Restarting the Ultimate Comic Crossover Showdown!


We are looking to restart the Ultimate Comic Crossover Smackdown! For a while now we have been focusing just on fun pictures and comic book news but we want to restart the Smackdowns but we need YOU the fans to make that happen. 

We’re looking for active members of the facebook community to join us in figuring out who would win in certain battles when pitted against similar power sets! You could be the one to give the winning vote in Superman vs Gladiator! Who would win between Huntress and Elektra? Could Nightwing come away with a victory over Daredevil?

All of these questions and more can ONLY be answered by YOU!

We are looking for true friendly debates without flaming others for their opinion. We take actual researched opinions from you to give points to your hero or villain and ignore the fanboy reaction of “he wins because it’s him duh”.

If interested please come to our forums and join us

Once we hit 60 members we will restart the smackdowns!

If you want to view past battles then check out our webpage

1 thought on “Restarting the Ultimate Comic Crossover Showdown!

  1. Cool. I would like to be a part of this! I love your blog and your community. Thank you for thinking about your readers like this!

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