to try and sell rather than online now.

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