So I am starting this new blog as a kind of Smite guide and I think I may try and do this with all of my favorite smite characters. I have already done a blog about my five favorite aressmite girls and now I am trying some of the guys to see what plays well with what and as I have been doing this I have been looking at SmiteFire guides and things like that that talk about the characters and some of the best ways to level up the skills if you auto skill and some of the best builds item wise. I have started to play as Ares and love him so far, but each build I see for him doesn’t really fully take advantage of his awesome Ultimate passive ability. basically for every item that he buys where the top tier of if it gives off some sort of aura then Ares gets 30 magical power. Ares powers work off of a set damage plus a percentage of your magical power so Aura items are a must yet out of 6 Items the most I have seen in any build is just 2. So I am going to see if I can get a full aura build and keep him the good tank that he is to maybe give him both the firepower and defenses that a tank deserves.


  1. Pestilence- 2150 gp
    • +80 Magical Protection
    • +200 Health
    • Aura- Healing and Regen of enemies within 55 units is reduced by 25%
  2. Sovereignty- 2100gp
    • +200 Health
    • +30 Physical Protection
    • Aura- All allies within 70 units gain +20 Physical Protection and +25 HP5
  3. Heartwood Amulet- 2100gp
    • +200 Health
    • +40 Magical Protection
    • Aura- All Allies within 70 units gain +20 Magical Protection and +20 MP5
  4. Witchblade- 2200gp
    • +45 Physical Protection
    • +15% Attack Speed
    • Aura- All enemies within 55 units have their attack speed reduced by 20% and their physical power reduced by 30
  5. Void Stone- 2350gp
    • +40 Magical Power
    • +50 Magical Protection
    • Aura- Reduces Magical Protection of enemies within 55 units by 20
  6. Pythagorem’s Piece- 2600
    • +70 Magical Power
    • +15% Magical Lifesteal
    • +10% Cooldown Reduction
    • Aura- +20 Magical power and +10% Magical Lifesteal to all allies within 70 units


So, I just tried this out in a conquest match and played mainly defense so I could go and rank up everything and I ended up with over 3000 HP and I don’t remember how many mana but it wasn’t bad. At the end of the game, I had racked up 9 kills and 6 assisted kills and had only died 1 time. Now I know that this is just practice against AI’s and set to easy but I have had some characters that even in this type of game just get crushed because I don’t know how to use them properly….but it seems I may have a pretty good handle on this one so far I think. Ares really is a tank made to soak up damage and when I had all his little trinkets full powered I was doing exactly that…I had a good 20 minions on me as well as a phoenix and I was just soaking up the shots and not falling in health, then Ymir came into the picture and I still got a phoenix kill without need of minion or god assistance. I have also noticed that Ares is best in team fight positions where you can hit the enemy gods with your Ult pulling them in close either to where a tower can smack them while they are frozen or your other teammates can use their abilities on them as soon as they get pulled close. Another great combo is to use your alt and then when they get pulled in close release a burst of flame from your shield with your #3 ability, during the time that they are stunned and rooted the flames can do a good amount of damage especially to squishy mage types. I was taking down Ra with no problem during these times.


UPDATE: I have tried out this build in the 3vs3 Joust and it worked wonderfully…I had 5 deaths of my own but in that time I killed 5 people and assisted in 14 deaths and I never even maxed my level, by the time the game was done I was at level 14 only! Here is a link to that game so you can see what all went into it


Do you have an awesome Ares build? If so let me know here in the comments and I’ll try it out!


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4 thoughts on “SMITE- Ares Item Build

  1. I have installed the game, but didn’t get the chance to play more than a few hours as I had to leave the city for a week or so. However, from what I’ve played, I am pretty sure I will be following your SMITE guides with much interest since the game got me pretty hooked and I’m pants at finding my way around new games. Now, I just have to corrupt some friends as well and get them playing. I’m pretty sure my best friend is going to adore it, she’s all for mythology and good games that incorporate such elements.

      1. Both. I’ve downloaded it for Windows on my computer and whenever I get the chance and have some spare time, my neighbor and I play on her Xbox. I find it easier on PC, but then again I’m not used to consoles.

  2. I will surely download and try this game but I am sure I will enjoy it thanks to this article!! Thanks for taking the time to pass on your thoughts, experiences, tips, and knowledge to those of use who have yet to play or who are just starting to play!!

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