Seeking Bloggers!

Do you want to write geeky blogs about geeky things you like and would like a built in audience?

Would you like to run articles on a blog and not have to worry about the day to day maintenance on the blog?

Are you a Cancer Survivor/Warrior/Caregiver that would like to tell your story?

Well All Things Geek/Draxisweb and Cancel Cancer are looking for bloggers!!!! Get your name out there on a site that has already had over 37 THOUSAND hits!

ATG/DW is looking for people who are passionate about Geeky things from Crafts to Books, Art to Music, Cosplay to Steampunk, and even Sports to E-Sports if you can geek out about it then so can we!

Cancel Cancer is looking for stories about peoples run ins with Cancer whether it be as a warrior, survivor or caretaker. Your story can help others know what to expect when they are going through something similar. You never know your story could prove to be the inspiration needed to help someone fight for their life! If you’re running some sort of group meeting you want to see others come to then feel free to write it up for our blog and we’ll feature your event!

We at ATG/Draxisweb and Cancel Cancer are donating our time to make our blogs but it’s hard for 4 people to keep the flow of good content going all on their own. We are looking for other passionate people who would like to volunteer their time to write some blogs for us….but don’t worry while we are looking for donations we won’t leave you empty handed.

What we give you- A contributors page on our website that tells readers whatever the heck you want to tell them about yourself including where to find your work….thats right we want to pimp out your work for you. Speaking of which are you a geek doing geeky things and will be showing off or selling your geeky things somewhere? Then by all means write up a little blog about it and where people can buy it or find it and we’ll post that up for you too!

With your help the geek community can #CancelCancer!

If you would like to write for ATG/Draxisweb then please contact Amanda Gayle @

If you would like to write for Cancel Cancer please contact Kathryn Asano @

We also review products, books, games, music ect free of charge so if you have something you would like reviewed simply contact Kevin Coryell @

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