The rainbow deck is one of my favorite tricks in my arsenal. As long as people aren’t watching me set it up I can do it again and again without people realizing how it is done. This is one of my favorites mainly because of it’s looks. This is a deck you could easily make at home but only if you have been traveling enough to get a bunch of decks from all over the place, You see one of the greatest parts of this deck is that almost every card in the deck except for 4 HAS to have a different back to it. It took a while but we at DraxisWeb Productions scoured Ebay and Amazon among other places to find enough card decks to create 2 full batches of these fun decks and we’re willing to sell them to you! We have limited numbers of these hand picked decks with some amazing card backs for only 10 dollars per deck! The decks price includes your S&H. If you’re interested in buying one of these decks just contact us at  with a subject of Rainbow Deck and we’ll set things up with you.



3 thoughts on “Rainbow Deck

  1. Back in highschool, I had a classmate that was amazing at card tricks. He did all kinds of tricks, some simple, others more complex – according to his words, we never did get to learn how he did all of them. One of the tricks he did was the rainbow deck trick.

  2. I thing that it is prett important that you provide a video for every trick explanation.. This is a really well done job and I appreciate it!! I can’t wait to get more different cards and try this as soon as possible with my relatives or friends.

  3. It takes a while to get up enough cards for a rainbow deck….however we do sell the rainbow deck at our shop here online. You can get there by clicking the shop button up top or by following the following link

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