Respect your nurses!

Hello again everyone I’m dropping this new blog off here because this is a subject that has been nagging me ever since I was in the hospital for my surgery. The respect that should be given to our health care professionals and often isn’t. So lets dive right down into this story of bad manners from someone else that was in the recovery room with me on my second day.

Now as many of you may have known from reading my timeline of events blog I was in the recovery room for 2 days after my surgery. Usually you’ll be in recovery for a few hours and then moved to your room however the week I had my surgery the rooms were so full that some surgeries were being canceled and some of us, like me, got stuck in the recovery room until a room opened up. Now I’ll admit the recovery room is not the best place to spend a good amount of time. There are a lot of other people in there due to surgeries, not everyone is pleasant because they hurt and you hear a lot of unpleasant noises like moans of pain and puking. Add to all this a team of nurses that are being over worked because they now have the typical recovery patients as well as those that are stuck there like I was. You also have to deal with a loss of privacy while you are there that is even worse than if you were in a room, here in recovery you only have curtains for walls and people coming by to look in at you as they search for their own loved ones to sit with. So as you can imagine being stuck in this room for two days may not be the best of things for me to experience after having my kidney ripped out, however it was during my first full day there that it got worse and it’s all because of one person.

I don’t know about all of you but I have a huge respect for the doctors and nurses that help keep us alive when we go to them in times of need. These poor people have the unenviable task of getting our blood, feces and piss on them as well as who the hell knows what else. I felt bad for the Physical Therapist that I had when my bowel was waking up because she had to clean me up when I couldn’t. I also want to point out that without these people I could be dead right now, my son would have been dead instead of being three and without them my wife could have died trying to give birth to my son. So for me when a nurse comes in and asks to take blood or my vitals or whatever it is he or she comes in to do I say “sure go ahead” and then thank them when they leave.

So there I am resting and watching TV in the recovery room, wetting down my lips with the little sponge on a stick they gave me when they wheel in a woman and put her right next to me to recover from having some kidney stones vibrated to powder or some such thing. In my mind I am thinking “wow she’s lucky, last time I had a few kidney stones I had to suffer through them without medicine or anything, she at least got them taken care of in some way.” Now I admit that the way it was done probably wasn’t comfortable or fun but considering the last time I had been in the hospital I had passed 3 or 4 kidney stones of various size through my stay there of a week I kinda thought that maybe a small surgery to get rid of them may have been better. So she waits patiently for maybe 2 hours and then starts asking about a room. Then she starts demanding a room. Then she starts telling every nurse that passes that she is very unhappy she needs a room. Then it becomes that she wants a patient rep to come talk to her because she should have a room. Then she goes off on the hospital staff during phone calls she was making letting people outside the hospital know she doesn’t have a room yet and how unhappy she is about it. She made sure that every nurse there most likely wanted to strangle her and made sure that every nurse there knew she was unhappy and needed a room because this surgery had been scheduled for a week now and she should have a room. I really wanted to tell her to shut up because this was my first full day and leading into my second night of staying in the recovery room but I was good and for the time kept my mouth shut.

The sad thing is she claimed that she used to work for an ER and was a nurse and all this and so she said she knows how much worse not having a room can make things on the patient. WHenever she said things like that I wanted to say “yeah but how does you incessant bitching and complaining affect the people around you who have to put up with you whether it be nurse or patient. Because we all wish you would just SHUT UP!” Though I was good and didn’t say a thing.

That night however I finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. After hearing her “I need a room” rant over a hundred times most likely I had had enough. When a very nice nurse who was obviously getting frustrated with her came in to take my vitals he asked if I would mind him switching on my light. I could have kissed him for giving me such an opening as I said loud enough to carry “Sonny you can do whatever you need to! As far as I am concerned you and the doctors have saved my life yesterday and it would be petty of me to complain of anything!” Now I don’t know if my words put my neighbor to sleep or if she realized how petty she was being but she did shut up the rest of the night about her room.

The thing is these people, their job is to help us stay alive, to help us live with as little pain as possible. They do things that are disgusting and icky and humiliating every day just to make our lives better. These people deserve our praise and thanks for doing their jobs. They don’t deserve us bitching at them simply because the hospital is crowded. I spent 2 nights in that recovery room out of the week I was in the hospital, never once did I speak up about not having a room and it wouldn’t have even entered my mind. I am just happy to be alive, I am happy that they were able to get my kidney and all of the cancer out of me. Thanks to those people I now have a second chance at life, they deserve nothing from me other than all the thanks and blessings I can give them. Unfortunately in this day and age a lot of people think that they deserve everything and they need it now and they don’t think enough about the people that allow them to have those things. It’s sad that someone can be so petty as to give the people that just took away her pain so much grief over the fact that she had to share a room with others rather than have her own room for 1 night. Thats right she was discharged the next day and she gave everyone crap about the fact that she was in the recovery room. I spent 3 days and 2 nights in that room out of my week stay in the hospital and all I did was thank everyone for what they did.

So please next time you need to go to the hospital, or wait in a doctors office for your visit time or whatever. Remember that these people are choosing to help you no matter what you may put them through. Then remember to give them a smile and a thank you for all they do because without them a good deal more of us would be sick or dead. Appreciate the things they give you and help you with and let the minor inconveniences not even matter in your mind.  Trust me everyone will appreciate it.

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8 thoughts on “Respect your nurses!

  1. No one likes being in the hospital and you are often in pain and uncomfortable and afraid about what is going to happen. I have been there before and it can be a terrifying experience. But I cannot stand it when people take their fear and frustration out on the nurses. Yes there are a few bad nurses but 99% of them are working to save your life and have their own pains and fears and worries to. Thank you for bringing this point to everyone’s attention and for standing up for the nurses and the doctors and the entire medical team staff that work every day to save lives.

  2. Several members of my family are nurses or are currently in nursing school. I hear the horror stories about the rude and disrespectful patients and family member, but I also hear the stories about the patients who make it all worth while. You are one of those- and on behalf of my family and nurses everywhere, I say thank you.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I hate this attitude as well. Some people are just too entitled and have the lack of resiliency to deal with their own pain. Instead of getting themselves together, they’ll just whine like brats who thinks the world owes them everything. Complaining just makes things worse. It is not helpful at all.

  4. You are absolutely right man!
    Nurses are those who care and help patients specially during the recovery process. They must be praised! 🙂

  5. So scary! I must admit that even name “hospital” scares me a lot. I have exact idea that specially these rooms will be full of moaning voices, screaming as usual. There atmosphere there is very unpleasant. You come to view some patients who are injured or badly ill. You must brave heart in short.

  6. Your article really touched me! For sure these doctors, nurses and paramedics staff all are great persons. They work day and night for the betterment of mankind. They work hard to save lives of a lot of people. You can find them 24/7 and always willing to help patients. They must be admired by everyone.

  7. I am from the healthcare profession so I’d really wanna say thank you in return for appreciating the work the nurses do! They are always there for their parents regardless of how they are treated (some patients are rude and nag a lot!). It’s nice of you to share this post for others to better understand life in the hospital.

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