A trick that is in the repertoire of many magicians is the old ring and string escape. These are a series of these almost too many variations to count it sometimes seems. Usually the magician will have an assistant com onto stage so that they can inspect the ring and the string to make sure they are real and not tampered with in any way. However we at DraxisMagic sometimes have trouble finding assistants when we are doing a spur of the moment video shoot so in this video we have used a pole to stand in for our assistant.



4 thoughts on “Ring and Rope Escape

  1. This one’s my favorite till now. Very nicely explained as always. Was a little complex, but with the help of some rewinds and fast forwards, I was able to grasp it. Did it the same way i.e., by attaching the rope with a pole. Keep posting more of them. I’m sure that by the end of the year, I will be having a decent number of tricks to impress upon my friends and family. 🙂

  2. I remember my uncle doing this trick when I was younger, many years ago. Right now I am amazed of how simple this is.. I have always thought that it is much more complex than it really is.. Anyway awesome trick and awesome explanation!!

  3. I’ve never seen this trick before! It’s a clever one and i was pretty confused as to how on earth you did that before you showed how it works.
    I like this trick in particular because of its simplicity. It’s the sort of thing which once I tried it, I was able to pick up how to do it pretty quickly and now I’m quite proficient!
    Thanks for the trick!

    1. Glad you liked the trick! Honestly I find simple to be better. I have always had small motor skill problems since I was born and it has carried over into my adult life when it comes to doing certain things with my hands. I can’t do certain things like card manipulations easily and such so simple tricks that work well like this are a godsend to someone like me who loves magic.

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