Soap making/ordering 101- Coloration

I would like to take a moment to discuss our option for a successful fulfilling of your Custom Soap Order (Coming Soon) from DraxisSoaps. In this part of our blog we will be discussing coloring of your soaps and what the various soap bases we use can do to affect it. Basically put the bases will go a long way in determining how a color will turn out for your soap, while I will be making a video of this soon with our official spokes dragon Z’ress, I would like to mention things simply now. (Once the video is done it will be uploaded to our misc youtube site and posted here.) The long and the short of things is simply that of the soap bases we use are either a clear or nearly clear (Honey has a slight tan color, Olive Oil is a milky white but mostly clear and suspending looks to be tan as well) or the soap base is Solid white (Goats milk and Shea butter fall in this category). I know you’re probably saying so what clear vs white whats the big deal, I know I thought the same thing myself when I first started practicing with the soaps and I quickly found out! For anyone out there that has had any even passing association with painting will get this reference and hopefully others will as well. If you take a colored paint and add clear to it what happens to the paint? Nothing right? OK so now take that same colored paint and add some white paint to it! What happens is this new softer pastel version of your original paint is now created! This is the same thing that happens to the soaps if you use the clear soaps I can get a nice dark color on something, for example the Tardis WILL be Tardis Blue or at least very close to it. However if you use the Goats Milk or Shea Butter soaps your Dark Blue Tardis will now be more of a Sky Blue instead. So remember before you order something from us if it’s a custom order please think about the color you wish it to be and consider if it can be done in the Soap base you want or perhaps if you don’t mind a softer shade of the color you are looking for then it won’t really matter. Anyway check out the video below (Coming Soon) to see in action what I’m talking about.

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  1. Some really nice information about soaps there. Didn’t had any idea whatsoever as to how different colors react to different soap bases differently in the making of soaps. Had to read some 2-3 times in order for it to fully sink in, but I finally got the hang of it. It will guide me immensely in my future purchases of customized soaps from DraxisSoaps.

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