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This was just some random thoughts I had on the state of the WWE about a year ago that I posted as a note on Facebook. I’m putting it here now as a sneak peek at some of the things I will be talking about in future posts because quite frankly a lot of them are still valid. So have fun and feel free to let us know what you think.

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Some random thoughts about the current state of wrestling

August 26, 2013 at 12:00pm

1) The thought that adversity creates good programming- In some ways I do agree with this…you do need the heels to bring out the good guys in the shows…HOWEVER Sarah and I have been noticing a somewhat disturbing trend in the WWE lately. TOO MANY HEELS!!!! Where are the face characters? I mean you have Daniel Bryan, Cena, Mysterio, Kofi Kingston,Y2J, Sin Cara as the main Faces oh and now RVD since he’s back. When they had the Money In The Bank PPV we noticed that on the smackdown side of things we could have cared less who won because that match was FILLED with heels.  We wanted to see everyone lose that match. It is starting to be foolish when around 60-70% of your roster are baddies…it needs to be a bit more balanced.  We are finding lately that we are cheering for people we hate simply because we hate other characters more than we now hate them. Less hatred does not a face make.


2) Lack of good Tag Teams- Ever since I started watching wrestling one of the things I always LOVED were the tag teams. Now a days it seems that the WWE just ignores the tag teams but I think the tag teams are where a lot of people can find their fame and truely break into the buisness on their own. Look at the history of tag teams some of the best 1-on-1 competitors came from tag teams. Brett Hart was part of a tag team, Shawn Michaels was part of a tag team, Edge and Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy. Some of these people would not have been as well liked without their time in tag teams. Now a days it seems that the Tag Team division is only there because well it always has been. I mean we had Team Hell No which was a great team until as usual with WWE they broke it up. Primetime Players is alright, Rhodes Scholars was ok and once again they broke it up, Tons of Funk is fun to watch but not used as much as they could or should be, The Shield are great tag teams BUT they are also being heavilly pushed in a way that has made them unbelievable to me, The Wayatts seem cool so far and the poor Uso’s are certainly not being used anywhere near what they could be. We need some good tag team divisions again. Big Show and Mark Henry look like they will be an awesome team but honestly how long will they let them stay together?


3) Lack of good commentary- Over the years Michael Cole has gotten better  now that he is not the stero-typical lets root for the baddie and be Mr McMahon’s Yes Man and such.  Years ago when Jerry Lawler did that I couldn’t stand his commentary…now that he has the run of the mike I like him. Now however you have JBL….this guy says the same damn thing over and over and over I mean my god every week when Del Rio came out in the car he had to make the snide comment about the other announcer having to call 911 to get a tire fixed, whenever there seems to be a brawl it becomes “we fight on friday night, thats what we do!”, if someone is against the big show and tricks him or something “Oh you better not poke the bear.” I mean hell half the times I can say his lines the second before he says them because he is that damned predictable…and he is playing that damned heel announcer part. Oh if something bad happens to a face character then he deserved it…but if something bad happens to a heel then that was out of line. When it comes to comentary I want REAL comentary not some BS scripted or whispered in the ear “hey I wnat you to have this opinion” crap.  I say get rid of JBL and bring William Regal back up to the big game because I love his commentary on NXT.


4)Lack of Good Characters- Do you remember the 80’s and 90’s wrestling…we had the undead, the clowns, the oddities, vampires, garbage men, millionaires, geniuses, hog farmers, Luchadors out the Wahoo, voodoo witch doctor types, hairdressers, demonic dentists, the Legion of Doom,Super Heroes, Tons of Submission Specialists, Macho Man Randy Savage, Native Americans, Gay couples, maybe gay maybe bi people in yellow and black outfits that left us a bit disturbed. Now think about today and what characters we have today. Supernatural is now down to ONLY Undertaker (maybe 2 or 3 shows a year) and Kane, 1 Straight Edge person, 1 Savior of the Unwashed Masses, 2 Giants, 1 Midget, 2 Lucha’s and the rest are just pretty run of the mill “Hey I’m a Wrestler, I may have a nifty name but I’m just a normal guy who wrestles.” Now we have the advent of the Shield…ok so we have a paramilitary feel to them but still they are only guys wrestling….ah but the Wayatts these guys are the throwbacks that I like…they remind me of the Godwins or Hill Billy Jim but with a sorta Charles Manson quality to them. I truely hope they go far.  While on this subject I think with Taker barely doing anything wrestling wise we need to bring in some new Supernatural people…I think Taker needs to stay in Wrestling since he is so respected backstage and in the audience but I think he needs to stay in as a Manager. So my idea is look to the NXT there is already 2 people down there that when they come out with the black lights they have a very spooky takerish vibe going. Maybe you have seen them the ones I am talking about is the Ascension. The main guy Conner O’Brien I think his name is is a huge man dressed like something out of Highlander, He has a very creepy look to him and is a good power house. His partner whose name I keep missing has a slimmer build and when he is coming down my first usual thought is “hey this guy could have been part of the brood back in the day.” I say we need to get these guys up into WWE from NXT and have Taker bring them in as the new Ministry of Darkness so that when he finally retires from in-ring action we have someone that can carry on for the Brothers of Destruction.


4a) Repeted Characters- Of the normalish guys we have we have too many that are exactly alike. Miz is full of himself, Del Rio is mexican and full of himself, Ziggler is full of himself and a show off, Sandow is smart and full of himself, Fandango is a dancer who is full of himself, Curtis Axel is the 3rd generation wrestler thats full of himself, Orton is the 3rd generation wrestler who is full of himself (wow I feel like I already typed that), Rhodes is the second generation wrestler thats full of himself, Punk is the straight edged guy who doesn’t really preach that too much anymore like he used to who is full of himself, McMahon is the president who is full of himself. I swear this is becoming the “Lets pat ouselves on the back” wrestling organization…can we try some new schtick to get people to dislike your heels?


