Short Time Off

So just wanted to drop by and give a bit of news. I am taking a short break from the internet to try and figure out where to go from here with All Things Geek, Non-Toxic Gaming and Cancel Cancer. I want to make all of our sites as good as possible for all of you. I have a lot of little projects that I keep starting that I don’t get the chances or will to see through and I need to change this. Some of it may be my depression acting up and sapping my will to work on this stuff again. However I refuse to let this beat me and so I need to take a step back and find a way to come back strong.

When I get back I have several gaming blogs to post for NTG Reviews and you’ll probably see a streamlining of the links. I hope to be getting the shirts sorted out so you can buy them as well as the dragon eggs. I hope it won’t be long that I’m gone and I hope you all understand and stick around for when I get back.

Feel free to subscribe to our blog so you’ll be notified when we get back. I do apologize for the fact that I’ll be gone and I hope you understand and forgive me for my absence.

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