Just recently, the WWE has let several of their Superstars go, as well as an ex-GM, a referee, and their head writer. I am going to discus my reactions to these people going and what I see as the Pro’s and Con’s of each release.



Head Writer Jay Gibson- While I am not privy to how the WWE writing group is set up or how many writers there are and how much input each writer has in the story lines, I have to admit that when I heard the head writer of WWE was fired I was pretty happy to hear about it. I truly am hoping with this that we might get some Story Lines that are a little more believable this way. While I am still enjoying the action in the WWE, the Story Lines as of late have been leaving a LOT to be desired. The whole Daniel Bryan being a B+ player, after all he has done and shown us, The Shield and Authority running roughshod over the locker room- with no one standing up to them, Big Show powerless against the Authority and supposedly broke, and let’s not forget Corporate Kane… All of this lately has made me wish for better writers. Hopefully we’ll get them. Then again, after seeing the bit this past week with the typical Vince potty humor of Stephanie projectile vomiting all over Vikie, well I’m having my doubts already about the scripts being better anytime soon.


jtgJTG- I was actually very surprised by this release. Not because I didn’t expect it but because he is one of those that whenever I looked at the Online Roster I would pause and say “He’s still here?” I enjoyed his time with Cryme Tyme as I thought that tag team was funny always trying to steal things from the other superstars and then sell them off. However, once he and Shad were done together, well he just never really impressed me on his own. Some people are made to be in Tag Teams, and I think he is certainly one of them.



DrewMcIntyreDrew McIntyre- Where to start with Drew… This is certainly one guy who has had a raw deal in the wrestling world. Looking at some of his earlier stuff in the WWE, back when he was known as “the Chosen One,” he has shown that he can be pretty impressive when he gets the chance to be. But poor Drew had the short straw drawn for him and was added to the 3MB stable. Soon the Chosen One became a chump and jobber and let just about everyone beat on him. I had always said that 3MB could have been great if they were ever given a chance to actually show what skills they have, but alas that isn’t to be. I think that this was one release that wasn’t in the best interests of WWE.


jinder-mahal-bioJinder Mahal- Jinder Mahal is somewhat in the same boat as Drew McIntyre is. I have seen him wrestle before 3MB and he had some good moves. I do think however, that he has missed getting any good characters, and then the addition to 3MB just was his death sentence. Jinder Mahal was good enough that he was once almost the NXT champion. He certainly had the moves and such for it; however, there is one thing I have noticed when it comes to the WWE -and that’s basically that wrestlers that aren’t American, English, Irish or Samoan tend to have a very hard time finding good characters or even ever being pushed. Truly, the only times I can think of where someone from other countries has ever gotten a good push is like now with Rusev, and that’s simply because they are trying to incite a good USA vs the Evil Outside Nation story line. While that works for some wrestlers (Iron Shiek, The Kozlov’s, Rusev) it certainly isn’t for everyone. For once, I would love to see a face Russian character or Indian character that is used correctly and pushed into the big time, instead of being a jobber like Jinder has turned out to be. In my opinion, they could have still done some good stuff with Jinder but I think he should have gone back down to the NXT instead of hanging around the main roster, at least until he could find a good character for himself.


Aksana-wwe-divas-26456714-295-384Aksana- Wow… I have to say Aksana is an enigma to me. Here is a very beautiful young lady who is supposed to have been a model. Models are supposed to be able to strike sexy poses at a moments notice, of course she was a fitness model so I guess her’s may have been more striking poses to show off muscles but you would still think some sexiness would come into it. So this talented young lady comes to the WWE and wrestles and in my opinion she was one of the few Divas these days to have some good moves. However, when this lovely lady started to slink about the ring all sexy like…. well lets just say it cooled off my libido real fast. It always amazed me how such a beautiful lady could be so un-sexy during what should have been a sexy crawl. Honestly though, it makes me wonder if she was told to be less sexy when she did moves like that simply because she is from another country, and as I said before, unless you’re from about 4 main places you’re never quite used to your full potential it seems. I think that Aksana was a mistake to let go of; I think she had something that could have been built on to make her better and have her succeed if given a good push.


0ff3b415d5curthawkinsCurt Hawkins- I can’t really say much about Hawkins as in the past few years I have barely ever seen him wrestle except on NXT. Even in the NXT ring I wasn’t too thrilled with what he did. Between never seeing him and how unimpressive I found him I think his release may have been fine for the company.






