SolNovaSo, even though I am working on finding the good guys to play as in SMITE I do want to go back and play my lovely ladies every now and again so I decided it was past time to start doing some of the build blogs for them as well. To start this off, I was thinking that I should go with Sol since she is my favorite go to gal in the game! Sol’s powers are all based off of her Magical Powers so anything that boosts that ability chain will give her a good boost in her hitting ability both for basic attacks and her abilities.


So normally I would make a list of 1 through 6 and slam away at the item the cost and what they do; however, looking into Sol I am very conflicted on the first thing to get her so we are going to have two number 1’s on this list and it will be your choice which to use…I’ll probably be switching back and forth to see which works better but for now I will list them both. You have both the Shoes of Focus and then the Shoes of the Magi. Shoes of focus will let you hit more times and faster with your abilities as it comes with a good cool down reduction and some extra mana but if you go with the Shoes of the Magi you will hit harder with a boost in magical power high than what the focus ones do but also with a boost to magical penetration.


  1. Shoes of Focus- 1500 gp
    • +30 Magical Power
    • +250 Mana
    • +10% Cooldown Reduction
    • +18% Movement Speed


  1. Shoes of the Magi- 1600 gp
    • +45 Magical Power
    • +10 Magical Penetration
    • +18% Movement Speed


Now onto the rest of the list


  1. Shoes from above your choice
  2. Divine Ruin -1820 gp
    • +50 Magical Power
    • +15% Magical Lifesteal
    • +150 Mana
    • Passive- Enemies hit by your abilities have their healing and regeneration reduced by 40% for 8 seconds
  3. Lotus Crown- 2050 gp
    • +60 Magical Power
    • +30 Physical Protection
    • +20 MP5
    • Passive- Any god affected by your heal abilities gains +20 Physical Protection and +20 Magical Protection for 5 seconds, cannot reuse this protection for 10 seconds
  4. Obsidian Shard- 2050 gp
    • +70 Magical Power
    • Passive- you gain 33% Magical Penetration
  5. Telkhines Ring- 2125 gp
    • +45 Magical Power
    • +30% Attack Speed
    • Passive- your basic attack hits deal 35 additional Magical Damage to the target
  6. Spear of the Magus- 2150 gp
    • +40 Magical Power
    • +15 Magical Penetration
    • Passive- Enemies hit by your damaging abilities have their magical protection reduced by 10 and an additional 10% for a full 5 seconds


This is one of your cheaper builds for Smite that focuses on her becoming a huge bomb to use against your enemies. The bad thing with this build is it keeps Sol nice and squishy against enemies that are attacking her; however, most mages are squishy so that’s no big deal really. If you use this build I think people will think twice before getting too close to you because you should get quite powerful quite fast. Just remember, if someone is hitting you hard and fast, try to hit your 3rd ability and use it to escape, a great thing is with the magical lifesteal any minions chasing you on your fire trail get hurt and help bolster your health as you run. Once the trail explodes if there are several enemies on your fire trail you stand to get a nice little boost of health from the magical lifesteal.


Once I have played around with the build I will give an update to you all- until then, Happy SMITE playing!

6 thoughts on “SMITE Sol Item Build

  1. My neighbor loves playing with Sol, therefore I showed her this list of items to help her out. She loved it and said she would try it out to see if it works well for her.

    1. They have worked pretty well for me so far…I have a more expensive list that may work better but is harder to buy due to cost that I will be posting up as a Scylla build but they both need the same boosting for their powers

      1. Yep, she is having a blast with them. I’ve met with her this Friday and she was glowing with praise over how well they work and how much fun she had with them. I swear, it was like she reverted to a ten year old. But, who was I to burst her bubble and tell her to pipe down? Stars know I have my own child-like moments over games as well. Personally, I love playing with Hel, so if you are planning a list for her as well I will eagerly await it.

        1. Glad to hear that they are working well for her. My next one is a cheap Odin build and then a Ratatoskr build then probably Isis…I have a Scylla one made just need to get it edited before I put it up….Odin will be up in a few minutes after I look to some advertising promises for a local comic shop.

    1. This build has to be revamped and revisited…it still works but not as good as they changed how one of the items worked come season 4. I think it is the blue wand…can’t remember the name that can be bought in the same area as Gem of Isolation and Warlocks Sash. It no longer takes your HP and converts to Magical Power like it used to so this build only gives the MP boost from the Mana now.

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