One Month Update and Thanksgiving

So here I am, the day before Thanksgiving, coming to you all to give an update of my health now that we are a little over a month out of surgery and to give a bit of a shout out about who and what I am thankful for during this time of Thanksgiving. So first up let’s get you all up to speed on how I’m doing!

So when I first came out of surgery I was only able to lay on my back; rolling to either side really sucked and there was no way I would be able to sleep on my sides. By two weeks out I was able to roll onto and sleep on my left hand side but not my right, which makes sense since the right side suffered the most damage since it was my right kidney that was removed. Now a month out I have just started to be able to roll on my right hand side without some odd feeling of pressure.

Walking was barely a thing by the time I left the hospital. Within a few days though, I had been doing 4 or 5 laps of my parents house. Each lap consisted of through the living room, down the hall, through my parents bedroom and then down the back porch back into the living room. It was the NASCAR route of the Coryell house and I’m not the first one to use it. It was about two weeks after leaving the hospital that I was up to about 7 to 10 laps. I am doing pretty good now for walking and don’t tire nearly as easily when it comes to walking, however if I stand still for a prolonged period of time THAT’S what drains me. I do carry a cane with me just incase and when I go to walmart I do use the carts since I don’t want to overdo it.

Pain….I’m not a good one to ask on this. I have seen so many people posting in the forums I am in that their kidney removal hurt like hell… I’m talking like an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale… then it comes to my pain scale and the worst I think I was in the hospital and since was a 2 maybe a 3 out of 10 and that was when I was in the hospital and they were moving me between beds. Now a month out of the hospital and I used a whole 3 of the pain pills they gave me and those were mainly used to sleep without pain after a long day. Right now the only “pain” I have is a small pressure every so often on my right side, but then last night I slept mainly on my right side so I may have just been on it a little too much.

Before cancer my hair was brown, during chemo my hair turned white, now at 2 months off of chemo just about my beard has grown back pure black.

So let’s see what else…flexibility! I can sit straight but not for long periods slightly reclined is much better. I can not bend down to put socks on. I can pick something up from the floor but only by squatting or kneeling first. Trying to bend straight down like a toe touch is right out.

As for strength I feel ok but I haven’t really tested it. My doc said I am still a week out from lifting more than 25 pounds so I’m not even going to try it yet. I’ve heard about people starting things too early and being sent back to the hospital and I’m not going to let that happen. The only bad thing there is not being able to pick up my 3 year old son yet but we’ll get there soon enough. Right now he is content to sit next to me and snuggle and that works for me too.

I can’t think of much else for updates so if you guys have any questions for me just post a reply to this blog and I’ll answer it ASAP.

Now seeing as tomorrow is Thanksgiving I am going to list a few things I am thankful for here. Of course first and foremost what I am thankful for is my life. After all, with the cancer scare who knew if I would even be here for this Thanksgiving, so that’s my first thing.

I am also HUGELY thankful for my doctors and the treatment they gave me from medicine to surgery. My first doctors sucked so to be able to go to Shands and have such an awesome team such as Dr Dang, Dr Sue, Dr Crispin and all the nurses and such who have helped with this, well I just feel blessed as hell to have had them. These guys all saved my life and I could never thank them enough.

I also want to thank the people from the facebook group “Kidney Cancer SUCKS but we will win!” You guys have been so supportive it’s amazing. You guys have been there at times when my regular friends and family either couldn’t be or weren’t for some reason. You had my back for questions and were more than willing to lend support and advice. I love you all for all you have done! Lynn you are awesome!

Of course I am also thankful for my family and friends. You guys have all helped me so much through this crap this year. I love you all very very much. This includes all of those people around the world that have prayed for me even if I haven’t met you or known you before now. I have no doubt that your good will and prayers for me has helped so very much!

I also want to give an extra special thank you to the various wrestlers and some of the fans 12278016_10153608844455210_552284435_nfrom the WXW Wrestling Universe. The reason for this is that in many ways these guys are starting to be a cool new family when I am away from family, if that makes any sense. It has been just over a year ago that I started to go to the various WXW matches and since then through facebook and being able to talk to the wrestlers, I have gotten to know quite a few of them. This past week I was able to come back to the WXW shows after being gone for  two of their home shows. During my time away, many of these wrestlers have commented on my posts about my surgeries and my battle with cancer, and when i got back most of the ones that were there that I have friended on facebook took time out of talking to others to say hello to me and tell me they were glad to see me back. It is very nice to have athletes in a sport that I love recognize me and be glad that I was there. Then as I mentioned in another blog, one of the Wrestlers Marc Mandrake had even given me some healing stones he had been given by a friend.IMG_20151121_211007097 Some of these wrestlers checked up on me often, some of them almost every day whether it was to speak to me or ask my wife about how I am doing. At the end of the Samoan Cup tournament, D Ramos, who is now half of the new tag team champs at WXW, spoke to me and told me those last matches were for me and to keep up the fight. I’m sorry but between him saying that and even getting down from the ring to come over before a match and shake my hand, I almost started crying. This gesture and those words meant so very much to me. Between that and getting my pic taken with Ramos and Jaxen Blade and being able to see Mandrake and everyone else….well my return to the WXW shows was simply awesome and made for one of the best things to happen since this whole cancer crap happened in the first place.

Last but certainly not least I want to thank my wonderful wife and my son Kayden. cena-nevergiveup-logo2Without the two of them in my life, I truly don’t know if I would have had the will to fight this thing. Depression takes it’s toll on one mentally especially when fighting against something like this. However, my wife and my son are such bright spots in my life, along with the rest of my family, that I had more than enough motivation to keep going and never give up. So  of course want them to know how thankful I am for them.

So that is my list- what are you thankful for and what keeps you going?

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  1. So many people take so many things for granted each and every day. It is sad that for many it takes something like a near death experience or being faced with their own mortality to make them realize how good things really are. I always try to be thankful for something every day but even the mos thankful of us will end up getting a wake up call at some point that makes us realize how much more there is to say thanks about. I am glad you have had such a good go at this and that you are getting a new lease on life- continued thoughts and prayers with you as you fight this cancer!

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