Popular Friends of Doctor Who

Dr Who has met a wide range of unique individuals through his travels. Some come and go and others show up time and time again. Among the list of people the Doctor calls friends, there are a few that stick out.

CaptainharknessOne of Doctor Who’s most popular friends has got to be Captain Jack Harkness. Handsome Jack is a hard one to explain as his history starts as far as we know in the year 5094 and yet he is known through Earth history as early as 1869. Jack was with the 9th incarnation of the Doctor and Rose Tyler on a space station in the future that was being attacked by Daleks when Rose having taken on power from looking into the heart of the Tardis resurrected him. From that moment the ex-time agent and conman could not die. He was stranded at the end of the universe and tried to get back to Rose Tylers time to meet up with her and the doctor again, however, he overshot and ended up in 1869 where he had to live until he could meet back up with the Doctor again. Jack is also an odd one because of his time hopping there are times when there are actually two or three of him on the earth at the same time. Many fans believe because of a line in one episode that Jack is also the character known as the Face of Boe but show producers claim that is not so. From being born so far into the future, Jacks sexual preference is a bit odd to us as well to say the least, he could be considered Bi-Sexual as he likes men and women but in other ways he could also be considered multi-speciesest as he also doesn’t mind being with aliens. These were only hinted at playfully in the show but were expanded upon quite obviously in the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood where Jack was the main character.

Lizard_Woman_From_The_Dawn_Of_Time_And_WifeMadame Vastra is an interesting ally of the Doctor mainly because she is one of the few that he has trusted with a lot of the information about who and what he is which he is normally very closed mouthed about. Vastra is also an interesting person because she is a lizard person who has taken a human woman named Jenny to be her wife. It has also been speculated that Vastra and Jenny are the inspiration behind the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Watson but had their sex changed to male and well race to human in Vastra’s case because otherwise the stories wouldn’t be believable.  Vastra had just finished working for Scotland Yard in hunting down and eating Jack the Ripper when the Doctor came to recruit her and Jenny to help him invade Demons Run.

tumblr_lp17wltt1C1qadpmuo1_500Strax is a very complex character when you first meet him in the show “A Good Man Goes to War”. You see Strax is one of the cloned species known as the Sontaran who are a VERY warlike species that loves nothing better than making war. Yet when the Doctor goes to recruit him for the invasion on Demons Run Strax is is serving in a nurse like capacity in the Battle of Zaruthstra tending to human soldiers. This made for a great scene as Strax said things such as “I hope someday to meet you in glory of battle where I will crush the life from your worthless human form. Try and get some rest.” and “I have gene-spliced myself for all nursing duties, I can produce magnificent quantities of lactic fluid.” Strax has made himself into a nurse to regain honor for his clone batch. Strax was killed in the Battle for Demons Run but was resurrected by Vastra and Jenny and went to live with them in Victorian London.

K9_05K9 has been a very faithful and loyal companion to the doctor and many of his companions since he was first introduced during the run of the 4th Doctor, but what else would you expect from a roboticdog? K9 was created by a Professor Marius in the year 5000 to replace a dog he had to leave at home due to weight restrictions in packing to go into space.  When returning to Earth he had the same restrictions and thus gave the K9 unit to the Doctor. K9 is loyal and faithful and has also gone through 4 different forms (thus you may see references to a K9 mark IV or some such when looking him up.) Though K9 was loyal to a fault always calling people Master or Mistress and doing as told he also had a tendency to take the companions side over the Doctor’s and would argue with the Doctor if he were to be left behind coming up with reasons as to why he should be able to go too, even resorting to an “I will be a good dog” statement to try and go. In one episode of the 10th Doctor the Doctor was reunited with the 4th Doctors companion Sarah Jane Smith and K9. During this time, Mickey was told to stay in the car, with the dog and he said “Me? I‘m their man in Havana. I’m their technical support. I’m… Oh my god. I’m the tin dog!” when he realized he was just a spare person and not really a companion in the eyes of the Doctor yet.

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3 thoughts on “Popular Friends of Doctor Who

  1. Captain Jack Harkness is perhaps my second favorite character after Donna Noble. I keep imagining how amazing a full series of Donna and Jack travelling together with the Doctor would have been. As for the others, Strax is another favorite of mine. I was quite lucky to be able to meet the actor at the East European Comic Con and get his autograph. He seemed like a great person.

    1. Oh that is so cool about meeting Strax 😀 I’d have to agree with you about Donna though, She was ok in small doses but I really did not like her much. She got really annoying really fast for me. Jack is one of my faves and I love Rose. Mickey I always felt sorry for in a way and I absolutely loved Rory. Based on looks alone first place is Jack and second is Rory for me out of the Doctor’s friends.

      1. I love Rose as well. I loved how spunky she was and I had a hard time making the transition between season 2 and season 3 because I missed Rose so damn much. Mickey was cool, but wasn’t all that wow for me. Though I did end up shrieking like a loon during Star Trek Into Darkness, “That’s Mickey!” when I realized it was the same actor. This got me a few glares for my enthusiasm. Rory, I adored. I know many people like Amy more, but for me Rory was one of the best companions. He had those moments of sarcasm when I would start giggling, especially when he was fed up with the Doctor’s antics.

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