Returning Soon

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give all of you a heads up. I know I haven’t been around a lot. So many things have been going on from doctors visits to trying to figure out disability (yay was finally approved), to winding my way through the confusion that is Medicare, to dealing with depression that was stopping me from really getting down to doing my blogs and much of anything else.

Last night I took a step in what I hope will be a good decision for that last part by stepping away from the toxic environment that is Facebook. For those of you that are on the All Things Geek facebook group don’t worry we’ll still be posting things there.

So good news is I have a variety of posts that my team and I have been planning so hopefully if all goes according to plan in the next few weeks you’ll see some new reviews! I do apologize about the leave of absence but I do have plans to make my comeback sooner rather than later. Thank you all for following me here and I can’t wait to start hearing from you all in our comments section again!

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