bears-4Why raw honey vs the honey bear? Honey is much more than a great natural source of sweeter, it is a natural food with many amazing health benefits. It contains a host of powerful natural antioxidants, enzymes and minerals that help improve overall body health and wellness, speed healing, regulate sugar levels, and boost metabolism.  Raw honey is affordable but it takes thousands of bees thousands of hours of work to make one pound of raw natural honey for us to enjoy. If you are like many people, you have seen the jars of raw natural honey, sitting beside those cute little bear jars of processed honey and have wondered, why raw honey vs the honey bear brands?

Why Choose Raw Honey?

Commercial honey is most often very far removed from natural raw honey as it has been heavily processed and some commercial brands of honey are even chemically refined. Filtering and processing kills the beneficial bacteria, nutrients, and elements that. Natural honey is not clear like store bought brands- honey has to be cooked to make it clear, which further kills all beneficial properties. Raw honey healthy and best of all, unprocessed natural honey needs no special storage arrangements and it is the only food known that will not ever spoil. There are many reasons to go natural when looking at why raw honey vs the honey bear.

Uses For Raw Honey as Natural Remedies

These are just some of the reasons why the best choice is raw natural honey. In the why raw honey vs  the honey bear debate there is one clear winner!

  1. Digestion – Just a spoonful of raw honey can counteract indigestion and other stomach related issues that cause gas, bloating, or nausea since raw honey won’t ferment in the stomach.
  2. Acne – Raw natural honey has a lot of antibacterial properties and can help fight skin infections.
  3. Exfoliation – Honey makes a great product to use to relieve dry dead skin cells safely and naturally without harsh scrubs.
  4. Diabetes – Consumption of raw honey is thought to help lower blood sugar and keep it more regulated because it lasts longer and is better for you than white sugar.
  5. Cholesterol – Raw honey helps reduce cholesterol and helps fight the effects of coronary artery disease.
  6. Antioxidants – Eating raw honey gives the body a boost of antioxidants and helps the body fight infections, illnesses, and diseases better.
  7. Sleep – Raw honey is thought to help increase melatonin levels, especially when taken at night, and can help you sleep better.
  8. Allergies – Local natural raw honey has pollen in it and can help you develop natural resistance to local flowers and plants and can relieve allergy symptoms over time.
  9. Weight – Substituting raw honey in the diet and cutting out other forms of sugar can be a good way to drop weight and be healthier.
  10. Inflammation – Raw honey is packed full of anti-inflammatory agents which have been shown to reduce swelling, irritations, and inflammation.
  11. Healing – Raw honey can be applied to wounds to kill infection and speed healing.
  12. Throat/Mouth – Raw natural honey can be very helpful in the treating of sore throats, cough, cold sores, canker sores, and other injuries and conditions of the throat and mouth.
  13. Hair- Natural unprocessed honey help hair look and feel silky, smooth, and full.
  14. Mood- Some studies suggest that consuming raw natural honey on a regular basis can help maintain positive moods and can help fight depression and anxiety.
  15. Supplement- Unprocessed honey is a great way to get a dose of nutrients and vitamins into your diet.

10 thoughts on “Raw Honey VS the Honey Bear

  1. I absolutely love raw honey. I used to have terrible allergies every spring and summer. My remedy? Honeyed hibiscus iced tea. If you buy a box of hibiscus or raspberry hibiscus teabags, you can brew it extra strength, substitute honey for sugar in how you would normally make iced tea, and put it in the fridge to chill. It’s delicious, and best of all, if it’s natural honey from nearby, it cuts down on pollen allergies SO MUCH! I was skeptical about honey being a fix for allergies, but it absolutely is. I keep a pitcher of this tea in my fridge all spring and summer, and drink about a quart a day. I swear I NEVER have hay fever anymore, and it used to lay me up in bed for days at the beginning of spring.

  2. I am stunned to know the facts of raw honey. I eat it occasionally because I like the natural taste of it but don’t aware of such huge benefits of raw honey. We all should use it regularly in our meal or in breakfast because it is natural and not harmful.

  3. It is very good in tea- but it is bet to use it in warm tea, not hot. If the tea is too hot it can kill the beneficial bacteria fighting properties and reduce the health value of the honey. I like to add a spoonful right before I start drinking the tea once it has cooled down some.

  4. I need to find someplace around here that sells locally grown honey. Everything I can find seems to be from a county or two over. Better than nothing but I wonder if there are any local bee keepers. Will have to do some more research.

  5. Raw honey is a “super food” for sure. There are so many things that it can do for you as you have posted here. I could not believe that it helped my sister with her digestion problems.

  6. The raw honey I have access to is from about fifty miles away, but the plant life in both locations is so similar that it still helps immensely. When I move back to Oklahoma, I’m going to have to start from square one finding a reliable source. Luckily there’s lots of farmers markets in central Oklahoma, so I should be able to find a vendor if I do a little digging.

  7. When I was a child, the family next to our countryside home used to raise bees and make honey. They gave us some of it every summer and the taste was incomparable to the honey we find in shops. Now, when we no longer spend so much time there and they no longer make honey, I find myself missing it because I have no other place to purchase it from.

  8. My dad always used to tell me that commercial honey just can’t match natural raw honey. Didn’t ask him why. After reading this, I know exactly as to why it can’t. Kinda pleasantly surprised to know how raw honey is so humongously beneficial to our bodies. It’s mind-boggling!
    That being said, the main problem with raw honey is availability. It has been a long time since I tasted some nice raw honey. It’s so tough to get it that we always have to give in and get ourselves one of those honey bottles which are easily available in the markets. Sigh!

  9. You might be surprised. Check your local papers for times and places of farmers markets and neighborhood flea markets and you will most likely find local raw honey there.

  10. I love RAW honey. I live near a bee farm and when they have it at their stand at the farmers market, I buy it every single time! Good write up that is very informative!!

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