Camacho-wwe-30703117-541-1437Camacho- I have been watching Camacho since he came back to the NXT and while he has some good moves ,I honestly couldn’t get into his character. Then again, I was never much of a one for the Latino Thug character. With his moves I think he could have been a good wrestler if it wasn’t for the predictable character. It seems that when WWE has a Mexican or Latino character they are always type cast as either a High Flyer of some sort or as a Thug of some sort. I would like to see some more depth in the characters (and no I don’t mean like Chavo when he was trying to be a preppy yuppyish guy). I’m not sure what to think of this release as I could see it going either way with Camacho with what I have seen of him.


WWE13_Render_BrodusClay-1815-1000Brodus Clay- Ah poor Brodus. I do think they may have been a bit hasty in getting rid of Brodus Clay; however, I also think that if he hasn’t been popular lately that it’s the fault of the WWE and not the fault of Brodus. Brodus was awesome as the Funkasaurus. He was fun and just a genuinely loveable character. Then they brought Xavier Woods in and yes, while I think the dancing and such is done better by Woods, I also don’t think that they should have made these guys feud. Brodus seemed to be a fan favorite because he was fun and loveable but then in a few short weeks the WWE had him become a major heel. I have said this before and I’ll say it again right now we have TOO MANY HEELS! Not to mention that some people can’t make that transition as well as others. If we had not known Brodus as the Funkasaurus then sure becoming a heel wouldn’t have shocked people and I think he would have been able to pull it off. However, his old character was such a natural fit for him I think a lot of the believability of him being mean just wasn’t there. I think getting rid of Brodus may have been a mistake in the long run.


Evan-Bourne2Evan Bourne- Evan Bourne has seemed to have his ups and downs with the WWE. He found some success in personal matches and also as a Tag Team with Kofi Kingston. The problem is that Bourne was also suspended twice for failing their wellness program. Now I don’t know what he did but usually this means that a superstar has been using drugs, and in the WWE it’s 3 strikes and you’re out with that. Add to that a very bad car accident that did major damage to Evan Bourne’s foot, and honestly it’s amazing that he stayed with the company as long as he did. Evan hasn’t been seen on air in 2 years due to this injury. While I can’t say that I disagree with the WWE for letting Evan go, I will say I will miss him and his High Flying style. However since we have Tyson Kidd, Adrian Nevill and Justine Gabriel to fill that High Flying spot just as well if not better than Evan well I’d say it’s not too huge a loss.


wwe___13___yoshi_tatsu_by_cmpunkster-d5orby2Yoshi Tatsu- Yet more proof that the WWE has trouble pushing characters from other countries. Yoshi Tatsu came into the TV spotlight in 2009 in the ECW after spending 2 years in FCW. Back then, Yoshi Tatsu had several close encounters with the ECW Championship and the Tag Team Championships. Once Yoshi moved to RAW he still had other chances of touching the Tag Team belts and even a few chances at the World Title but would keep falling short. However, he proved beyond a doubt that he could defeat people like Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, and other big name stars. Unfortunately, in 2011 this wonderful Japanese wrestler was sent to Smackdown, where he only had two televised matches that entire year. He then became a Pro on the NXT show and from then on it seemed everything he did was in NXT to varying results. However, the last match they would let him win on televised cards would be back in February of 2012- two and a half years ago. The thing is I have watched Yoshi wrestle and he had some great moves and he had proved himself as being able to beat world champions in the past. Supposedly he had been not doing so good lately in the ring, and this I say if you don’t let a guy win a match in over two years then I wouldn’t expect him to give you his best because he probably has low morale. The big thing is I saw this same thing happen with Tajiri back in the day. Another great Japanese wrestler who came to the WWE and just didn’t get the push he needed or deserved. I have watched Japanese wrestling on YouTube and while they are just as scripted as the WWE I have to say most of these guys could wipe the floor with most of the WWE wrestlers with the moves they have, yet no matter who comes here from there they just fail and slowly fade away. I think this is a big mistake for the WWE in more ways than just letting go one of my wife’s favorite wrestlers.


1265154_origTeddy Long- Teddy Long is a great character and has been awesome in everything he has done in wrestling. From his days as a Ref to his days as a manager to his days as a GM he always gave it his all and he seemed to be well liked by the fans. However, we haven’t seen much of him recently and honestly, as much as I have liked him in the past, I also haven’t missed him. He was a great GM but he has grown stale over the years and he became very predictable to the point that whenever he came out everyone knew what sort of match he was going to make or what he would say. I think Teddy Long being released will be fine simply because Teddy has put his time in and it’s just simply past his time now.


Referee Marc Harris- Honestly I don’t know this guy. I looked up his picture and didn’t recognize him. So in this case I can’t say I’d miss him or that he’ll be a great loss.


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