In the past few days I have been seeing the headlines that Fox is now going to do a New Mutants movie based on the comics that spun off from the X-Men. I was a HUGE fan of the original New Mutants, so hearing that they are making a movie for it excites me quite a bit. Now another thing that both excites and frightens me is that with this being the movies and the fact that the X-Men movies have never truly stuck to the right characters and timelines for stories they did means that we may see some odd choices of characters for this movie. So this blog will be MY fantasy casting in both which mutants I would like to see (and since we are in a movie universe this will let me pull from New Mutants, Hellions and Generation Next since they have all technically been New Mutants at one point or another.) This will also be my fantasy casting for who to play the characters as well. Many of these will be for looks, but I’ll try to find some good actors as well not just good look a likes.  So without further ado, I bring to you my version of the New Mutants!

First, we are going to need the one who guides these New Mutants through school and into battle when it needs to happen. Professor X will be too busy with the X-Men, but I know of a good character to lead the new generation into battle, someone who was always a favorite of mine. The choice of this individual, along with some other casting ideas of mine, could make for an interesting dynamic for the team. In my mind, the perfect leader would be the man who lead Generation Next and in my mind is one of the most under rated X-man ever: Banshee. While it was said that he died between First Class and Days of Future Past it would be easy enough to do some sort of flashback scene where Cerebro finds him. It is assumed that Trask experimented on him and “killed” him; I think it would be easy enough for Trask’s experiments to make Sean (Banshee) scream in such a way that he breaks out but gets hurt on the way out and is thought to die by Trask and listed as such in his files. This would make it where he could come back to lead the newer team of youngsters and be the right age to perhaps have a child of his own by this point:

Sean Cassidy AKA Banshee- Played by- Tony Curran


Assuming Banshee survived and was about 16-ish in 1962, then if we jump ahead to 1992 Banshee would be about 46 which is plenty of time to have a child who could now be in her teens – around the age that Banshee was when he went adventuring with the X-Men. This can make for an interesting team dynamic as we could see the whole over protective father figure reluctantly allowing his only daughter to do what he had done at her age. Seeing as how it’s kinda weird to have two character with the same powers we can easily tweak this character’s powers to be similar to her fathers but with her own flare. For instance, by now any follower of the X-men should know which character I am speaking of, none other than the fiery redhead Theresa Cassidy. I’m thinking in this incarnation she should be able to use her scream to fly just as her father can but I also think that she should live up to her codename of Siryn and be able to use her voice as a sort of hypnosis scream and a shatter scream. Whereas Banshee’s scream is a bludgeon really I would think the higher pitched female voice could vibrate and shatter things or affect minds if she pitches things right. She would, in any case, make a wonderful addition to the mutant team.

Theresa Cassidy AKA Siryn- Played by- Jacqueline Emerson


Next up on our list would be a senior member of the team and one of the original New Mutants. This guy grew up on a farm and while he had a relatively normal life, it was later discovered that both he and his sister have mutant powers. No I’m not talking about the awesome Russian who many have come to love already in the X-Men films, but a good ole country boy full of manners and respect for well basically anyone who deserves it and even some who don’t. This country bumpkin can shoot himself through the air at amazing speeds and while he does that, he is virtually unstoppable and invulnerable….he just needs to work on his turns and landings at times! As Student Leader of the New Mutants I would want to see Cannonball make it into this movie!

Samuel Guthrie AKA Cannonball- Played by- Jimmy Pinchak


Since I like to have interesting power sets and cool family dynamics in my stories I would suggest another Generation Next character for our next New Mutant. I would love to see Cannonball’s younger sister Paige come into her own, mainly because I think there are so many things she can do with her powers. From a form of shape shifting like Mystique to actually changing her composition like Colossus she would be great as a Tank character and as an Espionage character which is a combination you don’t find too often. I could easily see heavy fire coming in and her taking on an adamantium form for her team to hide behind but I can also see her using her powers to mimic someone else’s looks and sneak into some secure offices or something. Also, I can see her with maybe a hero complex for her older brother and not realizing how important she is to the team, thinking she is always in his shadow and for a young girl who maybe already feels like that she could easily have some sort of issue with herself esteem. And while the power she has can let her look however she wants and thus give her a boost with her insecurities, it could also bring on more of them as well if others find her skin ripping disgusting or find the fact that she could mimic them as a sign of her perhaps not being trustworthy. There is a lot that can be done with this character so I would like to see Paige get into this movie.

Paige Guthrie AKA Husk- Played by- Sasha Pieterse


I think we certainly need some good comedy elements to the movie, seeing as it will likely have some very heavy and serious moments. I think one of the perfect characters to bring an element of Comedy to this group would be the Alien Warlock. Not only is he cool because of his ability to shift his body into almost any form (So CGI Character here) but I always found him both interesting and funny in the ways that he was trying to assimilate to human culture and speech patterns. This one is tough for me for the actor mainly because all we need is a good voice actor and there are hundreds of awesome voice actors out there.  I would say an almost child like voice to help with the wonder on learning about humans and the naivety of the character but we would also need some sort of Darth vader or General Grevious sort of computerized voice synth done to reflect the technovirus side of things. This is the one character where I won’t name an actor so if you want to or find yourself inspired with an idea, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

Warlock- Played by-


I do want to see a lot of the main characters from the original, and to tell the truth this next one was tied as my favorite. My first favorite character was a lovely little lass with short red hair, but that’s not the one I’m referring to…yet. No this one rides a pegasus and carries a long spear at times. Though she was Native American, she was also welcomed into the Valkyries of Asgard. This lovely raven haired lass has the awesome power to be able to pull your deepest fears out of your mind and show them to you as though they were real. She also had a time in her life when the Mirages she made and was named after could become real. For some time now in the comics she has been creating psionic arrows to shoot and thus aim her powers a bit better. One of the top choices for my casting list will be Danielle Moonstar!

