One thing that anyone with skill at close up magic knows is the basic Card Trick. Like the ring and rope trick there are so many variations on this that it would be impossible to name them all and everyone seems to have their favorite. Some tricks like the rainbow deck need a special deck however the trick we’re about to show you called the Prophet Cards only need a simple regular deck of cards. In this trick you will see how the top two cards of two randomly picked sets will predict the top card of the third set.


Now that you have seen the trick if you watch the video below we will explain to you how to do the trick!




4 thoughts on “Prophet Cards

  1. You won’t believe the reaction on my face when I was able to do it in the first attempt itself. It was such a WOW feeling. You’re a great teacher, Kevin. Did the same in front of my friends as well. They too were left dumbstruck. Solid trick. After doing it some 3-4 times, the same question propped up in my mind as well… what’s the maths behind it? How’s it happening? Still in search of the answer 😉

  2. When I was in school I practiced this trick for many days before I finally managed to understand it 😀 Now, after watching your video, I tried to do it again and I realised that I did it in my first attempt.. It is absolutely awesome !! These tricks remind me of childhood every time I watch them.. Thank you so much !!

  3. This trick still baffles me. When i tried it, it worked first time but I can’t begin to understand why it works! I’d like to know the maths behind it but it’ll probably be too complicated, like you mention in the video.
    Another great trick! 🙂

  4. For some reason I am not able to pull any magic tricks off, perhaps it’s my poor ability to do any illusions. I’ll have to practice on this but you were able to demonstrate it well on the video so that gives me hope that I can pull this off myself! Placed a note on my phone that I purchase a deck of cards when I go out.

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