New Smite Mage: Discordia

So on Friday morning, we got a surprise update on the XBox for the game Smite. Usually we get the updates for this game on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I wasn’t home on Friday, so coming home on Saturday night I had a pleasant surprise to find a brand new character to play -the female mage Discordia. She is a ranged mage from the Roman pantheon. All of her powers are based around creating chaos in the enemy ranks in one way or another.

Her first power shoots out a starry ball that goes a certain distance, damaging all players it hits. Once at distance, it will bounce and explode into six smaller balls that shoot in all directions and that bounce off walls hitting for a reduced damage.

Discordia’s second power is an area of effect¬†swath that covers about the same sized space as Terra’s crushing walls attack. This area first explodes, damaging whatever is in its range. If it’s only one thing being hit, they get rooted, but if there are more than one, then for 1 second they turn and hit each other.

With Discordia’s third power, she does a little forward somersault and then a patch of smog appears. This is about the size of Nu Wa’s moving fog; however, this one is stationary. Just like Nu Wa’s , while in it, Discordia is invisible. She also has a movement buff and a cool down buff while in the fog.

For her fourth and ultimate power starts off a lot like Hercules and his boulder. In this case though, Discordia conjures a huge apple and tosses it at her enemies. If t hits a wall it will rebound off. Now, once it hits an enemy, this is where it changes from what Hercules has. Once hi,  a god takes damage and is forced to hold the apple, this makes the god boastful and intoxicated and run out of control of the player. After 2 seconds, the held apple explodes causing more damage and if the infected god is within a certain radius of other gods those gods will then be infected and then in 2 seconds explode as well. Secondary explosions are not catching to other gods however.

Discordia’s passive is all about helping out the team. Discordia likes to compete, so whoever on the team is doing the most damage will get buffed by Discordia’s passive.

So, now that we have a basic understanding of this new character’s abilities, I’ll show you a video with my build for Discordia!

And now some gameplay of the goddess as well

Have you played as Discordia yet? Give us a shout out in the comments and let us know what you think of this chaos fairy!

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