Seeking Donations to buy a wheelchair!

Hey there everyone. If you are a regular to our site then you know a lot about what has been going on in my personal life from the Cancer to all of the fun things that have befallen me healthwise since the cancer. Well I come to you today asking for your help my good readers. You have been the backbone of my project, I have written all these blogs for you from the health blogs to the review blogs. Rarely do I ask for anything back except for a few times a year to see if you want to join us in the Relay fro Life and donate to try and stop cancer. Well today is different… I come to you on my knees begging for a moment of time and possibly the change in your couch since every cent helps.

Since my Cancer surgery I have had a bad lower back. It turns out that I have Arthritis. I also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Between the two if I walk more than about 15 yards my back locks up in pain in such a way I can’t even walk any more. I am at my wits end due to not being able to get around like a normal person. This is a HUGE thing to me.

Well Romance Author/Roofer Gennita Low has made an amazing offer. She is going to try and raise the money for me to get the wheelchair that we want. This is a Fold and Go Wheelchair of the Heavy Duty variety due to my weight. Gennita is raising money towards the $3000 we need to buy the chair, she is also putting $1000 of her own to match the first $1000 donated! So far between regular donations and her matching we almost have $600 but we still need more help! So please if you can donate a dollar or two to the paypal address Or find the fullĀ  facebook post and share it to all of your social media accounts for me….make me go viral!

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  1. Kev, more power! Hoping you get your wheelchair real soon. Been a follower of your story and also enjoy your content on your reviews. It’s so awesome of you to be surrounded with great people helping you out. Keep rocking buddy.

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