Quality/Quantity Brock Lesnar


Quality/Quantity: Brock Lesnar


A little while ago I started a Quality/Quantity post that focused on Tag Teams in the WWE. I am wanting this to be an ongoing series in my writing because quite honestly there are two areas where the WWE and even other major things seem to lack. We either end up with a Quality vs Quantity scenario or we end up with having to talk about both the Quality or Quantity of a project or sometimes even the Quality of the Quantity or vice versa. In this post I want to once again touch upon the subject of the WWE and more specifically the wrestler known as Brock Lesnar.


maxresdefaultBack in April, Brock Lesnar was able to end the Undertakers undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 30. Of course everyone that has watched a single episode of WWE programming since then will know of this accomplishment because since that night, a certain man by the name of Paul Heyman won’t shut up about it. “My name is Paul Heyman, and my client defeated the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30” has been said so many times in so many different ways by him in the past almost three months that I am quite sick of hearing it. The thing is it’s been close to three months of us hearing about Brock Lesnar and his win, but we have not seen Brock Lesnar until just this past week when Triple H gave the OK for Brock to go after John Cena. We now have a setup for a huge match at Summerslam next month where if everyone is right Brock Lesnar will be the one to win the title and will carry it until the next Wrestlemania where it will be handed over in a huge match to Roman Reigns, and this is where I am having my problems.


A lot of people like to praise Brock Lesnar, a lot of people seem to be very forgiving about things Brock Lesnar did in the past that they wouldn’t forgive another wrestler for. Even our own Ben Cass says about how formidable this guy is and how he would be a logical choice for some big matches that could set up some good storyline for the rest of the year. However, at this point I would like to bring us back to the Quality/Quantity points that truly show that having Brock as the champion for around 7 months would not be “Best for Business”.


First lets hit up some points about Quality. We won’t put power into this because I am more than willing to admit that Brock Lesnar is a legitimate badass. This guy has muscles to spare and not only has he been a past WWE Champion but he has also gone on to UFC and become a heavyweight champion there where the fights are real and not scripted. So we can easily move away from his “talent” in a fight.


8378 - Raw brock_lesnar microphone wweThe first real point of Quality comes in with his Mic Work. This man should NEVER be given the chance to talk on his own. Whenever he gets on the mic he screeches like a prepubescent pterodactyl. He sometimes seems to hit a pitch that is shriller than Michael Jackson or even Mariah Carey. It’s no wonder that Paul Heyman has to be the guys manager they need someone good to talk for him and while I’m not thrilled with his Character Paul is one of the best ever for shooting promo’s. In my mind, a true champion needs to be able to cut his own promo’s or at least be a bit threatening when he talks. Considering though that Brock sounds like Mickey Mouse on Helium when he gets going, somehow I think his opponents would end up dying from laughter instead of intimidation.


Another point of Quality comes from his in ring believability. I already believe this guy is a bad ass and yet during the Pay Per View when he was supposed to go against the Big Show 20140126_BrockBigShowFINAL_642all he did was prove himself to be a wuss. This guy is supposed to be a monster, this guy is supposed to be the beast incarnate, this guy is supposed to be unstoppable yet he resorts to 20+ chair shots and a disqualification against Big Show instead of actually wrestling him. This also comes back to where I mentioned that people seem to forgive Brock for things they won’t forgive other wrestlers for. In Example Batista used to be a huge name in the WWE and when he left I remember him being in a wheel chair ranting and whining like a baby, this stuck with me and I would assume it stuck with a lot of other WWE fans as well considering his welcome back earlier this year. Well one huge thing I remember about Brock Lesnar is his whining about losing the WWE title, if anyone else had done what is in the video below they would NEVER be welcomed back to the ring as a dominant champion type. Hell, Brock gets down on his knees and pleads for a chance to go after Goldberg in one of the most whiny promo’s I have ever seen and everyone seems to just forget it. Yet an awesome character like William Regal is forever known for being one of the first people initiated into the “Vince McMahon ‘Kiss My Ass’ Club”. Sometimes the memories of the wrestling audience just isn’t fair!