5) Stupid wrestlers- I’m sorry I know wrestlers are not stupid but guys whenever the Shield comes out you make yourselves into idiots. These 3 guys have run rough shod over the ENTIRE LOCKER ROOM. This is why I find them so unbelievable now. They come out and tripple slam Ryback, Bigshow, Cena, Bryan, Kane, Taker etc etc etc to the point where I don’t think there is a single person they have not taken down in some way shape or form. I’m sorry fi you did that to me then the next time you came out to do it to someone then I would damn sure be heading down to help that guy even if I don’t like them. Also the people going after Ambrose US Title should have wised up about Shield tactics by now and said “fine I want a stip that says if you get DQ’ed the title still changes hands.” I mean how many times has Ambrose been on the edge of losing legitly and the Shield rush in and get him DQ’ed just so he can retain the title? Or the other night when Daniel Bryan was ehading to the ring to confront HHH and Orton and the Shiled takes Bryan out and the rest of the locker room all of which have some sort of grudge with the shield just stand there watching? To quote Miz “Really? Really?” and this brings me to my next point…


6) Factions making a return?- I do miss the days of DX when it had several members (HHH, HBK, Chyna and the New Age Outlaws.) I also miss NWO when they were smaller and before they took the whole WCW under their wing. I miss the 4 Horsemen and the Ministry and even in some ways the Corporation. We havn’t seen much in the way of factions for a long time now not since Evolution and Legacy.  Now with the Shield and Wyatts we seem to have two more factions coming together and if Monday is any evidence it seems we may have the Corporation rearing it’s ugly head once more. With McMahon and his daughter, Triple H, Orton and the Shield who could ever stand up against them? Well lets see we already have an Anti-Establishment Charles Manson type cult in the Wyatts…Could they already be trying to get more wrestlers? I mean they did drag Kane off after beating him…could a brainwashing program be revealed…if they really want to be Cultish then it isn’t too far fetched to create such a faction in my opinion.


7) Lack of seperation between shows yet still having the titles- OK back in the day it made sense to have a title for each show because they had the talent spanning both shows that did NOT intereact with each other except at live events or at PPV’s. Now however we see the same people on monday and friday yet each show still has their champion, Tag team is united but then again thats cause WWE doesn’t care about the tag team’s, I think US is technically on one show and the intercontinental is on the other. I think we need to just combine the Heavy Weight and the WWE Title since they are basically the same deng thing. Also while we’re at it…


8) Bring back Lucha’s and Cruiser Weights!- All the little guys for the most part are gone. I say bring back the Cruiser Weight title that only the smaller guys could go for and start bringing in the Lucha Types and the smaller High Flyers again…these guys are damned exciting to watch and they do moves that you swear defy Gravity. I know this company loves the muscular guys but a lot of us like to see the high flyers do their thing.


9) Give us full RAW on HULU- Not all of us have Cable and you’re taking a 3 hour show and droping it to 90 minutes. When I look at whats been dropped some of the stuff I can agree with and others I think I really wish I could have seen it. So please give us a ful RAW on HULU.


10) Tough Enough- Bring back Stone Cold!!!!! This show was the best season of Tough Enough I had ever seen and thats the bottom Line cause Stone Cold was in charge.


11) Nothing bad about NXT…hell after the matches this past week I would say at least 3 or 4 people would be ready for the WWE and I think perhaps some WWE’ers should fall down to NXT for a bit more training.


12) Highlight some other characters- Yes I know Bryan is big and I know Barrett is good and of Course Cena brings in money as do the Shield and Big Show and all but there are a lot of people on the rosters we just don’t see. Perhaps it’s because you cut them out of the RAW on HULU…well I already mentioned my thoughts about that…or maybe it is because they have been relegated to the shows Superstars and Main Event and if that is the case then you are doing them a HUGE disservice….. which brings me to my next point


13) Stop making your smaller shows into Highlight reels. If someone is fan enough to watch superstars I am pretty sure they saw RAW somehow. Please stop using up a halfhour or more of your shows with highlights from RAW and sometimes from SmackDown.  We most likely watched those shows and if we did then we remember what happened. So instead of showcasing some of the little known talent you thought was good enough for WWE you skip them have 1 maybe 2 actual matches and the rest is just fluff! YOU HAVE THE PEOPLE TO FILL THESE SHOWS…USE THEM FOR GODS SAKE!!!! Make it where we want to watch superstars and main event to see who may one day be good enough to go from there to RAW. Give us a place for our cruiserweights or our tag teams if you truely don’t want them on the main stream shows. Give us what we as viewers deserve and not just replays that we could find on YouTube if we really needed to know what had happened.


Thats pretty much my rant for now and yes it is focused mainly on WWE because quite honestly I stopped watching TNA when Hogan got involved and from everything I have heard I am glad I did. So to TNA heres what I have to say. You have a ton of good young talent that you aren’t using. Get rid of people like Hogan and Biscoff, Let go of Sting and the others who have been around for half my life…their time is up. Let the new stars shine instead of laying them off and you WILL have a better product. Bring back the Octagon Ring as it was something new and cool and something no one else really had. Remember Different and New is good. People may not like it at first but they will get used to it and once the new concepts and new people catch on then the sky’s the limit. So put the old dogs out back and for gods sake shoot em…put them out of their misery and keep them off TV.


(Please forgive typos and such I started writing this at about 6 am while feeding a baby)


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  1. I like reading your WWE posts. You have good insight for wrestling and that makes it very entertaining to read. Thank you!

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