Danielle Moonstar AKA Mirage- Played by- Amber Midthunder


Kevin Ford is not really a character I know a lot about; however, I do know of a character very much like him from another comic series (DP 7) known as Scuzz. In DP 7 Scuzz secreted a corrosive substance from his pores which could eat through just about anything. In the Hellions, Kevin Ford aka Wither is able to make things decay that he touches, his clothes, plants, animals, people. In many ways he reminds me of Scuzz and I think this could create a very interesting character. This is a character that needs to wear special clothes or else he will end up naked in a few minutes due to his powers decaying natural fibers. He also is in some ways like Rogue who can’t touch another human without fear of killing them. However, in my casting we have a Megamorph who can make her body into unnatural substances which could form a budding romance between the two, with perhaps a protective older brother trying to stop it? Anyway I think the addition of Kevin Ford can add a good dynamic to the group.

Kevin Ford AKA Wither- Played by- Ansel Elgort


So how do the New Mutants travel? Most of them are way too young to drive much less fly one of the X-Mens jets (though I’m sure thats one of the classes they’re taking.) Back in the day when I first read the comic, Magneto was protecting/teaching the New Mutants and one of his big things was they were not to go out on adventures like their X-Men counterparts did because the X-Men had “died” because of it and he wasn’t about to let them die as well. So how does the stylish ‘X-Men to be’ travel?  They take portals through demon infested Limbo, courtesy of the ruler of Limbo DarkChylde. You see Darkchylde is the name of Illyana Rasputin, the younger sister of Colossus. Most of her friends call her Magik seeing as to how she is a sorceress, however she is also a teleporter who can create teleport disks and teleport multiple people places with her. The only problem, as I mentioned before, is that they have a layover in Limbo – the same place where Magik spent many of her formative years living with demons and learning her magics. I can see her powers being quite heavily used for the team but I can also see a whole movie with her as the focus and some ties to Limbo being used. Maybe even doing a version of the Inferno storyline that was so popular back in the day.

Illyana AKA Magik/Darkchylde- Played by- Nicola Peltz


Tied for my favorite girl in the New Mutants was Rahne Sinclair a beautiful redhead from Scotland who is as innocent as innocent can be. Rahne was raised by a minister in a very strict religious way. Unfortunately, when it was discovered that Rahne could turn into a wolf, lets just say that her home life went to hell- quite literally in some instances. In fact, she was called a demon by the very person she looked to as a father! Taken in by Moira MacTaggert, Rahne eventually made her way to the states and the care of the New Mutants. Having this interesting dynamic added to the team would give a new side of the shape-shifting story.

Rahne Sinclair AKA Wolfsbane- Played by- Madison Eginton


I added this next character to the list for two reasons: I love diversity and we don’t see enough Muslims and the like in American films and I also think the powers that were given to the character known as Dust in the comics are pretty awesome. This character can turn parts of her body or her whole body into sand and thus use herself as a weapon by propelling herself around an enemy at high speeds ripping flesh from bone like a sand storm would. For this character, I picked a slightly older girl to play her since I figure she is being hidden by an Abaya and a Niqab veil. Due to this style of dress, based off the look from the comics, I figured a younger looking girl is not needed; however, the woman playing the part is still quite lovely and young looking anyway.

Sooraya Qadir AKA Dust- Played by- Tuba Büyüküstün


The next person is on here to try and keep a good balance between the male and female characters and also because I think the team needed a few more long distance hitters. Except for the Cassidys most of the people mentioned are close range attackers which is perfectly fine, but to really round out a team you need some heavy hitters who can hit from long distances. So in this casting Chamber is like the X-Mens Cyclops. I also though this Aussie was an interesting character in Generation Next because of the fact that his mutant power literally had destroyed most of his face. I think this would be a great character for Liam Hemsworth as he can get into a Comic movie just like his brother but with this character and his mutation people wouldn’t look at him and say “Oh hey look mini-thor!” This could be a great character for him to take and make his own!

Jonothon Evan Starsmore AKA Chamber- Played by- Liam Hemsworth


I think the last character on my list needs to be here mainly because of who she is. Wolverine was the breakout star in the X-Men franchise so who better to have in a New Mutants franchise than the female clone of Wolverine? While looking for a young actress who looked similar to Laura I found Zoey Deutch from Vampire Diaries and in my mind she has the look down pat but she also seems to have some experience from that show with playing with sharp objects on-screen which is a plus when wielding both hand and foot claws!

Laura Kinney AKA X-23- Played by- Zoey Deutch


So sound off below on how you think I did on my casting both of characters and of actors and actresses! Or let me know if you would rather see some other character in the movie or a different casting for one of my characters!


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  1. Great collection and casting I must say! I would love to such decent movie in upcoming year full of action and drama. I wish I could do single change in the casting, I would love to see Chandler Riggs to play Cannonball instead of Jimmy Pinchak but Riggs is little younger for this.

  2. I love the way you chose the cast. Although I don’t really know that much about the New Mutants ( most of my Marvel experience was gained through cartoons since the comic books were not available in our country ) I would love to see a movie based on these characters considering the fact that I really enjoyed watching the X-Men movies.

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