New Look Same Great Site

if you notice things look a bit wonky for the next few weeks we are trying out some new themes…looking to streamline what we have already since we now have a separate soap and separate cancer site. So hopefully within the next few days we can decide on a nice theme but it may take a little playing around with as we get ready to go to Necronomicon on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October. So if anyone is in Tampa on those dates be sure to come see us!

2 thoughts on “New Look Same Great Site

  1. Hey Kevin, Cheska here, how have things been? Noticed the new revamp on the site. I see you guys have been focusing on making things separate for the soaps and the advocacy on cancer. I like the new aura on the site though. They mysterious paper effect gives out that spooky feel, if that’s the aura you’re going for. More power you guys! Keep rockin’.

    1. Yeah I’ve been trying to start streamlining things and making them their own separate but connected entities. Great to see you back I was getting kinda worried we had chased ya away fro some reason! I was thinking with the paper effect that maybe it would lend to both a cool news outlet feel with the layout and a steampunk feel all at the same time!

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