So now we have to talk about some Quantity too. Back in the day, I wouldn’t have had any problem with Brock Lesnar being a champion of some sort but honestly, Brock is no longer a full time wrestler. Well lets be very honest here, Brock isn’t even a part time wrestler. Within the past two years since coming back to the WWE I can count on two hands how many times Brock has been back and on probably one hand how many matches he has had. You see I get it he’s an “Attraction”, except that now he has gone past that. Other Part Time wrestlers like RVD and Y2J come back and leave and come back and leave BUT they will stick around and wrestle every show and live event for 3 months straight before going away for a few months. Brock goes away for two or three months and then shows up and ONLY promo’s before a match at a PPV Event. They just took the belts away from Daniel Bryan because he couldn’t be a fighting champion, what makes them think Brock will become a fighting champion at least part time just because he has the belt?

Another concern I have falls under Quality is the infamous Kimura Lock submission that Brock Lesnar uses. One of the main things about wrestling is that it is scripted and during the matches when you perform a move on someone you are supposed to protect that person. Now RAW_988_Photo_014_large_hugethe WWE would have you believe that Brock Lesnar has
broke Triple H’s arm twice I believe, broken Shawn Michaels arm and dislocated Mark Henry’s arm all with the Kimura Lock. If this is really the case, then the Kimura Lock needs to be done away with, or Brock should no longer wrestle as he can’t control his own move enough to protect other wrestlers. However, if this move does not break the arm like they keep saying then they really shouldn’t hype it that way unless it’s just a real convenient way to give a wrestler a vacation, otherwise it makes no real sense to keep it.


The last concern I have with Brock possibly becoming the champion I think would also fall under Quality, but not so much for Brock’s quality but for the quality of one other major aspect of the WWE, the Money in the Bank contract. You see one thing certainly doesn’t add up for what everyone has been pitching for what they think will happen. You see there is a big push for 20140617_EP_LIGHT-Match-Rollins_HOMEPAGE-628x356Seth Rollins as a heel with the Authority, just as Roman Reigns is getting the face push that everyone says will be completed at Wrestlemania 31 for the Title. Seth Rollins has until next June to cash in his MITB Contract. Wrestlemania is in April. Only two
people have ever failed to turn their MITB contracts into championships. Considering the push that Rollins is getting ,I doubt he will become the third to fail with the MITB. However, would they have Rollins beat Brock, I kinda doubt it. So that leaves him going after Reigns after Reigns gets the title in April. I however don’t see them only giving Reigns a two month or less title run though with how much they keep hyping him.


So after pointing out the flaws I see in Brock and in the Storyline in general with MITB here is what I think is going to happen from now until Wrestlemania when it comes to the WWE Heavyweight Title. First I see at Summerslam Brock Lesnar and Cena having a hell of a fight BUT unlike everyone else I see Cena as winning and cementing the fact that he deserves to be the 15 time champion that he is. But with Brock being such a harsh opponent I see Rollins coming out after a thoroughly trounced Cena and cashing in his MITB Contract (possibly with Kane running interference on Ambrose). Rollins takes command of the Championship. This puts Rollins in Reigns sights but due to several factors the Authority will not allow Reigns to get Rollins. Cena might even win a rematch but if he doesn’t I’m seeing the Authority breaking down into factions as Orton wants to get his hands on the Title. Kane also has to figure in since he and Orton have been butting heads so Kane will most likely want it as well if for no other reason than to stop Randy. I can see this infighting going till Wrestlemania unless Cena wins the title back. I also see the Wrestlemania match being made by having Reigns win the Royal Rummble. Considering he already holds the record for eliminations it’s not too much of a stretch to see him winning the whole thing this next time.


This is what I think is going to happen, what’s your call?



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